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Decent, Good or Horrible: Video Card

Hey guys, I am purchasing parts and accessories for my old (soon to be new) PC and a friend told me about this video (GFX) card:

It looks to be decent and it is VERY CHEAP. What are your thoughts on it and do you think it is a good card for a few games?
Freezon wrote:

It looks to be decent and it is VERY CHEAP. What are your thoughts on it and do you think it is a good card for a few games?

Well, if you don't plan to do any graphic intesive gaming or video watching, yeah go for it.

What type of video games do you plan on playing?
It looks okay, but my only concern here is that it might not be a hogh quality chipset. It's not from a large or well known manufacturer, so i would do a bit of extra research. If it's as good as it is on paper, it should be fine. I mean its a calculated risk...
i have heard about the company, but have no idea about the quality of the cards it makes. yes it does seem to be very cheap, but get it only if you are not going to game. i dont think it can handle even old games. if you want a better card, get a geforce 4 mx . its pretty cheap and will also allow you to play some games
Looks like one of those mid-range to high-end video cards to me. Lots of features, all for that cheapy price!?!? Sounds too good to be true....don't you think so Think ?? I'd rather get one from the local computer warehouse that's around $100. By the way, ATI Radeon is pretty good. Very Happy
I've tried once other video card which was made some no name company and to be honest, it sucked hard Laughing
I agree with RiCtee "Sounds too good to be true", so my advise is to get a "good" card which is made by Ati or Nvidia.
like Selda said, mine has a Nvidia it is a really good card, some can be pricey though
For basic computer use, any video card including that one is probably just fine. For gaming or other graphic intensive work, however, you need something along the lines of Nvidia. (I have a 6800 Ultra)
Hey guys, I have revised my decision on the card. I instead am thinking of buying this one:

The specs are higher and it is only about $40 more.

What are your thoughts?

NOTE: I plan on playing: Halo, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, Half Life 2, among others.
that Radeon is a pretty old card. Sure its directX 9 compliant, but it is a 9k series card. I would strongly recomend going with a sixth generation geforce if your strapped for cash and a 7800 gtx if you can shell out the 250-300 bucks for it. back in the day when those games came out I was playing doom 3 and half-life 2 on high graphics, high resolution with a geforce 6600gt. I payed 180 for it, and that was december 04. Now nearly a year later they run from 120 - 180 on newegg. A great card if you need the best bang for your buck. mine still works great.
That Radeon is a decent card. I have another manufacter's version of it in my old PC, and it ran year-old games with ease.... Smile
not terrible, for the price its certainly good, however, it looks like it doesnt have quite as many pipelines as it needs, the core clock speed seems a little slow though, 200mhz is a little slow these days, my card is an FX5500 and it comes stock with a core speed of 270mhz and i have it overclocked to 310mhz. However, to have the memory speed on that card at 600 and the core speed at 200 seems a little weird to card came with a core speed of 270 and a memory speed of 400 so i would be a little suspicious about that, also considering that it only has 2 pixel, it sounds good, but in some ways kinda skewed, so just we weary.
Ok thanks for your feedback guys. I am going to earn some more cash and see what I can buy then Cool
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