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They Might Be Giants (TMBG)

This quirky Brooklyn duo has had quite a run in their more than twenty years cruising around the charts while establishing their own unique sound and style. People tend to break their music into three eras:

* Then: The Earlier Years (1982-1989)
* Elektra Period (1990-1998)
* Beyond Elektra (1999-Present)

I'm definately a fan of their earliest stuff (Pink & Lincoln) when it was just the two of them. The Elektra period was definately their most media-friendly time when they released Flood and Apollo 18 which are very exciting albums to listen to and are usually the hook for new fans. John Henry (probably the best of this timeframe) & Factory Showroom round out the era which resulted in a lot of bad blood between TMBG and major record labels. After that, TMBG put together Mink Car, No!, Here Come the ABCs, Long Tall Weekend, The Spine and other tracks using very 21st century distribution methods (such as internet only release) and recording methods (Children's Book & DVD combos). They also started contributing a lot to television and film including "Dr Evil" (Austin Powers 2), "Boss of Me" (Malcolm in the Middle) and Daily Show's theme song.

For Christmas I received "They Got Lost" which is a collection of b-sides & rarieties somewhat akin to a new Misc T (an older collection they released). Honestly, the charm of the band has diminished slightly and I'm not longer the fanatical fan I once was. However, I still enjoy their music and each album grows on me. There isn't a lot of bands I can say that every thing they put out is intriguging and mind provoking. TMBG manages to combine Art & Music into a conceptual entertainment experience. I highly recommend them!
Very interesting post of which that one members, John Linnell, have been a people beautiful person, and commenced to write edinorial in NYT:

I'm a middle-aged accordion player, and inspecting myself just now I see that I look tired and badly need a haircut. So you can imagine my confusion when I got a call last week from the manager of my band telling me that my name had turned up in People magazine's on-line poll of the most beautiful people of 1998.

I had already gotten wind of the existence of the poll a few days earlier when I read that Leonardo DiCaprio had been knocked out of the No. 1 spot by a dark horse named Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf. The on-line voters, it seemed, had a new, more evolved definition of beauty that gave low marks to standard celebrity good looks. What they really valued was a person's inner beauty. Anyway, that's what I told myself as I went on line to see the results firsthand.

By the time I found the site my name had risen to No. 9, putting me a few E-votes behind Madonna and Kate Winslet and just above Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of the television program "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Hank the Dwarf was still No. 1, sailing far above Leonardo, and another surprise candidate named Ric Flair was ascending fast. Ric turned out to be a professional wrestler with a large and zealous on-line fan base. For his part, Hank had developed his constituency after appearing on the Howard Stern show.
continual of that which had been truncationalize-d:

What was I doing in such company? I still don't know who was voting for me, although it seems possible that one computer hacker on a mission could stuff the ballot box electronically. The band I sing and perform with, They Might Be Giants, enjoys an audience that probably includes a few loose cannons of this type.

Once the cannonball got rolling, though, it seemed to gain momentum among our on-line fans. My position in the pantheon of beautiful people was thus assured. When the final results were posted Monday, I was still ninth, with 4,189 votes, 8 ahead of Buffy and 1,038 behind Madonna. Hank finished with 230,169, more than 200,000 ahead of Ric, his nearest competitor.

It has been suggested that the Internet might be a good way to vote for our elected officials. If my experience is any guide, though, it appears there are still a few bugs to be worked out before you'll be able to elect the next President while sitting at home in your underwear, unless you want Shecky Greene running the country.

If I had had the choice I might have put myself in a different race -- the "most interestingly mismatched socks" poll, perhaps. Maybe then I would have beaten Hank.
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