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hey I was wondering shoudl i use notepad fro writing my HTML codee, or should i use Microsoft's FRONTPAGE. Or if there is any other good or better program that I should use please tell me thank you!!!
NEVER and i mean it NEVER use Frontpage for ur html, that soft is horrible and even strip tags or use own (nonstandard) ones. U can go with Notepad if u dont need the WYSIWYG. Best choice out there is Dreamweaver IMO.
I suggest Sothink HTML editor. You can download a fully operational trial version from The only limitation is that you can't edit more files simultaneously. And it's quite a good one; you get syntax highlighting, and a lot of templates also. And you can insert html elements with a single click - the CODE of the element, that is!
On the other hand, it is not really xhtml compliant, but it's a very good tool to start with.
Give it a try!
Also Best ediroting Dreamweaver and NamoWeb editor Wink
Chris Tiaens
Dreamweaver, absolutely!!!

It's simply the best program you can get (even if you use a cracked version because of the high costs Wink ). However I suggest - even with dreamweaver - not to use the WYSIWYG mode! Your source will always be more elegant if you write it yourself!
As they said, Dreamweaver is the best one... It have many useful functions. You must see it if you want to know what it can do Smile
If you are able to do it with notepad then keep using it. I would never use FrontPage and since I still do not know enough to use notepad I use Dreamweaver. I wouldn't start using Dreamweaver if you already know html and you are able to use notepad go for it.
I'm using Dreamweaver because I'm coding in PHP and the code coloring is very useful Mr. Green
Indeed i forgot, if u wont go for Dreamweaver try atleast getting something with the code highlighting. I am sure there are even some freeware ones out there.
l use and have loved it ever since. NEVER USE FRONTPAGE!!! lt is just a wannabe wysiwyg editor as far as l am concerned, and those are bad enough without this program! TextPad is awesome, after you specify which document type it is, it colors different parts of the code bassed on what they are, this makes it really easy to see where you left something like color="#ff0000>Hello World!</font> as everything after the first " will be green by default so you see exactly where your error was! You can download a fully opperational trial at the above link, it doesn't expire, but it does constantly prompt to purchase.
NEVER and i mean it NEVER use Frontpage for ur html

this is the big truth and never go against it

but the question was, what you can use.
The free and quit good wisiwig editor is NVU but when u use server side scripts like PHP, it wasn't good for it

btw: does anyone know that dreamweaver uses render engine Presto that comes from OPERA? i was surprised when i read it.
wysiwyg editors are CRAP!!!! Code your own site, don't get all lazy and use a wysiwyg editor, then the site isn't really yours, and the code is CRAP!!!
KHO wrote:
wysiwyg editors are CRAP!!!! Code your own site, don't get all lazy and use a wysiwyg editor, then the site isn't really yours, and the code is CRAP!!!

A lot of applications which have wysiwyg editors also have a nice coding part as well though Wink. Some times, especially when working with php in combination with html in example the coloured syntax is a heavens gift Razz.

The ability to quickly view your page as well in the developers view makes your life even easier to directly show whether you do not make a mistake by accident or not.

In the end they aren't that crap at all, just depending on how you use them.
Go with note pad. It is slow at first but because you have to write all the code with out help from the program but you get to learn more and can be more creative. IMO of course.
HTML-Kit is what I usually use.
TextPad is pretty cool.
Dreamweaver is nice if you have the extra cash to spend.
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