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mod_rewrite in Apache and how does it work?

I want to use mod_rewrite in apache for some SEO, but i don't know how.
Does anyone know it?
Why do you want to use mod_rewrite? For phpbb? Because for your own php/html pages, it's really not needed.
Mod rewrite is an apache module which lets you use urls which donot exist in reality on the server. They are used to give the impression of static html pages when you are using dynamic pages. If your url is.........some.php/id=23&sid=1943 it might look to everyone as some/23/1943.html.
These days its not realy need as SE aregood at indexing dynamic pages.
Even if you want to use it in BB or CMS sofwares you do not need to understand it as it can be enabled out of the box.
I need it for my own php script
I saw it first in Mambo, but mambo is so slow for my easy web pages, bud when I have started Mambo with this SEO, search engines indexed all pages
so i want it, but I don't want Mambo
(who don't know mambo, it is CMS ofcourse)
but mambo is so slow for my easy web pages

Are you sure mambo is the culprit? There are one mil other things which could be slowing it down?
Yes, M other things:
I use it on free web hosting server with many other users and pages
at night it works fine, but at day, I wait about 15s for a result
ofcourse, on my own computer is page generated at 0.03s, but its not important for me.
so, when I use one easy PHP script insted of many of files, templates, classes ... it works much faster
one of the problem is slow MySQL database server (mambo makes about 25 queryes per one reload)
I have to agree that mambo can be very slow but not as slow as php-nuke.

If you code yourself, then unless you have url's like something.php?id=4&topic7, then mod_rewrite is not needed. Otherwise it's needed to rewrite it to something-4-7.php or something-4-7.html .

But if you have pages like page1.php, page2.php, page3.php, ... Then really, mod_rewrite isn't needed.
ok, i'll try it with parametrs again (I have one php script and "database" of pages on filesystem, I reduce number of parameters to one and it must be enough), but why the search engines ignorred me before i started to use mambo, never mid.

Thank you very much. Smile
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