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1st Post - My Ideas for a Language Site

Hi there,

I'm Jamie, a 22 year old guy from England, and this is my first post. I am working on a site that will teach the techniques I've developed for learning languages on your own (no classes) effectively.


I've read lots of books and websites on doing this and aside from the technical ones there is not much useful information and advice. I have done things the good way and the bad way and I'm testing my ideas on myself right now.

When the site gets up I hope it will help a lot of people, and I envisage a site free of ads and "filler".

So "hi" to all of you and I hope to be a good member of FriHost, to share ideas and information with you all.

Best wishes! Very Happy
Hi Jamie!

Welcome to FriHost! I think that's a marvelous idea you've got going there. Is there a subscription fee for the services you provide, or is it all free? If it's free - wow. You'd become popular pretty quick, I'd assume. You'd steal the bandwith from everyone else here Sad...j/k.

What's the name of your site, if you don't mind me asking? Is this something you hope to turn into a full-time job at one point or another? Like...a language consultant, maybe? Heh, maybe not.

At either rate, PM me and let me know more details, if you can!

Adios and have fun!
The site would seem very interesting. Please let me know when its done I would love to see it.
No, I don't want to charge for anything just share ideas. Maybe someday I'll write a book about all my experiences but I'd also steer clear of filler and plugging.

My technique shall be known as (**drumroll**)..


The O'Neill Technique!

I have just applied for my webspace so hopefully I'll have something up soon for you guys to take a look at.
That is a really cool idea.
I've just started to attempt to learn spanish. I'm really not very good at learning languages, and I would welcome any tips I could get.
My girlfriend is a linguistics major and she's learning spanish and french really quickly and really well. She's even got the accents down, but she still can't help me. I'm beginning to think I'm hopeless.
Any way. I shall persevere, and I will look forward to your website.
Good luck!
Hey buddy,

obviously we think the same! I juz mentioned this idea to another forum about 5 mins ago.

All the way man to ur website. If you are able to provide support for learning asain languages especially chinese and maybe malay and japanese, i can assure you that your web will be a SURE hit.

If you ever do need support for asian language learning, i can help you with my 2 cents worth. haha..

Btw, i'm a singaporean, 19 years old, nice idea there!
I heard that Malay is the easiest language there is, is it true?
Apparently thats how my friend put it across to me. I should think so as you do not need to learn new characters.

But honestly, i have no idea, my University forbade me from taking the language.
Oh dear...

Well I got my webspace now, but I have a lot of work to do before I put it up... It will be quite basic to start with.

I'll post here when it's up and see what you people think about it.

Best wishes

This might be obvious... but I'm very tired so if it's a stupid question, please ignore.
What languages do you speak? Is it to learn a language you know well, or one you have been learning through books yourself?
That's a damn fine idea you've got there. Have you ever thought of approaching any schools or anything? Teachers are always looking for ways to teach kids more effectively, there are definitely heaps of people out there that would be interested.

But yeah, as with linda, what languages are there going to be information for?

Welcome also, though it's a bit late for that Rolling Eyes
The concept is really great and educational. It is great to have another iniformative website on the internet. I am sure it will benefit a lot of people who want to learn and improve their language skills (including me). Don't forget to post your website when it is complete. I want to check it out. Good luck with your site.
This is a gret idea my friend, if you need any help with the HTML I'd love to help out if I can.
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