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PHP Book (Php and Mysql for Dynamic Web Sites)

I really want to learn php and I've heard the book
Php and Mysql for Dynamic Web Sites by Larry Ulman is pretty good.
Does anyone hear have some input on this book or others that might be helpful?
You would be better starting of with Php and Mysql for dummies book, you know them series, there good for begginers.
Maka wrote:
You would be better starting of with Php and Mysql for dummies book, you know them series, there good for begginers.

yeah, for dummies books are really good, i got my first HTML book from them. it's very easy to understand, you'd better try it, although it may cost a lot (not really a lot)... but it's worth it.
Thanks for the feedback, but the few Dummies books I've looked at really don't impress me.
They tried to approach everything from a "humerous" point of view, and in my opinion, missed the technical end of it. Even though. if I come across one for PHP I'm sure I'll check it out.
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Maka wrote:
You would be better starting of with Php and Mysql for dummies book, you know them series, there good for begginers.

Yeah, they are pretty cheap. Although...I don;t get them for some reason. Instead of getting a dummies book for flash and dreamweaver...I just got the version the Macromedia made Laughing
I have a book which is about php and mysql~
but it is Chinese~
php and mysql are free, why do you buy books to learn them, just get into forums and you'll have evry thing you need like now, so listen, there nothing easier than php and MySql, get into, "" but it's in french, or "" also in french but i think that have english versions, they will tell step by step how to do everything with php, whish is a great server-side-language, ...
any question you can tell me too, i'll help as I can, ... Wink Wink
Just stay with us Exclamation Exclamation
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Why bother using any book. Just search the internet ... search for the script you want to create ... learn from it!. Then Download the php manual from ... this manual would come to handy if you want to learn the php function and its usage Smile
Uhm.. I've been into PHP and MySQL for about a year and a half now.. i guess some of the guys here are right.. you know these two technologies are open source systems and are upgrading so frequently.. so why buy a book, it'll become obsolete so quickly that you'll not bother to read all the pages when a new modifacation will come, right? I recommend to engage yourself to forums, search the net! regarding these systems and stay up to date.. that 's what i do.. Wink
Yes, the web has an enormous amount of information concerning PHP, It's really overwhelming. Problem is, I can't sit down at work with my computer during break time. Sometimes i just can't get to my computer or the internet. Those times I like to just get comfortable with a book.
I think my biggest problem is, in my little "sphere of being", so to speak, I don't personally know any other people interested in computer programing or web design. I literally have no one to ask technical questions to.
And yes, forums are nice and comes in handy, but nothing beats face-to-face communication.
In lieu of communication I personally find a good, well written book does wonders. Sometimes members of forums just don't know the answer or sometimes the "topic question" may turn into a whole new topic that has nothing to do with the original question.
Anyway, I just wouldn't mind having a good book.
Thanks for all the replies and advice!
PHP & MySQL for Dummies by Janet Valade is the best thing going, its quick and easy, and makes a good foundation for learning the language but you do have to know HTML
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