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Hey guys, have u heard of the realese of the X-men 3. anyone? i'm not too sure but have seen some clips of the movie and also heard, venus williams will be included. not too sure.
does anyone have any idea about as to when this movie is gonna be released. i cant wait to c.
Hi Amingbo!

I haven't looked at the trailer, yet. IMDb says it's scheduled for release in 2006. Since it's an action movie, I'd say it'll be released June-August '06. Maybe even earlier in the spring.

So far, it seems interesting. Again, I haven't looked athe trailer yet. I enjoyed the second one, over the first. I hope the third is better than the other two Smile. It's hard to make a sequel (at any stage) better than the original.

Best wishes to you on finding more info!

Adios and have fun!
There is going to be a #3???????????

Oh... I can't wait.... Well, then I must be going now

*begins to scheme a way to go to the future and watch the movie*
There is a hotsite already, with a teaser on it. Enjoy. Smile
Personally, I have a suspicion that this movie will blow... hard. Remember, Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to direct the forthcoming Superman Returns movie (also amid speculation that Fox was being difficult.)

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2, but Brett Ratner is a music-video director, and that's what he probably should have kept doing. Also, I think it was Bryan Singer's vision and dedication to the source-matierial that made the earlier films so stellar. Also, writter Zak Penn is responsible for such monstrosities as Inspector Gadget, Elektra and The Fantastic Four.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I WANT this movie to be good. I just don't have very high hopes.
I saw a poster of it. It looks pretty good. I am not a huge X-men fan but the movie looks sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait 2 face this movie
Did anyone read the comics?
hey kin... thanx for the site, its great and yeah i just cant wait to see this movie again... and hope its best than the other ones.

hope this movie will be realease before even
The only trailer out is a teaser right? I can't wait for a real one.
i can't wait... i dont read x-men comic books or watch cartoons but i realy like first and second movie. than i bought x-man book but i dont like it.


I Want to See Some Mutants!
luks like there are loads of fans of X-Men here.... i wish they would come up with something better than the precious ones. they still rock though.

have a great day guys.
boocherry wrote:
Did anyone read the comics?

I used to, on and off, for about 10+ years. But I stopped reading comics about 3 years ago. Although someone did recommend the Ultimate X-Men series. But see, that's one thing I liked about the films: sure they changed some continuity stuff in the X-Universe, but the films remained TRUE to the comics, and that's what I think was important.
Mei Melancon has joined the cast of X-Men 3 as the evil mutant assassin Psylocke, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Melancon, who appeared in Brett Ratner's Rush Hour 2, is reteaming with the helmer for the third installment of the superhero franchise. Word began leaking last week from the Vancouver set that the latest "X-Men" installment would introduce the character Psylocke, who has had several incarnations in the Marvel comic book series and is best known for her fighting and telepathic skills as well as an ability to transport herself and others through shadows.

In the film, she will fight against the X-Men as a member of Magneto's (Ian McKellen) Brotherhood of Mutants.
As always, everyone will collectively hold their breath...hoping against hope that they won't ruin it. The news of a different director is worrysome though. I agree that it was Bryan Singer's dedication that made 1 and 2 so good. Also worrysome is the news that they want to give Halle Berry a bigger role. That sounds suspiciously like they are editting a storyline to stroke her ego.

I dunno...time will tell, I suppose.
i really never liked the 1st and 2rd one but lets see if this one is going to be good or you know what ****
ahhh, i cant wait for XMEN 3 to come, i love the first and the second...i hope the third would be even great than that. I've seen some teaser picture of XMEN 3, it was cool, there's mutant who has wings like angel... Very Happy
user1024 wrote:
In the film, she will fight against the X-Men as a member of Magneto's (Ian McKellen) Brotherhood of Mutants.

I think that will probably be true in the beginning, but I suspect that by the end, Magneto's Brotherhood & the X-Men will once again be temporary allies. Also, yay Sentinels! Very Happy
They just posted the trailer on the website:

and it looks great!

I like the fact they're bringing in Phoenix, but I don't think the story will be as good as the comic book. I mean, they can't have the Guardians of the Galaxy onscreen, can they? BTW, if you know what I'm talking about, not only are you a geek, but you're old also! Laughing

Can anyone tell me who the Asian guy in the trailer with the spikes on his face is? Porcupine man, perhaps?
I saw a trailer for the movie last night during 24. It said the release date is going to be May 26th. I'm hoping that it's good, but I don't know. As long as it's not as crappy as Hulk was, I'll like it.
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