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fav country (and why?)

My fav country is Viet Nam. And you?
wow a topic where you can post a one word answer Smile
spam or what?

Here's a challenge for you. Only post if you
a ) post more than 2 lines and..
b ) explain why its your favourite country Laughing
good luck

My favourite country is England. Why? Im very patriotic for starters. We have so mutch history which we understand and respect. We are a rich country without being greedy (too). We are the country that essentily rules britain and used to be the heart of the great british empire. I'd go on but I'm starting to sound boring Rolling Eyes
My favourite country would be Japan, though I am from Vietnam. Why is it my favourite? ANIMES!!! =)) haha. Besides that.. they have a lot of nice sceneries and such. I just like it. I'm not really sure why myself =x
My Favorite country is China, thats because that is my enitciy. Also, it's home to 1.3B people. They got some communist running the country but thats okay. China also didn't go and mess up other country like Great Britain, no offense or anything. I live in the U.S. though. O yea, I also like Japan for their Animes.
Surprisingly, I have to admit that my favourite country is Ireland, simply because I know the place. It isn't a particularly nice country, the prices of everything are outrageous and the weather forecast is always the same (some showers and some sunny spells) but hey, it's nice enough Very Happy.

In regard to the whole great britain argument that seems to be about to happen:

I notice that you've all made it quite clear that you mean no offence but that these are your views, well done! here's my piece:

The fact of the matter is that you only live in the place where the people who did all this lived, they did it, not you. This is going to sound like I'm jkoking but it really is nothing personal, no grudges should be beared because it really wasn't the people who are around today who did it.

Ireland is ok Very Happy
Texas Al
First choice would be Sealand.
Second choice would be whatever Mr. Hastings eventually builds in the meditteranean.
Third choice is the Republic of Texas or the Republic of New Hampshire, whichever happens first. Wink
davmcmul wrote:
The fact of the matter is that you only live in the place where the people who did all this lived, they did it, not you. This is going to sound like I'm jkoking but it really is nothing personal, no grudges should be beared because it really wasn't the people who are around today who did it.

completely. I understand that Smile
And I am actually 1/8 irish by the way (dads side)
Ireland is a very nice place, especially when you get to the smaller towns and villages. The people are all local and all know each other. When you walk past them in the street they say hi and treat you like a friend eventhough your a complete stranger (I found this quite worrying at first). The scenery as well, alright with the weather not being ace when the suns out and its not wet its hard to beat Laughing
My favorite country is of course my country : Israel! I really believe it is a wonderfull place with a lot of uniqe sites and of course we have the smartest people in the world! LOL!
James Bond-007
This is an odd thread because I would presume that one's favorite country would be the one that they live in! Laughing

So I like the USA, but I do also like Great Britain...
Going by the very basic common-sense,
there's already a similar topic here

and it's been here long enough for everybody to have viewed it perhaps.

but who am I to play spoil-sport ? Rolling Eyes
My favourite country is Malaysia.
Because Malaysia is Truly Asia!
My favorite country is Germany !!!!!!!!
How can you not love it ???
The best cars !
Wondefull Language !
And alot more....!!!
Germany Rulz !
My Canadian modesty nearly prevents me from posting this, but as I've been living in Asia my pseudo-patriotism outways my caution.

Canada is my favourite.

We are a free and peaceful country with a healthy economy and environment. We have many socialist policies which keep the corporations somewhere in cheque and also protect the weekest. Their are of course some failures in this but I do believe that we are further on the goal to a utopia than most other nations.
Those nations that are farther along cannot claim a more beautiful environment, more resources and a more understanding a caring people. Canada is the worlds most culturaly diverse nation and a recent study has shown that 1/10 canadians will soon be a visable minority.
I'm very proud that Canadians are not only tolerant but warm and welcoming of diversity. We are a nation free of the 'Melting Pot" but rather a nation that celebrates the Mosaic of our society. Two official languages and many others like Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin that are included in government services and television.
Canada is also an enviromental wonder. 10 percent of the worlds forest and 50 percent of the worlds fresh water are in Canada. We have pristine mountains lacing both sides of the country, a largely unspoiled northern waistland, endless undeveloped prarie land and beautiful coastal lands.
I could talk about the many faces of Canada but I think I've said enough.

england Very Happy why? cuz is my home, and i like the weather Razz
I like China ,because i born it.besides it ,i like autralia,because
i had travelled it for two weeks.It is very beautiful and warm country.
My favorite country is Japan. I think Japan is very cool!
My favourite is China and Japan

China:The People's Republic of China is the full official name. The capital of China is Beijing. It has a land area about 9. 6 million square kilometers and it is one of the largest countries in land size in the whole world. China is located in East Asia, on the western shores of the Pacific Ocean. It has a continental land boundary of more than 20,000 kilometers and adjoins Korea in the east, the People's Republic of Mongolia in the north, Russia and Kazakhstan in the northeast and northwest, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan in the west and southwest and Burma, Laos and Vietnam in the south. The continental coastline is more than 18,000 kilometers long, and looks across the seas towards Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Over 66% of China is upland hill, mountains and plateaus while the highest mountains and plateaus are found to the west. To the north and east of the Tibetan Plateau the land decreases to the desert or semidesert areas of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. To the northeast the broad fertile Northeastern Plains are separated from North Korea by the densely forested of Changbai Mountain. East of the Tibetan Plateau isthe Sichuan Basin which is drained by the Yangtze River that flows east across the southern plains to the East China Sea, The southern plains along the east coast of China have rich, fertile soils and are protected from the north wind. Both Hong Kong and Macao are enclosed on the southeast coast.
I don't know what my favorite country is. I live in the U.S., and I've only been to Canada outside the U.S.. I don't really know. Wink
I Love Brazil, but i think that USA must be veeeeeeeeeeeery good!

My dream is to live there!

Hum.... Hollywood, New York................

My favorite country would definately be China because it's the BEST!! Everything's made in China, the economy will be better than Japan's in less than 2 decades and better than American in less than four decades! It has the GREAT WALL!! China is one of the most culturally-detailed places in the world!!

And besides, I was born there. What other country has that to brag about? Cool XD
Who in there right mind wants to live in Hollywood?!?!Or even LA for that matter.I live in Californa and have been to LA a few times and its not the greatest place to live :/

My favriote country would be Japan.They just make all the things that i like and i would love to one day go there.Plus i'm a fourth japanese Very Happy
i think most people voting their own country. yes im indonesian and i love my own country. there is no better place than my country Razz . although my country have sucks government that most of of the corrupt. they steal people money for their own sake. but besides that my country is so damn rich and beautiful. our soil is so fertile without have to use any fertilizer. there are lot of good place to visit there and you'll not regret visiting my country. so, if you have any holiday plan to spend time in fun, choose indonesia as your prime spot...... try find any article or site abiut indonesia, you'll find out why its become the best place to go and spend your days.
My List :

Brunei Smile
I'd have to say Australia. Nice, stable economy and government, mild weather, awesome beaches, awesome city (Sydney that is), bla bla. By some freak of fate it is also the country that I call home.
My favourite country is Spain!!
I really fond of the Latin style countries, especially Spain...
But after all, I have not been there
hope I may have chance Rolling Eyes
My faworite county is:


because it is very funny to live here.... i like it.... i like if for: MCdonald's, EA GAMES, 4.7, and other and other andother.....
My favourite country is Bulgaria.Why?It's simple-I live in there.The most beautiful women are in this country. Cool You have no net for some days and on the next day,if you have-it drops every 2 minutes.Cool,huh? Laughing Laughing Laughing
My favourite country is Ukraine Smile
Because its my motherland....
I also like italy and Spain Smile
My favourite country is Iraq. This country is bombastic! Cool
Venezuela- That's where I come from- =D I'm patrionic (Or however
you spell that, lol)
Hoogeveense RAT
My favorite country is of course NEDERLAND! Holland or The Netherlands or whatever you want to call it Very Happy
My favourite country is Spain of course Very Happy But i would like to visit England sometime. I'm from sweden but i don't like it .
Indonesia Smile
Nice Gilrs .... they are cute .... .OMG
Well i live in Brazil, but one day i go visit the E.U.A. (California), the Brazil is not much good, have much fear, but have a wonderful´s beachs. Razz
Hoogeveense RAT
My favorite country is off course Holland. I live here and there are never bi problems (no tornado's, earthquakes or war)
I like the country I'm currently live in but there are some other European countries I really really like a lot too.
Number one on my list is Sweden : never been there but I started learning the language and culture some time ago so I'm ready to check out the beautiful well educated blondes over there.
Second on the list is Italy : been there on some occasions and I really like it a lot; except for the italian machos who are kinda ok until they get in their cars or on their motorcycles - than they become supermacho (a pitty)
Third would be Spain : spain has been kind to belgium and belgium have been kind to spain - the relations between our kings and queens have to do something to it I guess. I have spent a lot of time of my childhood there and maybe I will spent my retirement there too Wink if the world is still around when I'm retired Wink
new york is sweet a think, alot of water certainly now Shocked
the favorite country always is ur home town ,just u state ,when u born and where u grow up,so u will think that the country is the beautiful site even thought the environment is not better than other country,so i love my country ........china

my hometown is qionghai hainan of china,where is the beautiful place ,have many travel industry sites.
I live in INDIA.It ranks very high for me.

But i'm broad and narrow.
Broad in that any country is favourite if there are good neighbourhoods,peaceful people,working hard-developmental lifestyles.As u can see these are available all over the world i think my favourite kontry will be Mother earth.
Narrow in that there are a lot of places that you don't want to be,be it in any country.I like my locality where i live.
But generally u like where u live,u will anyhow.otherwise u won't live there.

Considering entertainment,leisure,opportunities west is the best.
My favorite country is indonesia because its islands and natural environments are astonishing, I like the people too, they are very beatiful and have a interesting culture, by the way I never went to there Confused
I would like to know lots of places before aswer that topic but someday...
Brazil rules too, great place!
Poland. I live here and I would never change my country.
It has so unforgettable atmosphere that every tourist I met is already planning to visit it as soon as possible.

btw. some pictures from Poland You can check in my photoblog.
I like spain Smile
my favorite country is China, even though im a vietnamese ( but i live in US).... i've been addicted to China's history. i know alot about it...(well, not really alot, but much).. anywayz, i spent lots of time on China's history, i don't know why but i love it...
not only china but i also like Egypt and Ancient Roman(the time where they have those mythology thingy) I've read lots of comic books about egypt's history, it's pretty kul because of the way they cover the pharaoh with somkind of special thingy that keep their body from being decay for long period of time.... if u ask me things about ancient Mythology, i can explain alot to u, for example like who is Zeus and stuff like that.
I would half to say that my favorite country is United States. Its not just because I live in the USA but its because we're all like family. For instance, when the world trade centers took a plunge how many people that you can count that had nothing to do with New York, wern't church goers, and Did care? Well i can count the poeple I know on one hand(I only have ten The USA is nothing but a big family.
The United Kingdom

because it is a very stable country with a durable political system that has always served its people well, delivering freedom and security.
My favorite country is the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. The country has the coolest sounding title, although only the Korea part of the title is actually true. LOL Smile
Canada, because the girls are purdy.
Hmmm, my favorite country would have to be Burkina Faso, probably because it's a name that just rolls off the tounge!!! It's the only place i ever want to visit... maybe!
Exept mine ofc i like sweden cause of its ppl (I am friend with a few, mostly from wow MMO)and intrenet.Also there sosiety structure and goverment.And the second and best is Japan.The reasons? Animes! Girls, and Videogames! Am not some kind of whierdo/geek, am amased by the Japanise coulture and language.I will start japanise lesons soon and i hope to visit Japan in the near future.
Southeastern Iraq.
The island of Guernsey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy, which held sway in both France and England. The islands were the only British soil occupied by German troops in World War II. there are no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government, but there are 10 parishes including Saint Peter Port, Saint Sampson, Vale, Castel, Saint Saviour, Saint Pierre du Bois, Torteval, Forest, Saint Martin, Saint Andrew...But the best part? -Financial services - banking, fund management, insurance - account for about 55% of total income in this tiny, prosperous Channel Island economy. Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture, mainly tomatoes and cut flowers, have been declining. Light tax and death duties make Guernsey a popular tax haven. The evolving economic integration of the EU nations is changing the environment under which Guernsey operates.
It's a toss up .
Australia has excellent recreation facilities, great standard of living, water you can drink from the tap, internet that works, you can trust most people.

Indonesia has none of the above, but it's fun
Hmm.. I think its Thailand.. Kinda fun to be there.. Lots of imitaton stuff. Especially the cheap and good food!
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