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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

is best game

hmmm nja i agree its a damn good game tho not the best one ever playd,
Its good to hear that this game is better than the previous ones. I'm currently playing Warrior Within. I'm going to play Two Thrones once i beat Warrior Within. How has the game play changed? What makes it better?
driftingfe3s wrote:
Its good to hear that this game is better than the previous ones. I'm currently playing Warrior Within. I'm going to play Two Thrones once i beat Warrior Within. How has the game play changed? What makes it better?

Two Thrones adds some new aspects of gameplay, different acrobatic techniques, and more interesting ways to kill the badies.

Also, there is a completely new element in the Prince, but I won't tell you about it... you'll find that out in the new game.

There is also times where you get to battle while riding in a chariot... very cool.
i just ordered warrior within. dunno if i will play it for a while though, dont have the first one yet, and i want to play them in the right order ;P. but i couldnt pass up on this, the game was cheap so ;D.

i like ubisofts games ^_^
I played sands of time... i didn't like it too much. I prefer the control of something like ninja gaiden or devil may cry. Just not my cup of tea.
wopw its seem cool.. but de 1st one i havent finish playing..hard
Is this game worth buying? I was thinking about it, but I need some good opinions first.
definately a good game but not the best tho.
there's a lil graphic problem Confused
i love this game i think that it just finishes the series off perfectly. but that could just be because i worshiped all of the previous games. i think that their could have been a possibility of two different endings but it seems like they just opted for the one.

diddn't notice the graphic problem where was it. or was it just general...

i think that some of the plot on warrior within diddn't make sense. where did he get the amulet from????

And in ttt why did the spirit talk in an english accent?????? weird? Confused Confused
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is great game. I have this and I very happy.
I played the Sands of Time and Warrior Within and all I can say is that the Prince of Persia series rocks!

I'm looking forward to playing this game. Very Happy Cool
played it but not really good, in my opinion. I really am bad at these types of games but this one is short in my opinion, and i can only think:
Me > bad player > short game
Others > good player > super short
POP-3 it seemed to be easy than POP2 after the start of the game but i got real problems when the prince met those two warriors Sad

after that only the ending had some difficulty
Just got this game last night and started playing it for about 20mins and all I can say is it is AWESOME!

Definitely the best POP ever released! A lot better than Sands of Time and Warrior Within based on the gameplay and graphics alone. I do hope that the storyline won't disappoint me.. Very Happy Cool
Its the first Prince of Persia i have played i stopped playing it dont really know why probably start playing again:) Ubisoft really secured the game now its not possible for crackers to crack it with the tight security that is on it Smile . I like the game sometimes i hate the camera wont really move like i want it to be but i should install my controller then it should go much better:D. Im in in the part where you are like you bad ego and have a big chain to cut people in pieces but i still die:)
I just got this on XBOX, played the first one and loved it, second one... good, but not as good as the first.
But man, this one rocks! The graphics engine is starting to show its age but other than that everything here is really top notch stuff!
The speed kills are great and eliminate the button mashing that seemed to spoil all the precise acrobatics in the first two games.

All in all, awesome game and a fitting end to the series (here's hoping otherwise Razz)
I haven't had a chance to play that one yet, but I loved the first two, they were just amazing. I really love how you can really interact with the environment and you have to find little ways of using it to your advantage in order to move on. The entire Prince of Persia series is just amazing, one of my favourite games.

It's a really great game from what I've heard. I think i'm gonna buy it soon. I'm being bugged to buy it lawl. From what I saw from the first game, ( the game was pretty laggy but oh well ), I think i wanna buy this. so yeah, cool game, cool reviews, cool rating

yes,this game has really best graphic contents.
Am I the only person that thinks this game sucks compared to the 2nd one? I dont know I dont like this one at all, the look and feel of it is a lot crappier than the 2nd one in my opinion.
i dont know which one it was but i played prince of persia the newest one on playstation pritable and it was really cool...u could run on walls and wall tight ropes and stuff really good game i recommend it..
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