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Raido Control Stuff

I haven't seen anything like this on these forums so I thought i should start a topic on it.

Does any have a REAL radio control thing (eg plane, helicopter or car). When i say real i mean one you can realy only buy at a hobby shop and is expesnsive, has gears, real suspension; in a planes case, flyes and is upgradable.

Please post if you know about these or have. It would be nice to talk to some others about it because not many people near where i live have one.

I have R/C car and plane. Venom Freedom Flyer and a Tamiya Nitro Blaster. I race at a local car club and usually come 3rd Sad .

If there is anyone who understands this I have one question about cars. What is a good way to raise a 1:10 scale buggy up? Mine is toooo low!!!!


heh... dat reminds me ... i've been meaning to fix up my rc car for the snow lol. Summat wrong wiv the pull cord Sad it isnt gripping the engine inside.. gotta take the whole angine apart Sad dammit.

I got a 1:8 scale.... ermm .. 4wd... ermm .. i cant see the name of it from here lol.... *googles it* .. HPI Savage 21, But i wanna upgrade to the Savage 25 engine.

I also had 2 planes... but one had a machanical faut and the controls went crazy n it crashed on a road lol. so now i have 1.

I also gots a helicopter... which is my dad's and were both beginners wiv it and where kinda scared to fly it cause it's damned hard lol... so were learning wiv a lil indoor electric one lol. but he broke that too. Sad

oh yer i also got a 1:10 scale sandmaster buggy thing.. it's really old.. but still goes Smile

I was thinking perhaps u could get longer shocks for it? and bigger rear wheels (if it's rear wheel drive) .... But if u get wheels that to much strain for it, it'll tear the cog apart lol .... mine did Sad lotsa of times, cause i was happy wiv the extra speed lol. Also soft suspension is good cause the wheels touch the ground more over bumps. Im guessing u race offroad if ur asking to raise the car?
You cld also try stiffening the shocks to stop it from grounding out.

Anyways.. am off to fix up ma car now lol. Cya

One of my friends has a HPI Savage 25. It got it for christmas so it is still in break in.

U seem pretty good at breaking stuff!!!!

I have been thinking of getting a cheap eletric heli. But the guy at the shop said they were harder to fly than a plane and if i can't keep my plane of the ground for 15 seconds then i cant imagine a helicopter!

Im not sure if longer shocks will work because the car is made for a certain length and it might make the rest of the car 2 short if i put longer shocks in. It is 4 wheel drive, would bigger wheels still help if it is 4wd?
I do race off-road so my suspension is soft anyway and if i make it any softer the car will sink! Stiffening the shocks might work but how? Do you know how to do that?

Thanks for the help, cya

ive always dreamed of gettin a radio control plane.. but its just finding the money to buy and maintain it...

then findin somewhere to fly it!
rc planes arn't that expensive, you can get an ok one for $150AUS.

Maintaining it is only hell expensive in the learning stages then you only need to do periodical replacements.

Where to fly it is a hard one. I don't have a good place either. Wink
heh... well everything has to break eventually. I still never to fixing my car ... i looked at it and thought... Umm, the glow starters will need charging... i'll need new batteries for the controller and new batteries for the car. umm, Dammit, i dont have 12 batteries!. So i didnt bother lol.

Well the bigger wheels will still help but only with top speed, but not by much really. The accelration wont be as much but still.. not much of a difference.

Stiffen the shocks... ermm *google's Tamiya Nitro Blaster*

umm, Well wiv my car i got little round plastic spacers with a cut out in them where i just pull down the spring, slip the spacer on then the spring rests on the spacer making it more stiff, wiv the spring been more tight. I dunno if you able to buy these in the shops or anything tho.

Also i cant find a picture close enough, but isn't there an option to unscrew the shocks at the bottom and re-attach them closer the the car?, that would also heighten the car, but probably need to stiffen the shocks as wel as doing that.

There is no-where me for to fly the plane around here either, tho i pass an aircraft thingys field everyday, but i see no1 there with thier planes. I see the peg board out and stuff, but no1 there. Sad

have you tried different fuels in your car?, some may be better than others.

I have got those spaces, they r called C-rings. But I have run out of them. LOL.

I can change the shock postition but then that effects the handly of the car. It makes it unstable but more agile. I will try Very Happy See what happens.

hi all

i bought a tamiya twin detonator the other day from my local model shop and proceeded to build it within the day!!! took me 7 hours - not bad going i think/hope! i then had to wait 2 days for it to stop raining before i could test it!

i had a slight problem with the steering servo: it kept on comeing loose and i lost (steering) control. i managed to solve the problem by using a 'fatter' screw and a bit of lock-tight. has anyone else had this problem with the twin detonator?

yesturday, when i used the car, the controls locked in position with the car travelling round in a circle. whatever i did with my control box nothing happened to the car. eventually i had to lift the car up and disconnect the battery. i wasn't sure whether this was a sign that my battery was low or a electrical fault as i'm new to R/C. why did i lose control???

Your control problem wouldn't be dead batteries. If it was then the car will go straight top speed away from you. It wouldn't go in circles.

Did the speed lock to??? Or was it just the steering.
Im guessing the steering servo is jammed or u have stuffed up a bit when building and theconection to the front wheels is dodgy. Im not too good with electric though so it might be some sort of electrical prob i dont know about.

I have quite a few RC airplanes. They are a bit expensive to get into, but after a while you have so many spare parts laying around that you can slap together planes on the fly.

Lately battery power has been making planes lighter and lighter. You can get some that are about the size of a paper airplane, and there are plenty that fly indoors.

I flew an indoor helicopter the other day. It wasn't too hard, but there is definitly a learning curve. Training on a simulator is a really good idea, and there are some great sims out there.

FMS is a good, free, RC airplane sim. If you are going to pay for one, get Aerofly Pro Delux, it is the only sim that does a good job at 3D acrobatics, and has the new variable pitch props so you can fly your heli's upside down and your airplanes backwards. AFP is the only way to train if you want to learn how to hover, knife edge and all the other cool tricks.

RC is a great hobby, and if you like to fly RC airplanes are a ton of fun. You don't need a big field, just a lot of imagination. Get an indoor helicopter, put a 1000mAh LiPoly on it and fly in your back yard Smile
When I was younger we built our own RC planes.
Buy the RC obviously then get a plan to build the plane. Much cheaper than a kit and more fun.

With you car, how good are you at making things?
I would look at the longer shocks definitly. But I would also look at making it a bit wider. I don't think length is such a problem, unless it is really short wheelbase to start with, but track (width between the wheels) is important because when you turn it will tip more easily if it is higher.

Also if you lengthen the axles to increase the track you will not have such an acute angle for the axles when you lift the car with longer shocks. This wil be less strain on the gear cogs.

You will not need firmer springs. As Qwertyip said softer springs will keep your wheels on the ground more over rough terrain. Because your car is higher to start with a little sag is OK. That's in fact why the wheels stay on the ground more. Because when you go over a hole they can drop into it from their compressed position.

Some 3m aluminium plate and aluminium rod could be used to make new track arms and suspension components to allow for the new shocks and wider track. The axles would be the hardest part and without seeing that I am not sure what would be the best approach. But if you have the will you will find the way.

Go for it.
Thanks paul_indio,

I think hand-making a new suspension system is a bit dodgy Smile .

I think i am going to somehow get longer shocks. The track arms do have enough room for a bit longer shocks.

I hope i can get some which r compadible.

Thanks for the help,

I have a real $8 rc car
gonzo wrote:
I have a real $8 rc car

How can a real rc car be $8?? Not real?? Toy?
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