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Age of Empires III

anyone got it? what u think of the game? its brilliant the way u get different civilzations with different abilities, shame i cant play online if i play over the LAN unless i re install the game, does anyone know how to uninstall the game but keep ur game profile?
Good strategy game! One of best games of this year.
pawelsz wrote:
Good strategy game! One of best games of this year.

Definitely. I beat it before it was released in stores Razz
it's a good one, but it can't beat the age of empires 1 Wink
Age of Empires 1 was horrible. AOE2 was much better than that. Haven't tried 3 yet but am looking forward to it.
Right now, I've just tried Age of Empires II... It's damn good, i just wished i'd played it sooner... I'm just annoyed that the campaign games take so long... I've been going at it for three days and i'm still just at the second campaign.

How are the Age of Empires III campaigns ??
I hope to get a copy of this one soon, gotta save the money up Wink

I've got AOEI and II, I reckon II is much better than I. I looked at some screenies and descriptions of III and it sounds and looks so good. Surprised I'm looking forward to this one too.
It's a great game. The homecity system is very good. And finally an RTS with great graphics.
age of empires III is the most fantastic gae 've ever seen
if really so cool then i have to buy it n play with my classmate~XD
B-E-A-Utiful game with B-E-A-Utiful graphics.
Opinions vary on this game. Let's hear more now that it's been out for awhile.

I personally like the fact that MS and ES have incorporated securtiy features that will attempt to stop hacking of the game. Also the deck system for customizing upgrades for your civs adds a whole new area of strategy to the game.

Downside, ES Online, the site which matches players for online play needs a slew of changes to make it more user friendly.

All in all I say if you don't have it and you like RTS games, particiularly AoC, the go get it, most of you will not be disappointed.
Wonderful game.
Though I must say the graphics were a bit of a let down, but hey It's only a RTS.
I like it for 15 mins Very Happy
Yeah I must say I was more interested in the mouse I got half price with it Laughing
Age of empires is the best trategy game Very Happy i have play in AOE 1 & expansion and AOE2 & expansions...

i need AOE 3 T,T
This game is amazing!
I got the collectors edition value for money ever!!
Fantastic strategy game.
Garg wrote:
Right now, I've just tried Age of Empires II... It's damn good, i just wished i'd played it sooner... I'm just annoyed that the campaign games take so long... I've been going at it for three days and i'm still just at the second campaign.

How are the Age of Empires III campaigns ??

That's one of the things I love about AoEII. Long, exhausting campaigns. It would be weird to lead a Mongol horde to take over all of Europe in a mere few hours.
I love it. it seems quite balanced and fun. I play the hardest level with computer and unlocked almost all the stuff for England.
ive tested but i have to play it at 800x600.. Sad
the game requieres a high video card. the strategy is better and hard, and the graphics are wow... yes one of the best games of 2005.
I'm still stuck with AoE II. But hey, that's a pretty cool game too. Too bad there's no dead people jumping into the air graphics Sad
Well, I thought about getting this one, but I was in doubt.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'll try it. I like strategy games Smile

To all who are in doubt if their system will run it:

Minimum system requirements:

- Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
- 128 MB of RAM
- Pentium 800 MHz or equivalent
- 64 MB 3D video card
- 1.5 GB of free hard disk space
- 32x CD-ROM drive
- DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card
- 56 kbps Internet connection for online play

Recommended system requirements:

- 512 MB of RAM
- 2.0 Ghz CPU
- 128 MB 3D video card

but, a big letdown was that you can only have one internet profile,
i mean really,
if a family has the game, and you and your bro want to team up against a few internet players, you can't

they make you buy a copy per profile!!!

that really disappoints me Sad

at least we can play LAN 2gether!!

but computers can only get so hard Wink
Age of Empires 3 was easily one of the best games of the year. Although not as revolutionary as Age of Empire 2, the game definetely made it's mark in the stretegy genre, well as gaming in general. I give a 9 out of 10!
AOE 1 was not horrible. When it first came out and was one of the first in its genre, that game kicked ass. When the 2nd came out it was even better. But the 3rd does not compare to the other ones and if think how good they were when they first came out. Still an awesome game, I too beat it before it came out in stores. I love the homecities and the little cards you get.
I remember many a time having mini lan events at my house with age 2 and 1. good good times
AoE: Age of Kings with the Conqueror expansion pack was far better that AoE 3.
All the things that made AoE a great, and simple, strategy game has been ripped out in the latest incarnation.
I played it a couple of times before throwing it out.

No LAN weekend is complete without a couple of hours of AoE.
It works even when you are soft in the head at 4 oclock in the morning.
I've just installed it for 2 days, but i think it a excellence game but the requirement is too high, so it doesn't run smoothly on my comp Cool
hey, just go to task manager. find the process "explorer.exe" and quit it. Then put in the cd and through task manager again start a new task and type in "D:\autorun.exe" or whatever the name of the drive is \autorun.exe. It takes a lot of processing of the computer.

But it's true. The game is amazing and i love it. The customization of the levels are a bit tricky though. kinda not my style.
well i think its not right the way its mainly with musketeers, you should be able to have swordsman like the last age of empires.
i think age of empires 2 funnier than age of empires 3
i downloaded demo it was ok didnt show a lot of options but is this game worth the money ???? any good sites with screenshots would be nice to post!
its the best aoe of the history... grafics are excelent...

we have some wys to play it.. i mean throw Hamachi.. have u ever heard about it? if you want to play aoe3 with me.. just pm me heheh..

great game, i just love these type of games, any one who would like to play aoe2 with me, send ur ip address at, along with the playing time.
i just love this has nice graphics and great story.....

i really like stragetic games.........
it is well worth the money, you unlock cards which give ur civilization advantages over others. i recommend u get it from, or, both are good priced. i will post some screenshots later.
i think its good, and better than Age of empires 2, but not for its time, age of empires, i thought, when it came out was awesome! But age of empires 3 is just pretty good.
actually, the online play for age of empires 3 is much much better than on AOE2 - msn wasnt very good, i find the online play on AOE3 a lot better and easier to use.
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