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Cell Phone Incident

I just heard on the news that a woman from Bluefalls, MO attempted to swallow a cell phone to get the cellular phone away from her boyfriend who's mission was to attempt to steal it from her.

Very odd, indeed. I do not have a link, but at, they have the news from their website.
hate to burst your bubble but this is what really happened.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Missouri man has been charged with forcing a cell phone down his ex-girlfriend’s throat last week.

Police in Kansas City say Marlon Brando Gill has been charged with felony assault.

According to court documents, Melinda Abell told detectives that Gill grabbed her by the mouth and shoved the cell phone until it became lodged in her throat. Surgeons had to remove it. strange news & NBC News

She didn't swallow it because she didn't want him to have it, he forced her to eat it.
I think that is very funny.... swallow a cellphone?
Yea, I remeber seeing this incident on the news. Some people are just crazy if they are willing to go to such extreme lengths on a whim.
How CAN you swalow a mobile? I dont think it would be able to fit in your mouth to begin with. And WHY would you make her swallow a mobile? Thats just strange to me. Even if you were over the moon with anger, how would that thought come up in your head? **make her choke on mobile** were they argueing about the phone bill? You'd think he would smash the mobile or hit her. I cant think of a reason he would want to make her eat the mobile phone. Its just very strange to me.
I also don't believe it.
Lord Klorel
This the most rediculus news fact ever heard. I thought that torture was bannished from our world, but reading this tells me otherwise.

Swalowing a mobile??? the idea makes me sick d'oh! d'oh! d'oh!

where is that head of the guy that forced his girlfriend to do this, on mars??? Laughing Laughing

What should be the next: swollowing a pc Question Question
Bullshif, i think. But i many times heard a stories, when cell phone exploided in the hand. It is because of bad battery.

Please buy only certificated phone in good shops!
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