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I am basically creating this just as part of my hobby, since I like both web development and programming I started doing something to combine both those interests yet have some use.

Currently the site is not perfect yet, in example the layout will change since I will be getting rid of any table element and will go fully to the usage of divs/CSS. Besides that I'll also be making it fully XHTML compatible, which it just lacks right now. That might take some time, but it'll be fun to just work around a bit on it Smile.

Seeing as to how the site is still young and in the first stage of development I am completely open for suggestions, so feel free to comment about what you would like to see. If I like the idea I'll be sure to add it Smile.

The content might not be completely new, seeing as to how it's a combination of my personal blog and programming tutorials, but that's just what I like doing. So I won't make any changes to that Wink.

Feel free to check it out at ! I hope you'll like it Smile.
Nice layout. But I think it can use just a lil bit of graphics to spice things up. I'm talking about a header image and nice title bars. Good though.
nice layout, but i would suggest using ajax in your layout. it's not very hard and it will aviod unwanted page reload.
Thanks for the replies Smile.

As for images, there will be included once I give it a nice overhaul to fit my desires of CSS/Div & XHTML only. Just to give it that extra touch Smile. Not too much, but just to give it that nice little extra.

About AJAX, I dun know much about it. Have heard several things and all, but never really looked into it. Any good tutorial sites or so as adviced reading material?
maybe this could help you DX-Blog:
I don't know about Ajax, I just heard from forums about it, I'll read more about it probably when I'll have some time. Anyway, good luck!
It's funny because I just noticed that everyone in this thread (before me) is a junior frihoster.

noobs. Wink

Nice layout, could use less depressing colors though.
Marston wrote:
It's funny because I just noticed that everyone in this thread (before me) is a junior frihoster.

noobs. Wink

Nice layout, could use less depressing colors though.

Hehe, I absolutely suck at creating a good colour scheme. I'll be sure to get that fixed to something nice, when it comes to graphics and colours and such though it's just not really my thing Razz.

And thanks kenetix, I'll check those pages about AJAX out tomorrow and see what it has to offer.
Fine, simple desing. Site is working quick (Page generated in 0.002 seconds.).
In LINKS you have error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysqli_query() in /home/dxblog/domains/ on line 19

Good work btw. Razz
Yeh, I just noticed that error myself as well, appearantly I didn't place the check for mysqli or mysql everywhere. Will be fixed within a min ^^.

I'm also working busy on the improved layout, it is coming out pretty nicely and I have managed to get my CSS much more organized this time so future editing would be really easy to do. Will be nice to implent themes and stuff. The colour combination is also much lighter, no dark colours included at all, gives a more calm feeling to it Smile.

Low page generation times is always my aim. I want the page to be accesible by as many people as possible, the moment the page generation time would go over 0.1 seconds for me I know I'm doing something wrong and it will become a pain to load for dial up users.

At the moment the page generation hasn't been optimized yet though, so it will most likely be able to increase even further on speed Smile.
could be better.Like more content.colors are fair.
excellent,your idea is cool,pls keep up your direction
gotta use stripslashes() when printing your output DX. that will get rid of Wouldn\'t
Have been playing around a bit with my output function, forgot to enable it correctly again. Will fix that right away Smile, and thanks for the comments guys ^^.
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