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The Treasury Department's Bureau of Engraving and Printing introduced the new design, still featuring Andrew Jackson on the front but without the old circle, and a background with subtle green, "peach" and light blue hues.

The front of the new $20 bill unveiled by the Treasury Department Tuesday. The vertical red printing reads 'specimen'. Click on the image for a larger view.

Other new features include small 20s in faded yellow in the background of the back of the bill. In the background of the front of the bill is a faded bald eagle and the words "Twenty USA/USA Twenty."

The Treasury plans to redesign bills every seven to 10 years to keep up with technological advances in counterfeiting.

"The soundness of a nation's currency is essential to the soundness of its economy. And to uphold our currency's soundness, it must be recognized and honored as legal tender and counterfeiting must be effectively thwarted,'' Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said in a ceremony at the bureau.

The last redesign of American currency was in 1996, when a new $100 bill was introduced with anti-counterfeiting features such as ink that appeared black from one angle and green from another; a watermark visible only when holding the bill up to the light; and a security strip running vertically through the bill -- features that will remain in the newest currency.
Do you think they will ever do something like this to coins? I hope they do 'cause this is really cool.
You mean like the quarters for every state?
i understand why they do it, but i still think its a waste, because everyone has to relearn what to look for to see if its legit. plus although they slowly take old bills out of use, i still see a lot of the original bills being used in transactions and because they still accept them, couldn't counterfieters simply stick to the old designs? furthermore, i think it wont be too long before electronic cash truly is implemented correctly. of course what we have nowadays are credit cards, but a system similiar to debt, in which rather than borrowing money, it is the money you actually have to your name is used. i think it'll be used in everything from shops to coke machines eventually. of course many techno-phobes are afraid hackers will easily take advantage of that kind of system. just some thoughts.
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