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[Winners Announced] Motto - For my site

Might move this to contests forum but it's here for now.

Well my site is in need of a motto. Something behind it that defines the site. What I want am willing to pay for, is of course a motto!

Simply come up with something unique and extraordinary and win $FRI.

What I shall do is collect all the suggested entries on Sunday 1st Jan (GMT). I will choose 3 winners who will each get paid. All other entrants unfortunatly wont.

Winners shall recieve
1st Place - $FRI 75
2nd Place - $FRI 50
3rd Place - $FRI 25

My Site is a Harry Potter site *(link in sig)*. Its dedicated to Sirius Black, my favourite character in the books. Its there lke many others to provide news on whats happening in the HP world, share theries on what could've happened and what will, explain whats happened so far and provide a ploace to chat (in the form of the forum and IRC).

-This is run by me, NOT Frihost!
-Only top 3 entrants get paid
-Winners chosen, announced and paid on 1st Jan 06 (GMT)
-Enter as many mottos as you wish
-post in this post do not PM me
-Although winners are chosen they may not be used at all (though most liekly will)

Examples from other sites (Site name // Motto)
Privet Drive // The World wide Harry Potter Source
The Hogs Head // Your Pub for Harry Potter
Dervish banges // The ultimate portkey to harry Potter Graphics
Spinners End // Dont just live the magic, create it!
Wizard-City // Muggles making Magic
"Super strona, makarona, wejdź kup i zjedz"

Twisted Evil
nice site, was that made with PHP nuke?

"Sirius black: Unlike him, we won't die!"

"Sirius black: For all the secrets YOU want to hear"

"Sirius black: Hop on buckbeak, and enjoy the ride "

Sirius Black keeps going, and going, and going..
Sirius Black. The power on your side.
Jesus loves Sirius Black.
Where's your Sirius Black?
Make yourself at home with Sirius Black.
quite a few people have asked that but no i didn't Smile

Like those first 2. Some of the stolen ones are quite odd though. Specially the 'Jesus loves Sirius Black'. Apparently Harry Potter is anti-cristian so better not use that one Laughing

Very good ChesterB Rolling Eyes
Harry Potter: The dumbest books/movies ever made
Sirius Black// more to him than what meets the eye
Harry Potter// the dark secrets of Black
Grimmauld Place //The Utimate Source to Sirius Black
meh, not that clever, but here:

Sirius Black's Number 12 Grimmauld Place//
Your magical HQ in cyber space
Just to clear up the examples I gave ..
the // was just to sepearte the sites name from their motto. Their actual motto doesnt have a // in it Smile

Well I pick soon Very Happy , Like what I've seen so far just hope some others come up with something quickly! Wink


1st Place - Bogger with ... unlike him, we won't die!
2nd Place - rainynightstarz with more to him than what meets the eye
3rd Place - carl005 with Your magical HQ in cyber space

Winners money has been sent already Smile

And a gift to the two spammers (ChesterB and Coolclay), a nice warning for spamming! (When I get round to it Rolling Eyes )
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