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How is WSG Designs Site?
 20%  [ 3 ]
 33%  [ 5 ]
 33%  [ 5 ]
 13%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 15

This is one of my site that I have. It's is the site that support Dragonfly CMS Themes. See what you guys / gals think. Any comments are welcome.
Very nice. I feeling same of Window but i cant move window Very Happy
Thank you! That is the current theme I am working on at the moment along with a few other ones. I'm glad someone like it.
Not bad, but all your designs look basically the same (layout-wise), and your logo is waaaaaaay linear.

Oh, and your site takes a while to load - cut down on teh graphics, or at best, make them lower quality.
I would just recommend that in your xp theme, you use more borders for the text in the news windows... A couple of pixels should do the trick...

The donations box looks a bit akward right now, since donations are at 0,00 $... Maybe you could only show it once a donation has been made. Cause if the zero stays, less poeple will think that making a donation is actually useful. Then again, the site is maybe just starting.

Other than that, i think it looks pretty good. I like the work in progress, themes under way bars. It looks quite professional.
am sorry... i voted bad Confused why? because it breaks in firefox, the design is not that great, especially if you consider your domain name. the header itself is not correct..... but there is nothing that cant be fixed Smile

sorry to be blunt, but there is no point beating around the bush.... if i personally wont give it a second look Smile
Change the template to something else.... like morpheus... Delete one column of blocks in the middle. This module only add problems for you. The page looks overfilled.... You can also change background color or ad any background image in gray colours....
Firstly, the site isn't viewer-friendly. I mean, when you first arrive there, you don't know where to point your eyes or your focus on. It's all kind like jumbled and messed up. Organize it a bit? and everything looks the same; the links, the contents. And it is not pleasing to the eye to read it. Use softer colours perhaps, maybe blue-grey or something as background. You have to consider the human-computer interaction factor.

And why Windows XP-like? We already have to bear with it from the moment we turn on our PC. Not that I don't like the how XP looks, I'm just saying that we've had had it too much. Unless your site is a control panel to something - stuffs like that - then I'm sure we could use some other design to feast our eyes upon. And why blue? At least use the silver theme, for heaven's sake.

And one more thing, that taskbar under the banner, it doesn't look good. A decent navigation bar is better to take it's place. Again, why XP? it may be good for operating system (that's what it is) but certainly not a website.

But anyway, it's up to you, you're the designer. That's what computer allows us to do, right? Do whatever we like...
I don't like the xp theme.
but i do like the other themes you have on your site.

I would suggest changing the default theme.

I especially like the japan room theme.
Thanks all for the comments. I am glad that I have a lot of response. Good, bad inputs are good for my designing.

I had also changed the defaut theme to what was originally intended theme. WinXP theme was something I am working on and YES it is definately looks crappy in FF. I personally myself dont like much of the XP, but since users for the CMS that I am doing themes for want it. So I had to go with the flow. that is why WinXP.
a bit buggy some sections but style and so is ok...

but maybe you can change your bg pattern.. i think it gets to much 'attention'.. Smile
Nice site but i don't like the layout Sad
I'm working on definding the style control a bit, hopefully it will get better with experiences that I will get. I was never hardcore on css file in the past. But I am working on utilizing more style control from the css.

With, CMS Theming there is a little control over the layout, but I am definately looking into untraditional looks for CMS Theming. Hopefully I can get to that point to where the layout can be change to what ever format I want to use.
Your website is excellent Wink
nice site. i also like the tf halo theme, it looks great, but i don't got a Halo clan, so i cant use it, but maybe one to cs
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