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Currently, I offer:

Minibanner - 8 FRIH$ each
-88 x 31 pixel
Avatars - 12 FRIH$ each
-Max: 100 x 100 pixel
Signature - 25 FRIH$ each
-Max: 600 x 175
Splash Image - 30 FRIH$ each
-Max: 600 x 500
Website Banner/Header - 40 FRIH$ each
-Max:none, as long as it's still a "banner/header"

Simple animation (PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY IDEA)add 2 FRIH$ per KEYframe(not counting tweening/in between frames)
- they maybe simple, but they can make a big difference)
- change between a few different bg
- flashing text (ex my avatar)
- glowing( animated) text or thing
(that was part of my xanga layout that's why there is random text on there waiting to be made into imagemaps)

Flash Animation ( You CAN copy this idea >.<)
-Price will be negotiated.
-NOTE: They will be more exeansive than simple animation, but more functions, and looks more 1337!

Imagemap making service! (again, PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY IDEA)Base price: 4 FRIH$ for up to 2 links
Additional links: 1 FRIH$ each
Give me an finished banner, graphics in either .jpeg or .gif
A list of Links
and explain which link goes where

*When I am done, I'll post a url that have the imagemap working and the code for it*

I don't have have avatar or sig work right now, but you can see my photoshop skills through some of my school work:
Click on them to enlarge
History Project cover

Literature "book" cover

Biology Tay Sach Disease project cover

these are only a VERY small portion of my work! (I'll try to post more later)
I'm an fast learner. If I need a new skill in photoshop for YOUR request, I'll learn it in no time! Just tell me what you want.

When requesting for avatars and/or banners, you must just give me the following:
- Type of Image:(Minibanner/Avatars/Signiture/Splash/Website Banner)
- Dimensions: (Width x Height)
- Main color scheme:
- Style: (Anime/Realistic/Blurry/Grid/etc.) Use as much word as you need to explain.
- Primary Text:(the title of your website)
- Secondary Text: NOT AVALIABLE FOR MINIBANNER OR AVATAR UNLESS ANIMATED(a Slogan or phrase or line of lyric in the background)
- Image(s):(list URL please)
- Comments:( anything else you feel the need to state)

Please fill it out as in copy paste and replace the words after the "colon", ":".
Type "none" when you don't want something, like the secondary text so I can be sure that you didn't forget to include anything by accident.

Note: To request, reply in this thread. Please DO NOT pm me till I pm you about your request.
You can have most of the copyright, but I retain the copyright to posted it here, on this forum or show to other people.

Be patient! I am a sophmore at a high school, with one AP and one honors class. I also have 4 clubs that I participate in. I am also an officer in ROBOTICS so I have things that I am required to do. I'll try my best to finish the requests ASAP! Do give me a few days!

Discount available when ordering multiple items, but remember to ask me for it!

Comments are welcomed, especially if you liked my work!
Waiting List:
(Name: Type-Status)
1.acron170: Minibanner-done
2.acron170: Avatar-done
3.NEO-GRYOK:???-confirming request
Finished For This Store



Splash Image

Website Banner/Header
image 1
- Type of Image:Minibanner
- Dimensions: 88x31
- Main color scheme: Blue
- Style: Grid
- Primary Text: Ultimate Flash World (could be Ultimate FW)
- Secondary Text: none
- Image(s): none
- Comments: none
image 2
- Type of Image: Avatar(logo for site and will be avatar)
- Dimensions: 100x100
- Main color scheme: Blue
- Style: Grid
- Primary Text: Ultimate Flash World
- Secondary Text: Your one stop for all your flash needs
- Image(s): none
- Comments: would you allow me to use this logo on merchandise??? i will give you credit on the site or you could put your name on the logo cause i want to get a logo for my t-shirt and hats and stuff i'm going to make.
Animated Minibanner

- Type of Image: Animated Minibanner
- Dimensions: 140x 40x
- Main color scheme: black
- Style: Animated
- Primary Text: GRY OK
- Secondary Text: GRY OK WORTAL GRACZY
- Image(s): none
- Comments: As a background you can use some kind of monster from a gamefor example from Diablo, or Doom.
The max size for a Minibanner is 88 by 31 pixels, i can do 140 by 40 for the base price of an avatar which is 12 FRIH$
also ! please list what kinda of animaltion you want!
Your MiniBANNER!

free upgraded to animated for being my first customer!

and your Avatar

please tell me what you think, and what you want to change if there is something that you want to change. Or if you are happy with them , that would be 20FRIH$
Thank you for buying, and welcome again
- Type of Image: Website Banner/Header

- Dimensions: VERY BIG, sorry I'm not very good with pixels ~ the usual size of what I want will do

- Main color scheme: Black/White

- Style: Not too sure, you decide, either way I'll pay for it

- Primary Text: WuMingsDen

- Secondary Text: a Bloggers place to be

- Image(s):

- Comments: When my site is complete I would like to have the banner turned into a sitemap if this is possible.

Could you also NOT display the image on this thread, PM me it.


- Type of Image: Signature

- Dimensions: usual size, is it 600x175? If so then this.

- Main color scheme: Black/White and any other colours which you think will look good

- Style: Not too sure, you decide, either way I'll pay for it

- Primary Text: WuMingsDen

- Secondary Text: a Bloggers place to be

- Image(s):

- Comments: I'll pay for it no matter what. You can use other images if you like. I would like the banner to be yin/yang like (i.e ~ you can add fire/water elements if you think that they'll look good

Could you also NOT display the image on this thread, PM me it.
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