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Best Sport to Watch

I know it's always better to actually play the sport, but most of the time we watch them...we should play more, but if you're not playing, which sport do you like to watch most? For me, it's, Soccer, woo hoo, or hockey maybe, but the others kinda are boring whilst watching. Add any others at will...
For me, I love watching soccer Smile
womens football Wink

Only joking. I'm no good at watching sports. I have a short attention span and get bored easy Evil or Very Mad I watch some footy though and on the odd occasion rugby other than though nothing. Tenniss is annoying with all the "urrgghh" as they hit the ball Twisted Evil
My Favourite sport to watch is hockey!!!!! Lockout right now though.
Soccer... absolutly soccer. Very Happy
I think American Football is the best game to watch...
hmm. football is the best game to watch I think. Wink
but, sometimes I used to watching WWE wrestling. It's an entertainment though
S3nd K3ys
I like watching motorcycle road racing. Cool
NFL is the best to watch.
Love to see some hardnose smash mouth ram it up the gut plays.
Always good to see someone get their bones broke.
i like to see martial arts, the olympic taekwondo for example, its really interesting when both competitor are absolutly focused on every movement done by the other...also a good game of soccer (i repeat, good game).
Olimpic games seems to be comfortable to watch but soccer is great especially international matches Very Happy
Hoogeveense RAT
Best sport to watch? For me it's Formula 1 Very Happy. All races are nice and I like the suspense of every race. It's also nice to see the crashes, but last year there aren't to much crashes Sad
Hoogeveense RAT wrote:
Best sport to watch? For me it's Formula 1 Very Happy. All races are nice and I like the suspense of every race. It's also nice to see the crashes, but last year there aren't to much crashes Sad

Exactly like i think NASCAR is the best to watch.
I also like football when i'm betting on it Very Happy
Football American style definitely... then Basketball... Then... Football American...
swiming and water polo is my favoriet they are reall short but 9lo like to watch tennis and vollyball for the chick.
my fav sport is football
my least fav is vollyball
Bruno Kitsune
I like to see: soccer, volleyball, handball
I don't like to see: american football, baseball, basketball, golf,...
For me , I love to watch soccer .

really I love it very much .
Baseball, i love how it all can change with a pitch, and i love the drama behind it. I adore watching it!
NFL Football.
Nothing like watching someone get there head ripped off running the ball up the middle.
Football is the best sport to watch.
I don't usually watch sports, only play them Very Happy. But if I am watching a sport it's most likely Football (American). I'd have to say I think it is the best sport ever. It's fun to watch and even more fun to play.
All of you fellas might call me crazy, but I love to watch cricket. Haha, that's right, one of the longest games out there, boring but I find it very entertaining to just curl up onto the couch and watch everything that happens. Twenty20 matches are always fun and fast-paced.

Besides that, though I live in Australia and don't have Cable. I love to watch Ice Hockey when I have the chance. Soccer games, especially Brazil games, are also one of my favourites to watch.
I'd have to say Football and Baseball. I pretty much played baseball my whole life and I still love to play the game but I think it is very exciting to watch. I love watching my angels games just sittin back and havin fun! I also love football when the season starts I get really into it, my TITANS are gonna turn it around this year! you heard it first here!
i love watch soccer and basketball
basktball and soceir are the best althow baseball is fun to...............Smile Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz
I love watching football and tennis
There are three awesome sports to watch. You should definitely watch the NFL. Watching players make great grabs in the end zone is thrilling! Another sport to watch is baseball. Some people say its boring, and maybe I like it because I love baseball, but it is cool to watch. The last sport you should watch is basketball. Watching six foot players dunk basketballs or doing fade-aways is awesome! The best parts of all of these sports though, is the playoffs! Hope this helped you!
Ghost Rider103
For me, I cant stand to watch NFL or Baseball and those kind of sports.

I love watching, and doing extreme sports though, like Motocross, Supercross, Freestyle, etc. Nascar is also good to watch.
I like to watch snooker Very Happy It's exciting to watch when there are 2 good players at the table
Also football (soccer) is exciting to watch when 2 good teams are playing, or when your favorite team plays.
F1 is nice at the end of a season, when the last race determines the winner of the championship.
Synchronized swimming, ballroom dancing, curling and golf.
I love to watch tennis and martial arts. Both are a war between two warriors and each one must be pending on moves of another one. Really exciting. And I love to watch texas holdem also, but I dont know if poker is considerated a sport.
I've always enjoyed watching football (soccer) and motorcycle racing, especially the moto GP.
Hockey for sure. It's nice and fast. Soccer is a great sport, but it can become dull to watch on tv. Baseball is an absolute snoozefest, basketball is gay (plus only the past 5 minutes matter), and football is boring; Oh gee, I get to listen to the announcers talk for two minutes and the players standing around for 2 minutes before they make the next play. And that play only lasts for 5 seconds, and then it's two more minutes of standing around picking your ass. No thanks.
F1 of course, it is thrilling, exciting and glamrous.
I definitely find American Football the most enjoyable to watch.

Great strategy involved, action packed, and a whole lot of athleticism = lots of excitement...especially on Saturdays during the Fall (I am of course talking about college football).
Soccer / Futbol.

It's the most exciting ...
I really like to watch basketball... its a fast game, a good game of tennis is wonder too, and watch by TV dont mess your neck, hehe
At the end i think the point inst in the sport but in the emotion of that moment... your contry is there? your friend? son? the sport is a detail, the heart is everything...
A very fast sport. Only good to watch with a big television so you can see the puck.
I personally like to watch sports where there is action almost non stop. NHL is non stop action.
My favourites (Detroit Redwings) is even in the final.
being a girl and saying football is a dangerous thing in todays world i suppose. but i dont know what catches me more when brett favre throws a hail mary to donald driver in the last 5 sec of the game to tie it up, or watching al harris knock all those egotistical wide recievers around. there is such diversity and talent. and one can already tell that my favorite is the packers..... cheese heads all the way ..... pile on the snow
Obviously football is the best sport to watch
Short exciting and anything can happen
FOotball all the way
Well, I originally said American Football, but maybe I should be more specific.

While I enjoy watching pro football, I like college football much better. It gives me a team to root for (Nebraska Cornhuskers), and the atmosphere that surrounds college football cannot be matched. Saturday, during the fall, sitting back, drinking some beers, watching some games with friends.

The best part is Gameday, which is usually a pretty big deal, because it's the game that is televised nationally. The Huskers were on this big stage last season when they hosted Southern Cal, unfortunately, things didn't go very well and the rest of the season went downhill from there.

Huskers will be competitive this season, that I can guarantee.
Football is the best sport that i've seen i love football i also play a football on the weekend with my friends
and for me , i like watching socer , wwe , tennis , baseball , .... , hehe !
Wrestling has always fascinated me. I used to love the WWF/E until it started to suck. So now I watch TNA.
It's basketball for me. There's always good action, and you never get bored.
I always said that tennis was really boring, but last Sunday's match at Wimbledon was amazing!
Soccer, but sometimes it gets boring. I also like watching those funny japanese contests, where people are climbing, jumping, but in the end they always fall into the water Wink
I hardly ever watch sport, because I and my family don't like it a lot. If I have to choose, it is horseriding (I also do it in real every week).
I have quite a number, but I especially like to watch rugby. Nothing better than to watch it in a very congenial pub. My favourite rugby teams are All Blacks and Springboks. Of all the teams, when they play one another, it is usually very exciting rugby. I also like the Irish. Nice team. And the Welsh. But am not partial to the English.

The French do not play a bad game. If they play South Africa or All Blacks then I usually cheer for South Africa or All Blacks. But nothing better when they beat the English in Paris. Now that is usually good to watch. Argentinians are also playing a good game these days. Worth watching them. Not to forget the Wallabies of course. One of the better teams, but of course when they play the All Blacks no contest there.

All Blacks beat the "Roses" 37-20 on 14-Jun-08

All Blacks slaughter Brits 44-12 on a cold night in ChristChurch NZ on 21-Jun-08

Euro cup =D
I love watching soccer and also track and field

Brasil is my team for soccer and of course Jamaican trackstars =)
My Favourite sport Forum1 race
I'd say baseball, since it's the only sport I watch, but I guess it can depend on conditions. It's not fun to watch if your team is doing so lousy that they have little to no chance of making the playoffs or even staying close. Another thing to consider is the announcers. I think the team I watch has really great announcers. They always come up with weird anecdotes and funny jokes, and in those late extra-innings games they sometimes say things they'll regret in the morning when the network suspends them for a week...
Mrs Lycos
I love to watch Figure Skating Smile
wrestling tna or wwe are both really good and fun to watch ive watched it since i was born cuz my grandpa watched it.
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