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what do u think about cloning humans?

let's say a couple with some health problems , who could not have a baby in teh traditional way, had a child who were born in a lab, with all the complicated procces there, and then the scientists put him in the mother's body and etc'. Confused

Let's say he were born after 9 months , completely healthy.

BUT- Crying or Very sad

He died in an accident or something, and his parents want to clone him, and have a new baby, who looks like their previous child.

who wins here? what do you think? the parent's love, the mother's sense and the mind, or the nature, the law and the logic ?

There is something creepy about people who want a replacement child for the one they lost.
right, but the parents love is standing in the otehr side.

what do u think u were doing in this situation?
I dont think there should be cloning. I sure in the hell wouldnt want to be cloned if i died.
So? Love isn't some trump card that should take precedence over, say, ethics or sense or law. They should mourn just like everyone else.
you're right...

i'm not such a religious person, but i think people shouldn't clone themselves.


this is the law of nature. people were BORN, not CREATED BY MAD SCIENTISTS .
The mother would be loving the memory of the old child rarther then the new one, the new one would always be trying the live upto the expectations that the old 1 did this carnt be fair or right in anyway can it,
so in this case i say no human cloning is not right but there maybe a surcumstance where it is (which i am yet to see)
what do u say about cloning animals?

scientists already know the technique for that, you probably heard about Dolly the sheep.
man_991 wrote:
what do u say about cloning animals?

scientists already know the technique for that, you probably heard about Dolly the sheep.

hmm yeah but dolly did die eirly (as i heard) of artheritus "spelling Confused " which many beleve whas caused by the cloning
I have nothing against the concept of cloning, the only thing it does is creating a twin brother/sister of a different age with a completely different personality. If you clone Hitler, the clone might look like Hitler, but will most likely grow up like a normal and nice person.

But like billybob said, at the moment the cloning of animals is very hard. And most of the time the clones either die before they're born or suffer from terrible deseases after being born. Cloning people is even harder and that's the reason why cloning humans wouldn't be a good idea until the cloning has a high chance to produce a completely healthy human/clone.
There is nothing wrong with cloning really, What if you were only cloning your self a new liver or heart? keep in mind its just that peticular organ that your cloning nothing else so it cant be considered murder, especially if its taken from your own dna. But on grounds for cloning your self a new kid well yes if your religious or have extreme ethics well then you could never condone it but you cant exacly force your beliefs on others now can you?
Texas Al
Repeat after me, everyone...

"Just because it's creepy doesn't mean it's actually wrong."

Once the success rate for cloning mammals gets better, cloning will be a perfectly valid reproductive option for childless couples and for that matter anybody else. Heck, I'd like to clone myself and raise myself because I think I would have turned out better if I was raised by parents who understood me, and this would be my chance.

Beware of people who tell you some new way of doing something is evil but can only give you vague and illogical reasons why. People like that are self-righteous power-seekers who get off on telling everyone else what to do.
A replacement child or pet wouldnt be the same. They should be able to artificially insamine the embryo into a host. But being born in the lab would be different if they were mechanically created or natural. Wouldnt it be a strain on the parents or relatives of the person being cloned when they realise it really isnt thier loved one but a copy? And if they do clone in a lab and the baby is not born from the mother or host mother, wouldn't this be an easy path to more soldiors and terrorists? If the clone is not naturaly born, then it is a possibility that it will not have the same feelings or instincts or characteristics that differ us from any other species of lifeform or machine? There are many things that can be imprinted on a brain or chip or machine, but there are just vital things that can not be learned but lived. Its even a fact that the experience of the ebryo in the mother has an impact on the baby forever. And you can never perfectly clone or copy anything. There is and always will be flaws. So really, cloning in the sort of replacement should not be allowed.
But really, this subject is as contraversial as any and can only be seen through the person's different morals. There really is no wrong answer.
Would it be "morally better" to clone a child in order to have one that looked like the original child, or to have a new child (uncloned) which would then be given surgery to look like the first one?
How long would the child look similar? A 12 year-old does not look like the same person when he/she is 2 or 22 or 62 years old.
As someone else said in this subject, cloning would produce a child which looks the same, but it is the environment it is brought up in which would determine most of what the child was like. A lot of identical twins are very similar biologically but different "mentally" (and some of them are similar, but then again, they've often been brought up in the same environment).
if parents want a new child, they should adopt an orphan or something.

that way, they don't alter science or whatsoever and they also make an orphan happy for what they do.
its not natural, but then again so is sitting at a computer for 60 hours a week. I say give it a go, who knows it may lead to helping us understand how the brain works. Then we could take people out of comas
I don't think cloning is wrong at all. During my school project, I did a bit of researching on cloning. Cloning is useful because it can help you get healthier by organ transplants. Yes it may be sad that the fact we will have to kill the clones and they wouldn't want to be killed for our sake. But i think it's something that's definitely going to happen in the future from our science and technology advances.
even if cloning becomes perfect, Id rather people adopt than clone. Too many parentless kids out there.
I think cloning has to be avoided as every man in the world must be unique.
falconfx wrote:
I think cloning has to be avoided as every man in the world must be unique.

there's something that someone smart said, wich i must agree with.

"Different is unique"

this is what makes us special , our look. it tells who are we, what's our religion sometimes...
i think i should clone a buncha hot female super models and movie stars and throw a huge party at my house. hehahaha ok ok..

but in other cases, cloning is a bad idea...
I really think it isn't a good thing to mess with... man tampering with nature nothing good can come out of this...
I totally disagree with cloning. It shouldn't be permitted. Not at all. Beyond health issues it can be the loss of valu of identity.
James Bond-007
Jayfarer wrote:

There is something creepy about people who want a replacement child for the one they lost.

I agree. ...way too creepy
cloning humans is just not right i mean they dont even come out the same with personality and stuff like that
Yeahhh... um no. l really think that once we cross that line and allow cloning, there will be no morals anymore, thats when all kinds of weird crap just floods out of the labs, when we can start cloning armies that are easy to control because they are all one person essentially, then whats to stop corruption in that one person? When we create clones, they would have a concious too, what would stop them from thinking that they are the real person and killing what they think is their clone?

And besides that, clones don't have a soul, if they did realize that they are clones, they would have no need for morals, their life will end and they will turn to dust. There would be no Heaven or Hell for them, and then a clone of a nice and innocent man could easily be a cruel indecent murderer or something of the sort. Why would anyone allow these things to come to pass?! Cloning is now, and will be forever wrong as far as l am concerned.
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