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Far Cry vs. Half Life 2

Far Cry vs. Half Life 2

Which one do you like? I choose Far Cry because

1)Map editor
2)Lots of guns in your arsenal
3)Fricken awesome graphics
4)Great multiplayer gameplay
I liked Half-Life 2 a little better overall simply because of the Diverse enviroments and Battle situations, but youre right, Can't beat Far cry for weapons arsenal Cool
Except by the huge arsenal, I like more Half Life 2 than FarCry.
Both are top-10 games.
Halflife 2 for its mod community and smooth gameplay on my comp.
But both games are good, so its pretty equal.
I wish they made far cry for the pc where you can play the hunter like on the new version for the xbox. But other than that I really perfer Half life 2. I just wish they game out with more mods for it. there is my 2 cents.
I choose Far Cry. I was never such a fan of Half Life and Far Cry was really great. Great graphics and the landscape was awesome. And the AI was amazing.
n FarCry beats HalfLife 2. HalfLife has a lot of great points, Gravity GUN for one, but it really seems too focused on the engine. With the Source Engine out it seems mostly the game sold because it was packed with both Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source.

FarCry really rocks because it was out half a year before Halflife 2; it was the first game with all the new graphics, and first game I know of the go 64bit.

The game play is what sold me, there are very few open path FPS, where there are a lot of ways to get to most of the objectives. Like DeusEx, but not quite. The vehicles are a lot of fun, and the weapons feel great. I haven't talked anyone into playing the multiplayer, but it looks fun.
Well thats a hard descion. The Half-Life 2 interface and sourandings are awsome but the Far Cry game it self is spectaclur. The graphics on it are un real and the enviorment and game line is good as well. So in my opinion the game FarCry is much better. Just because the surrondings beat Half-Life2 the game itself has a better story line. And it is diffrent. Half Life 2 messed up in my opinion with there gameplay it self. But this is just my opinion Smile
Well. I can't play Far Cry cause it doesn't run on my Computer,
But HL2 does..
I think that both are really fun to play.
I'll take Half life's engine, and Farcrys gameplay.
FarCry and Half-Life 2 are my Favourite games,
Half-Life has great and deversive maps
personally, i like both

I like both games very much. I can't choose which one is better but I played through Far Cry twice and HL2 once...So maybe Far Cry is a little-little better.
Half Life 2 for sure for me, Farcry is cool in the beginnin but when those mutaded soldiers get into play its all garbage. Farcry could have been so much more but the monsters had to ****** it up im sorry.

Half Life 2, great game play, great graphics and best year of 2004 period.
It was an perfect great story and flows in well with the first.
HL2 easy
HL2 definatly because of the simply amazing single player. They both have stunning graphics aswell.
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