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A few newbie questions

ok after registering i also need to be active on the forums, so

how frequently do i need to post here? how many times a week or month

so it isnt allowed to host mp3 files... but is it allowed to post video (avi, wmv) files, not copyrighted of course...
OK, in order to keep your account you must maintain more than -20.00 points. None of the deleation of accounts is done automanically, so you can sometimes come at around that and post a few times. No, you cannot host any movies as far as l know, not untill you request permissions to do so in the request an account change forum (not yet finished), this is an assumption so l don't know for sure, but l think they have the same rules as music, it should just be all media in general.

And please do not post anything asking when your account will be ready for use, MODs filter through those manually so you can be assured that you will get a pm as soon as it is handled.

Any other questions? lf not, then enjoy your future Frihhost account!
well i wanted to host live videos of one band.... is that allowed? i dont really see what use is from 250mb space if you can only host html... Confused
It would depend on the band. If they are unsigned, performing their own music with no copyright restrictions, that should be ok, but you'd still need to check with a moderator.

If the band were playing a "cover" of a known artist's songs then no you couldn't host it. Likewise, if it's a live video of a known band playing a copyrighted song then definately not.

The 250Mb is handy particularly if you host large forums etc, but remember if you use email etc, this uses part of the 250Mb allowance. Large amounts of memory don't have to be filled with music and video - have a look at using games / flash animations etc.
well the band is five.bolt.main , the guy who has filmed the videos has asked permission to the band member ivan if he is allowed and which songs is he allowed to post on the internet... untill the live videos have been posted on rapidhost and similarsites and i wanted to make a site where all the videos would be easily downloadable...

oh and i dont understand this line:

OK, in order to keep your account you must maintain more than -20.00 points

are the points counting off with time or what, or do i need 20 points a week? please explain
As soon as you request and are granted hosting, your points will drop by one a day. Also, they will reset to 45.00 if above daily. lt isn't that hard to keep the hosting up.
so is the minimum of poits -20(minus twenty) or just twenty?
fiveboltbox wrote:
so is the minimum of poits -20(minus twenty) or just twenty?

-20. Once you hit below that, you are taking a risk of your account being deleted.
you do not want to get that.

I dont see how you can get that low, since it takes more than a month to drain that all out
Each post you make adds up to 2.5 points to your total.
Depends on length of the post.

When your site is approved you loose 1 point per day.

If you drop to minus points you will be contacted at -5 and -10 before your site is deleted but I would not take that chance.

If you get your points up to 30 or more you can go a month before getting to 0.

By making 3 or four posts about once a week you can keep your points up in the 25 to 45 range. This is not hard to do.

You can not have more than 45 points. if you get higher they will drop back to 45 the next day. You can keep posting as much as you like but you will loose any points over 45.

You can get more clarification on frihost points in the FAQ by clicking the link at the top of the page.
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