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The lightest Linux

HI! Folks,
I have a dell laptop with windows XP on it, I am planning to make it a dual boot with some lightweight Linx on it, does anyone has any experiences with the different versions out there, The things that i want to get working with are at least my graphics card and the wireless card.

you need to provide more into about your system as far as RAM, CPU speed and what video chipset if you want a specific answer. If you just want light, then install something with good hardware detection, like any of the Knoppix-based (or alike) disks and choose XFCE or IceWM as your desktop environment instead of KDE or Gnome. Then you'll be fine.

The fastest of the 25+ distros I've used for slower computers has still been Slackware and Debian.

Good luck

Post again with your experience
Damn Small Linux - if lightweight is what you want
ArkLinux - A very good distro I have used, it works perfect and fast and it doesn't need much of a computer, minimum requirements are a Pentium (or K6-2) machine with 64MB RAM.
If you are an advanced user, you should try gentoo. The installation takes a lot of patience, but its definitly worth it. When you run your box for the first time, all you have is a shell/command prompt. Only the base packages are installed, so u have to type "emerge sshd" or emerge whatever package u want. THats how u install also KDE, X-server, or Gnome. It takes patience, but u learn a lot of skillz. Its also one of the most efficient distros, running faster than others.
installation guide

feel free to email me if u want to know more or need help

why do you want a lightweight linux ? Is the place matters so much? With 3 Gb you can have a very complete installation. If you want to know, I think one of the lightest is Debian, in console mode ( under 40 Mb ), but it'll be quite useless for you. If youcan't keep 3 Gb, use at least 1 Gb, and install KDE.
thanks for the responses, i think somehow from my message it looks like i had more emphasis on lightweight thats not the case, i have done some reading and am inclining towards getting gentoo installed. I am going to give a shot this weekend and will fill you guys up with my experience.

I dont know much about the Gentoo distro as I have never used it before but I heard it can be hard at times for a beginner to install. As far as the weight of a distro is concerned, you can install any modern full fledged distro as lightweight. Just dont install the packages you know you wont ever be using.

My recommendation for a distro would be Ubuntu.
I think Red Hat is light weight, and if you want a bit of graphics (and some unique games compared to solitare and card games) try mandrake. ^^
uhm uhm uhm....
I would to ask you what kind of use have you with your pc?
The highest small and light is probably the damn small linux, but it is a recovery distro, with no program for a normal use (multimedia, office, ec...)...
I think that if you install linux for the first time the best for you is a "automatic" distribuition... Yes Slackware or Debian or Gentoo probably is most light then Mandriva, Red Hat, Fedora or Suse, but if you don't know the system and the configuration file is difficult tune up the distro Very Happy
My choice for the first time (bawawwawaw) were Slackware, but i have lose much time to use it at the best.....
If you are a coragious use a gentoo but for the compilation (if you use the install from the web) is very long....

It is a issue of tastes, if you want something of easy go on Mandrake, Suse or similar otherwise you choose one of these Gentoo, Slackware or Debian.

The best Linux distro is Gentoo, hands down. It is everything anyone would want in an OS, but it is difficult to set up if you're not patient. Anyone can install Gentoo if they take their time to read the guide, plus it helps you understand alot of things about the OS. Use Gentoo for a lightweight distro.

The lightest distro though, is probably Damn Small Linux
Didn't read the posts above sorry...DONT USE UBUNTU, its terrible.

Linux distros: Gentoo > Debian > everything else
Kyle Katarn
Ubuntu isn't so bad, but I use Fedora which is basically Redhat, and have loved it ever since I started with it. It can be as lightweight or complete as you want it, and it has a nice installer, and it has some options that make it friendly for non-geeks, lol.
Slackware is pretty lite for what you get, and if you use fluxbox windows manager its even better, but the install is kinda hard...

honestly give knopix a look at, its lite and its live as well so you dont have to install it.

If you dont mind using up a little more system to run it though, since your new (im assuming) to linux, you might take a look at linspire....
Knoppix isnt bad if you really dont want to risk major damage to the computer...
all your questions can probably be answered here
You can use Damn Small Linux , feather linux or frodo .
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