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TV program addictions

Is anyone here addicted to Eastenders on BBC? I know i am, and have been for the past 5 years. I cannot go out in the evenings, and if I do i make sure to make it home by 7.30pm.

Until beginning of 2005 they had 2 repeats of the previous episode the following day, one in the morning and another repeat in the afternoon. Now no more repeats, so i MUST watch it in the evening.

Any TV addictions?
i don't get it...never liked eastenders and never will.

prefer american shows though like prison break, lost, etc.
addictions are bad, just watch Requem for a Dream to be sure Wink
not addicted to BBC but to KBC2
If u r Indian U must be knowing The Mega serial
KBC2 kaun banega dwitya
so i to addicted to Idiot Box Embarassed
Hm, I am addicted to WWE : Smackdown, RAW, Heat and Velocity with main events like Wrestlemania. And have been watching TNA from time to time too.
i'm addicted to my name is earl...luckily they kinda pause production for a while... =)
About 5 or 6 years ago, I stumbled across a show called the Tribe. Being in the US, not many people know of it over here, but apparently it has a HUGE following over in europe. I actually went out and bought a region free DVD player just so I could watch the box set.
*stands up*

Hi, my names monkey and I used to be a tellyholic.
I've been clean now for 6 weeks.

*round of applause*

Eastenders was my vice for years, but i don't need that stuff now. I'm high on real life!

*series of 'woop's*
Can please anybody explain me how you can be addicted to TV.
I never watch TV because I think it;s just too boring. I don't find something interesting in it and if I watch TV only because of some interesting documentary.
I'm addicted to 24. I watched season four in 3 days. I decided to start from the start of the show and have the first 12 episodes of season one done. Also I'm currently watching the new episodes also.
Television can be addicting up to a certain point it's not as unhealthy as some addiction that one might prefer like drugs or smoking. I guess being addicted to television is to watch television to the point of interfering with your activities of daily living. Like for example, you need to eat but you would rather watch tv and if ever you're going to eat, you'd do it right smack dab infront of the television.

I haven't exactly been addicted to tv yet, although there were some programs that I watched quite religiously for a time, I used to watch survivor and amazing race every time it's on even on rerun, but that's not so much the case now. But I have to admit that I'm still an idol junkie, so I'd probably watch that every chance I get. but not to the point of being actually addicted to it.
I find it hard to say I'm addicted to TV, as I don't actually own one... but there are some series on DVD that I do enjoy watching. I follow Smallville and Stargate Atlantis, and I've also watched every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I've also seen every episode of every Star Trek series... but the TV doesn't rule my life because Smallville and Stargate Atlantis are the only ones that still have new episodes, and because there's only one episode on a week of each... I watch about 2 hours of TV a week.
My current addiction is Prison Break, I used to watch Lost but when Prison Break came along I dropped Lost lika a rotten fish. I just can't wait until the new episodes starts to air.
Oh, I love TV! Every Season of Survivor and Amazing Race, my Mom & I watch it together. It's like a tradition. And I love other shows, too. I love Radio Free Roscoe, but it's a pretty old show, so It's on the-n at 4:00 AM. I also watch Degrassi: TNG. I love TV. I watch pretty much all of the Disney Channel shows, except most of the cartoons, (the new cartoons are mostly little kid shows,) but my latest obsession is Drake & Josh. I watch it EVERY night. My Mom likes the show too.
i'm in love with the tv Embarassed i like the discovery network .. mtv 2 .. jay leno .. larry king live , the news etc ... do you like the mythbusters !? Smile
YES! Embarassed

Just started watching it again, after a six months break. (didn't have access to BBC Prime). A bit dissapointed, miss Sharon and her family..... Loved the kinky love-affair she had with her stephbrother (forgotten his name!).
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