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My Life as a Free Host Admin

Ok, about 2 weeks ago my friend shut down his free host, becuase he was super PO'd at all of the abusers and work he put into it. So I voulentered to take over and start a new free host, I was thinking, It can be that hard. I got everything setup and ready to go. The I opened up. Everything was working out ok. It started really slow, I would monitor my server and my forums for any problems. Then it really started to grow. I was starting to get new users left and right who had questions, people who didn't know how to request hosting properly, It was amazingly hard. I was about to chuck my computer at the wall, but I decided to get some extra help. So I asked for some users who wanted to become MODs. I got about 50 requests. After reading through them, I picked out two people to help me out. They both were really good and they both took a lot of work off me. Of course I still had tons of questions coming at me and lots of hosting requests to prosses but they made it a lot easier. Now here is where things got interesting. Some idoit thought that it would be a good idea to run, ithink 30 cron jobs at once. and he overloaded the server. Luckily I was able to get it back and running. The it started having problems. Apache wasn't running. The server wasn't running PHP. It was so irating, and then all of the complaints about it didn't help either. So I contacted my friend to see if he could help. He did and he got it back up and running smoothly (Of course I had to listen to "I told you so" like a billion times). Then for the next few weeks things wen't ok. I had a few minor problems, but nothing major. Then another person decided that it would be smart to overload the server. I fixed and it happend again and again and finaly I quit.

Well what I'm trying to get at here is that running a free host is really not easy and when people abuse it and screw up your server it really wastes your time. So don't mess up anything or cause any trouble on any server it is a pain in the butt having to fix it again, and again. I lost all of my free time too. I bet that bondings would agree with me that this is not easy and it can really be frusterating.
Wow do you still run that free hosting If you do and need help with it Ill be glad to help you with it. I know that with all of the questions and everything but on this forum lots of people help each other out instead of Bondings helping everyone out.
It can be a tricky business, not everyone can keep up with it.

Its ideal if you know how to fix these errors before you start, otherwise you're in trouble when something does go wrong.

If you ever decide to rehost, give me a pm and I can help you out with the apache/php aspect of it.
Wow that sounds horrible, I can't imagine how someone can have that hard work! Stupid people....sorry about that. Sad
I cannot belive that's true.... that's people~
I can believe that it's all true. The thing is that I tried making a web hosting site once but I gave the idea up before ever opening it. A good friend of mine ran a web hosting site and he went bankrupt as he spent more money into the servers than what he was getting in return.

- Mike.
That's Bondings' life. The first part Rolling Eyes.

Yeah, startnig up a Free Host isn't easy. You have to sacrfice study time for your exams next week (that's Bondings).
Yeah, I hope frihost doesnt turn out like that. Still, that must have sucked.
go bondings!
Neutral give the server to Frihhost Neutral that would make Bondings happy Neutral
That server is crap. I got rid of it. It was slow and it had a faulty chip set. It was so terible, that was probably one of the problems.
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