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Tell me...

i dont get to interact with many people who make websitess... so i wanted to kno.... that if one is to make a website for wallpapers or lets say songs or smthing in which almost the same layout is to be repeated on the pages containing this stuff like different categories ,their thumbnails etc or different ablbums and their song names and download links ......Can anyone suggest what is the most efficient way to make these rpeatitive sort ov webpages, saving time and hassle ??? doz their exist any good solution...thruogh which one can make these sort of pages quickly....any software etc etc ...well i hope u understand my query....
try dreamweaver from macromedia
Yes dreamweaver is a good choice but I Frontpage is the most basic one if you donot have any good knowledge, but if you know something, than PHPNUKE 7.8 alongwith its CHRIS KARAKAS guide is the best possible solution.

Hope this Helped.

Warm Regards,
Hosting song files on the Internet can be illegal if you don't get permission from the author first. Lyrics are fine, but just as long as you accredit them for what they write.

I have been programming websites for years and there are people out there that will report you for such activities. I got busted once when I removed a tagline from a layout that I downloaded when I first started web design. I now program my own websites through code without any help through a program like Dreamweaver.

- Mike.
Why not create yourself some web templates that can be easily used for various websites?

If you keep these generic pages saved then building various sites will be a lot less time consuming.

Try using generic CSS also.

I hope this helps.
Hi there BluffMango,

There are a number of options open to you for dealing with repetitive webpage coding, the method you choose however really depends on two things.
    How much do you know about webpage coding?
    How much can you afford to spend on software?

If you can confidently code a page by hand then one option open to you would be to simply code one page, save it as a template and then simply use that template for making each of your subsequent pages. You would have to manually change those parts of the page which were different and all of your links would need to be coded by hand, however this can be done using a simple html editor or even a basic text editor like notepad.

If on the other hand you feel that your coding skills are not up to doing this yet, there are a number of software solutions available, the best ones however are expensive. Macromedia dreamweaver is probably the best known professional web editor, it is also one of the most expensive. At the other end of the scale there are a number of free web editors available which would be more than capable of producing the results you want with a bit of practice. My personal paid option would be for NetObjects Fusion - good results at a reasonable price. For a free editor my personal choice would be HTML-Kit, but with free editors the choice is harder to make and I would suggest doing a google search for free WYSISWYG web editors and trying several to see which suits you best.

Another option for obtaining software can be by means of buying computer magazines which have free software cover discs. The software on these disks while not the most recent release of the software program being offered are usually excellent quality, just look out for a cover disc that includes a web editing program on it.

If you do not have a fast net connection then "PC Utilities Plus" magazine provides a DVD full of software usually of between 3000 and 5000 different programs per issue, a large number of these are free to use and there is an entire section on the disc devoted to internet programs as well as a section on programming either or both of these sections will contain web editors which should be able to allow you to build the kind of site that you want.

Hope this is of some help, regards

Well well.... you could learn the basic first from Front page then after stepping into advance, you can use Macromedia Dreamweaver or another web page creator,, HTML for the first time is good, but after that you might be prefer to use php or XHTML

But if you wants to make a web contains music and another like that, make sure you have got the lincense to publish it, opr at least an excuse from the author Very Happy
thnx for is no problem.....jus tell me which on to use ..and yeh if i wana edit somthing similar in about 200 pages u have any good ideas...
I know with Microsoft FrontPage you can change a template on a website in a matter of a few seconds (no matter how many pages). I don't know what tools Dreamweaver offers (I've never used it lol) but it is possible to do such things.

- Mike.
hmm, it seems like with you will want to do, check out Macromedia's Dreamweaver I do believe 8 is the latest version.... and use CCS - cascading Style Sheets. thatway since the page contents will be diffrent on each page, you apply that style to them and it will organize it in the way you want. that way also if you want to quickly change the layout of the pages it makes it really easy. And one more thing - I recomend dreamweaver over frontpage simply beacuse frontpage is all too well known for writing lengthy and unnesasary HTML code into your pages. Don't get discouraged by the people that say that dreamweaver is harder to use - its really not. Plus a ton of tutorials and training materials are availible if u need some help, most of them free.
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