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Do you hate ads on TV?

Do u hate ads on TV?
 5%  [ 6 ]
 1%  [ 2 ]
 23%  [ 26 ]
 23%  [ 26 ]
 42%  [ 48 ]
other option- i watch the asd but don't understand them.
 3%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 112

Do u hate ads on TV?

please rate yourself,

1- you LOVE ads so much!
5- you just HATE ads.

Very Happy thanks
Sometimes the Ads are more entertaining than the programmes. That must be sad of me, if the programme is that bad why am I watching it?

But now and again you get those Ads that really stick in your mind and are excellent entertainment. For those in the UK remember the Carling Ads, always good to get to the sunbeds before the Germans Laughing Laughing
They are okay. If there weren't ads, there would eb only paid TV Wink.

Besides, ads are kinda good at times.
meh, ads dont bother me lol, gives me time to go get food or summat lol... but ads this christmas kinda sucked Sad.. i didnt see any games oreven anything i wanted for christmas!

the best ads av gotta be the banned ads u watch on the internet lol... there sooo great! lol

search banned ad in google videos.
i think ads are good only if they're short, quick and wich advertise somethign u need or want.
add are nasty, somtimes entertaining..... NZ has been widly recognised as the best ADD makers in the world, but it jus gets boring if u live here, lol. adds suck but previews etc r kool, but sadlyAdds pay for the TV to stay on the air.... Twisted Evil
most of the time I hate ads, some are funny but they are just too much. I like HBO cause it doesn't have ads when showing movies, but sometimes I have to go to the toilet and but, I really like the movie and I just hate missing parts of it.
I rarely watch ads. I have a DVR, so I start watching shows 10-15 minutes late and fast forward through them all. Razz
The ads are getting better and better, because people don't watch them otherwise. I think that's a good thing. Sometimes they are very entertaining indeed.

The very irritating thing about ads though is the fact that they mostly come with great noise, as if the volume of the channel gets multiplied ten times as soon as the ads come on. That sucks!
These days, I think there are good quality ads that are sometimes nice to watch. But I do hate ads when in during movies, tons of ads are played - really annoying.
Watch tv commercials with no sound. The scenes are so short and there is so much movement that's all systematic to appeal to your visual senses. Your attention is drawn to particular elements to peak your interest and buy into the product. McDonalds selling their product will have an unrealistically large burger filling the screen, and a waterfall of soda pouring into a giagantic cup 20 feet away.

Now turn the sound on and listen to the incessant chatter of the narrators explaining everything you're seeing, or giving a quick narrative of buzz words and exciting ideas, or rather, mundane, commercialistic ideas with an exciting tone of voice.

It's all meant to grab you by the balls and make you think you need whatever it is they're showing. Thus, because basic television seems like it is about 60% advertising, I just try to avoid TV entirely.
I voted 4, as (like mentioned) some ads can be quite entertaining. Mostly though, they suck balls and disrupt the show.
I hate ads, when the show is in a good part, it always go to commercials!!! GRRR blasted TV.
well, I can understand ads, but I hate them while the ads were playing between moives or TV shows
I hate ads for one simple reason they are a complets and utter waste of time, especially with the development of things like on demand and other programs such as TIVO that allow you to record your shows ahead of time so you can just skip the commersials.
Ads are pefect times to go to the toilet and/or grab a bite to eat.

Sometimes they can be quite funny...

I guess its a take a good with the bad kind of thing...
Ads arent bad on t.v, like they are on websites. THey are funny sometimes, and you only hear about good companies. Because cheap ones dont have enough money to pay for them.
I said 4. I dislike ads on TV, but I tolerate them. Most ads are annoying, and they do always interupt the programs at the so called 'good bits', but that isn't always a bad thing. When I'm watching TV with others it gives a chance to discus the program and predict what happens next etc. as well as the old traditional toilet-break. And of course, without ads paying for it, there would be no free to air-TV (except, of course, the ABC or BBC or whatever. Not that is bad, I do watch several shows on the ABC, but I watch more on the other channels because there are more shows to choose from.)

Incidently, the ration of TV program to ads is 2:1, which is kind of sad. There is only twice as much TV as ads. How do I figure this out? A commericial station will fit a 20 minute program into 30 minutes.
when i am watching some exciting movies on the TV

i hate the ads

but when i am boring

i love them
they aren't totally bad.. some ads are even funny or interesting to watch..
I hate them in any form. I have stopped watching TV Shocked but when I did watch it I just turned them off, they're awful.
lol i just thought ... i think it's channel 4 or somthing lol... Watching the evening movie... and then omg..
'This movie will resume after the news' Like WTF!!.. 10 o'clock news dammit!.

dat really annoys me lol... cause if it's been a long day i normally fall asleep or something and i miss the end of the movie!! grr. I dont care whats on the news lol .. i just wanna know what happens next!!! lol
It reminds me of the whole "News at 10" debate, I mean, why is the news programme still so sacred? There are at least 10 news channels that run non-stop 24/7!
... but i never understand them. I H98 those damn crazy frog adverts, and the ones where a guy usually gets chased by a raging flower Confused
Everything about them is deliberate and manipulative. They put those "weird" plots in so you remember their ad.
I dont mind ad's on television, usualyl when they are on i just put that show in Picture in picture and watch something else. The only show that i am aware of without ads is a canadaian only show called chilly beach. That show rocks, because there are no advertisements Smile
The ads could be somehow entertaining if they weren't so boring. "Your clothes will look better when you use this"
All those commercials just suck
I hate ads too, although some can be a bit entertaining. Besides, if we had no ads on TV, we would have to pay for watching TV,(not buying TV itself but paying to watch programs). So i still watch ads because I want to watch TV.

Most of the time, ads are about 5 minutes long... That's too much for me, so i would say 4-5.

Now, same question about ads on websites lol
You get nothing for free, Frihost has adds, and why?, to keep it up and running, TV needs ads to keep it up and running, what would annoy me is if I paid for something like Sky (Which still has ads) but I paid for surely paying for it is to cover the costs of the programming etc. so why would you need ads, I think we should pay for TV (The channels we want to watch) so unlike sky you pay for the package you would pay for i.e


but not the channels you didn't want

Price Drop TV
Bid up TV
ITV News


And have no adverts at all because all the programming and programs are paid for by the payment of your channels, much better cleaner system Smile
I don't like the point of advertisements on television, but, the TV station has to get funding somewhere.

Oh, all of you HAVE to love this advertisement I found. Choose the download link for either Real Player or Windows Media Player, I just love it. Very Happy

- Mike.
Not really....actually it's somehow beneficial for me. It could be treated as break time for a show/programme. I can rest my eyes or go to bathroom during the ads break. Wink
Ads are fine. They're necessary to the industry, and aren't really that annoying, unless the show is on a super-long commercial break.
i thinks ads are ok... just think if no channels had ads like the bbc how much the tv license would be!
I don't like ads on TV as they are very annoying, especially when you are watching a nice film.
I especially hate ads with annoying jingles. At completely random times that annoying jingle pops up in your head, and it's just irritating... but I guess they made them like that so that you will think about their product. -_-
i really hate those films, where they have some breaks of 5-10 mins for ads, with jingles, long ads, many products and all this mess.
They are rather anoying, but not the most anoying thing out there though. Other dutchies might know how the channel SBS6 in example broadcasts entire news sessions during a 'commercial' break from a movie in example. To suddenly have the movie stop for 30 minutes like that... there's nothing more annoying than that.
Why have commercials become so random and bizarre? Half of the commercials on TV don't even show the product, which is so counter intuitive. I saw some insurance commercial a few nights ago that just showed whales for 30 seconds... it was the strangest connection.
I assume that the point is that I remembered that company - but I would never actually buy insurance from that company! The only things I buy I get because the product is great, not because of the weird commercial, so how not showing the product (or talking about it, in the case of the insurance policy) is improving their sales.
I dont mind the ads, sometimes they are very entertaining and they give me time to go get some food, take a bathroom break, or talk to my friends about the show.
Ads are pretty pointless on TV especially boring ones... like Viagra, <---- but some are good like let;s say they we're gonna give computer that has, 3.2 GHZ, 300GB HD, 2 GB Memmory l---- at Best Buy for like $600 lol... Embarassed
I've nearly stopped watching live TV altogether, first using a VCR, but now I have a DVR sattellite reciever, so I use that. 95% of the time I am watching shows I have already recorded, so I almost always skip the commercials. Sometimes I just let the commercials run though, since there is occasionally an interesting one.
You're on your way to becoming TV-free. Don't stop now, give all your equipment away to charity.

You won't believe how much better life gets when you stop watching.
Not really

I hate it when the station is showing a nice film, and I prefer ads than anything when I'm see my brother watch TV Very Happy
I hate this very much
especially I like the movie very much and the ads shows a long
Depend, most of the time I hate them because they cut you off from what you are seeing. Sometime I like them becuase they are cool.
the more ads in a program the more inclined I'm to download the episode
why ?

of course not, i like watching the advertisements on tv, but not the local one. In Hong kong, people do not know how to make the ads interestings... that's why the ads are intorlerant sometimes.

but i like watching ads from other countries. i even went to cinema to watch the foriegn ads series. haha
Commercials are inconvenient when I am watching tv...but...I work in tv station and that's where my pay comes from. lolol
I don't like the boring ads. I like the fun ones; either good music or funniness. Like the Terry Tate Reebok commercials. Those were cool. Seeing commercials on TV today that are from the 50s and 60s is very cool too.
I HATE paid programming. GAH! some of the things they come up are so lame!! like 10 in ones "for only 6 payments of 99.99!! what a deal!" omg..they're all the same -_-;;; some commercials i dont mind, but they get repetitive..thats when they get annoying
I pay for digital cable. I don't appreciate ANY ads. You tv people can't have it both ways.
Some add on TV is funny and inteligent. I like those kind of ads. Ads that are shown over and over is just boring.
i dont really hate ads becouse some of them are really good and funny but the thing i hate is when I am watching a movie and every half hour there are 5min of ads becouse you dont know if you are watching movie with ads or ads with a movie!
I dont't like tv ads.

They are really disturbing, especially when they pop up right in the middle of some really good television programs.

Well, sometimes they can be a bit funny also, after all.
I have to admit it Wink
I don't hate adverts at all, yes they're a much higher volume than the film or whatever they interrupt, yes they're a bit brainwashing for kids, yes they almost try to make the world feel worthless if you don't own the particular product they promote, but hate them? No Smile

They pay for the production to get to my TV, they give us a chance to nip to the kitchen for a snack, or bathroom etc, and sometimes they can be funny especially the really low budget commercials!

Necessary evil of TV I reckon.
I generally can't stand ads on TV especially long ones that are put before a movie starts, but I must admit some of them are funny and clever so I like them but in general yes I hate them a lot.
I generally don't really mind adverts. Several are really annoying, some grow on me. I do like the very very rare creative and intuitive advert, where I get shivers, like when you hear a song for the first time and it's just awesome. But that is rare.
It depends, mainly I don't care about them but sometimes I do find some interesting, a new concept/product, a new music, but that's rare Razz
I marked 1 as I don't really watch any tv. Is it the proper response?

For me the number system seems a bit awkward.
4. Most ads/commercials/infomercials now-a-days are uber boring/not catchy. They're just plain annoying. I can't think of any specific examples, but there are some that just really get my goat and make me want to throw the remote at the tv screen.
Its not so often the ads that really frustrate me, it's the fact that ad breaks are getting longer and longer. On the rarest occasion I come across an ad that I find quite amusing; but most of the time they pale into the background.
this post was a little ill-formed. on my browser I just got an option 1-5. I assumed 1 meant not at all I love them and 5 meant I really hate them. After I voted I see I guessed right.

the thing is that some ads are actaully really cool and others are annoying. A lot of car commercials are really cool - so are the foster's commercials (though they aren't to everyone's taste) until you've seen them a couple of times and then they wear thin.

Part of the problem is that the ads that are really cool - you often can't for the life remember what brand of whatever it is they are trying to sell or even sometimes what they are trying to sell. This means from the point of hte viewer theyt are great but from the point of the advertiser they aren't because they've just wasted their money. Ironically the most annoying ads you tend to know exactly the brand they are trying to sell - so therefore by definition those ads are the most successful.

The best ad campaign (which breaks that rule and you can actually remember them) are the orange ads they have in the cinemas to encourage you to switch off your phone (don't let a mobile phone ruin your movie). absolutely brilliant.

justt hate it
when my wife sees something new in an ad she wonts it

i hate ads
ads can be pretty annoying but most of the time, entertaining, imo. i like ads. what i do not like about them is when they are too long.
My idea about ads is that they're like the dirt of medias, but that they're probably what you'll see the most of the time... Furthermore, I doubt that they have the desired effect, as most ads these days are very little about any actual product, and more about some obscure scetch rarely linked directly to what they're trying to sell...
The next person who spells ads as adds should be shot. Razz

No one actually wants to sit down and watch commercials, but they are required to make money. You wouldn't get the television shows in the first place without the ads. Some might even argue that television programmes are shown around ads, and not the other way around that most people expect.
I understand the need for ads but I dislike having so many of them. A 1 hour program is luck to be thirty-six minutes of actual show. That is alot of commercials! Most ads are stupid, designed for someone of 11 years old or less in comprehension.
I love some ads Embarassed Embarassed

Wow, I guess we disagree on this one, heh. I love some ads ( Spanish ads ) . I think they're pretty clever and the guys are natural. It's also cool that they're actually live. Razz
I don't watch a lot of tv since I haven't got time to do so, but I hate the fact that they always seem to have a break while the programme is just running for like 5 minutes... And I also hate the fact that you always see the same ads. I would be much better if you just see an ad once every evening or something like that...
I enjoy some commercials. But infomercials are difficult to watch. owww my eyes!
Adverts are changing all the time, im surprized they havnt run out of material yet.

Especially car adverts, last one i saw was 2 cars suspends and swung into each other like a pendulum. How many other ways could they possibly promote car insurance.

And that one where the bricks fall out of the sky onto the car in slow motion. I just cant see either of thise situations ever happening to me in real life.

But.. Adverts saying what programs are on later are good =]
I like having an ad break in a movie, because it's a good time to go get food/drink/go to toilet etc.

They can feel a little excessive during a short program; however. Plus my father does not tolerate adverts, so he will wrest the remote from you and channel flick (and you subsequently miss the start of the next part of the program).

This is why the BBC rocks. They don't just not show commercial ads, it's illegal for them to do so (since it's paid for by the TV licence fees).

Only problem is that right now I'm in Halls at University, and I don't get a TV signal here, ads or otherwise. I kinda miss knowing what crap I can buy... Sad
I hate them. I mute commercials and read during them, or change the channel, or leave the room. I've developed a really good sense of timing, so I don't miss much of the show. XD
TV ads are fine. Some are quite entertaining and funny. Magazine ads are okay with me too. I absolutely hate world wide web ads though. You can't escape them. At least with TV and magazine ads you can avoid them.
Ghost Rider103
They don't really bug me too much.

But when I am watching TV, I am usually on the movie channels, and there are no ads on those during the movie, so maybe that is why they don't bug me so much.

But when watching regular TV, on some of the reality shows, they have commercials like ever 5 min, which bugs me sometimes when the show is interesting.
I can't bather when am watching a move they have commercials EVERY 10mins and it last for 5 to 6 mins Gosh i hate it Crying or Very sad
yes i hate the ads on tv! esp when u watching a good movie then BAM! here comes the ads.
Yes, I don't like the commercials at all.Mad When you get into a movie and a commercial comes up and you have to wait like at least three minutes before the movie comes back on... So it is like five minutes of commercial and three minutes of movie. I wish it was like PTV, they don't have commercials during the shows, they have them when the shows go off. Now I can handle that Wink
If I see the ADs for the first time then I like, but if it repeats several time, then I hate it
Cast vote 5 - just hate it, but it's more likely deadly tired, as with obnoxious noisy extrovert neighbour.

Insulting and disgusting ads will not bring them new customers - at least not me. As with telemarketing, I have impression that it is not new profits from new customers, obtained through advertisement, counts, but because they feel obliged to perform on scene for a wide audience and express themselves, with disregard to this audience.

Anyway, with nothing worth to watch on TV to justify expose to commercials, and very rare good movies could be bought - I'm very close to become TV-less too. Only sorry, I will not buy or rent car just to donate TV - this is another thing I object. Who would wish to have it (what is unlikely, old model) have to pick up and carry it themselves from the curb. Choices, choices...
I hate ads on television almost as much as I highly dislike ads online, mostly because they never make me any money.

I am sad.
Do I hate advertisements on television? In a word, yes. See, the thing is, the only benefit I find with ads is that you can get up and quickly do something if you have to (get a snack). But besides that, I find them annoying, very annoying. There are some interesting ads every now and then, but the quality has decreased over the years. And one thing that drives me insane is when I see the same ad over, and over, and over...every single day. It also ruins the quality and experience of what you're watching.

As for other sources of media. Magazines are often dominated by advertisements. If there aren't any quality articles, then I despise the ads. Online, I don't mind text ads. I'm also OK with some graphical ads. However, popups and flash are so annoying... Flash already uses a ton of processing power. I don't need even more used by these useless ads. Sites that have such ads are ones I often stop visiting (unless the content is top notch).
Ads can provide us the free TV program.
I have to like it,even I don't...
If you guys haven't realized it already, ads can shape culture and do much harm to the very people they're trying to attract. For instance, take African Americans & McDonalds. One time my friend asked a classmate, "Why don't black people ever eat veggies?" Seemingly harmless right? Well, for a lot of lower class families, not just blacks, it is cheaper to eat at McDonalds 3 meals a day than it is to go out there and buy your own groceries and cook it at home. Next time you see a McDonalds commercial, count the number of black folks you see on TV.
I am not too crazy about ads. The only usefulness for me is that it creates a break that I can use to go to the loo, or to prepare food or attend to a phone call.

I get agitated when the ad breaks are too long, sometimes they can be, but once I am into the rhythm of the longer break I generally find something to read or keep myself busy with. I focus away from the ads.
Of course I hate ads. They just make good films boring. In my country there are 2, ten minutes ads in one hour!!
It's not so much the ads in themselves but rather the fact that they get repeated over and over again. Nothing is fun after the 1000th time around.
Arghh hate ads. Im like watching Southpark then bloody cuts it off every 5 mins or so........ and they always play the same ads some even twice in a row >.<.

Gets quite annoying + its on pay TV which is bullshit.
The only ads I hate involve crazy warehouse guys. Those seriously get me ticking.


Rest of them I'm cool with, though. First of all they keep TV channels alive, and secondly they make great times to fetch coffee ^^
Yes, I hate most of the tv ads. The only that I like are the funny one.
i hate how if you're watching a movie or a special program they play the same commercials over and over.. that really gets on my nerves.
There are good advertisements and bad advertisements. I don't mind the good ads because they are usually funny or clever. The bad ads are really annoying though. Where I am, the bad ads are usually local ads, with people who have never acted or read from a scrip in their life. I hate those ads so badly-- 1. because the people in those ads look awkward, and they say some cheesy lines that make no sense or sound stupid. Then there are the ads that have like 80's special effects.
i absolutely despise tv ads there just so annoying and ruin my comfertable setup on the sofa Evil or Very Mad die ad's! die! so that's a 5 i hate ads
I have got a lot of idea Idea from ads and I have to look closely at every ads
especially the new arrival because that's about my job. I can't hate them... Laughing
I use ads for breaks as I always have things to do. If there are no ads (it happens with some of the channels I am looking at), then that traps me. If I am not up and about during the advertisements, I may look at them without really taking the ads in, or I may be reading or occupying myself with something different. Most of the ads, even in the English channels, are in Arabic, and since I cannot understand what is said, it does not penetrate to the point of being invasive. I don't have to think about the ads like I sometimes used to in Canada and in South Africa. I think of the best ads I ever saw were in South Africa. Fun ones, ones with a sense of humour, super creative, of the sort that reflected and became part of the fabric of culture and historyl Think it is one thing I learned in life. The more challenging the environment, such as in South Africa, the greater the capacity to laugh at oneself (there is a great need for light relief between tense moments), and the more creative the humour. I miss that, but fortunately have South African buddies who keep me up to date with jokes all the time.
2 is my choise .
Some ADS is good . Then can teach you someting . For example , coca tell you life is worth to live .
I like some ads, mainly new generation ads shown by Discovery and National Geographic channels in India.
My choice is 3.
I don’t mind if there is a reasonable amount of ads, few minutes are just fine. Sometimes I need those few minutes to go away from TV for a while. Some of the ads are interesting. Rolling Eyes
But what I hate, and what happens very often, is that when I watch some interesting movie (or anything else, it doesn’t matter), and then there come ads… For so long that I can’t even remember what I was watching before they started! Evil or Very Mad
I hate it when there's too many ads. In our country, sometimes the total airtime of the ads are even longer than the show itself and it pisses me off.
4 I guess....
Well, I work in an Advertising Agency, so I should say I love it, for sure... But there is a lot of craps ads in all kind of medias.
I think there is a lot of reasons to love and to hate ads...
I would prefer to have ads on the BBC than to pay a TV license, so I don't mind them that much.
i am no fan of ads and their campaigns (although i am a marketer) i really think traditional marketing is dead... this is something that people need to open their eyes to. we are now moving from building ad campaigns to building real impact based on motivators that can be as far from the product as aardvark is to zulu.

for example, audi have released an immense ad that shows nothing of power, nothing of skill, design, or any message that one would associate with audi....

what it has done is to create an ad that is so catchy and enjoyable to watch that it is memorable and so different from any other car ad... vauxhall did this with the ad campaigns using the transformers as inspiration.... so tantilising the technical and visual experience.... this tech was used in the transformers film as well..... great ad.

so rather than running ads for you product or service... run something that is just visually stimulating that features your product...

the alternative... is join the rest of the tv ads and lose more money than they make...

ps.... cant afford ads.... find a way of creating sticky elements on your prod....
The advertisements that I hate are the ones that try to be witty but fail miserably at it. I also really really really hate Billy Mays. He needs to just grow old and retire already.
OMG yes I do!!!!!! Cool
ads are a necessary evil, as they obviously finance the station.
However, a poor quality or annoying ad is in my mind counter-productive, as it will usually make me dig my heels in and refuse ever to buy that product.
Radio ads are worse, as they have to be aurally noticable & therefore invasive...I NEVER listen to commercial radio stations, simply because every 15 minutes you're gauranteed 2 or 3 minutes of this drivel.
I seem to be outside the demographic that they are trying to appeal to in pretty much all commercials. As for web ads they sometimes hit the mark, though very rarely. In pretty much all my purchases I'll look up professional reviews, rather than rely on advertising.
Ads are okay. As long as they keep my favorite shows running!
Depends on the ad and when it occurs. Some are good and some are bad. I like the funny ones and the ones that are in the superbowl. I hate the ads for extenze and all that shit advertising growth for that certian part of a male body. Razz I also hate that TVguide Channel devotes half of its space for a seperate tv show. I think they should just split them into 2 channels. Some are annoying, like the ones that just come on during your favorite show or movie. I wish those ones would be saved for after the movie/show. Nick always had a good way of working out ads, they have one in the middle and one at the end, unlike others that have 1 at the beginning, 1 in the middle, 1 more after that, and 1 at the end.
I like superbowl ads or any other ads that are funny. For the rest of them I just fast forward through my DVR.
I do not watch television programs on television for this reason! The ads are so aggravating that I want to pull out my eyeballs with a corkscrew! And it's not really the ads themselves, it's that they insist on interrupting my program for them!

I will, on occasion, go onto YouTube and watch the best commercials on the air, but that is the time that I want to watch commercials... not the time when I'm halfway through an episode of LOST and I've just found out some catastrophic information!
Utopia GFR
I don't watch television anymore but when I did, I didn't like the movies I watched being cut in the middle by illt-timed adds.

Even though I tend to despise adds, I must admit that I respect the creative work of some advertisers who make an amazing job when you see the outcome of it (some world know brands adds are just amazing).

Hopefully, you can watch some TV with no adds (private channels) or on the Internet (Youtube videos for instance).

I believe there should be specific "add time spots" in the media but that won't just happen because of business issues.
ads are supposed to give you information about the products in the market, some like them and some don't. but ads have their uses in a number of ways......

my little nephew who is a year and half loves to watch ads. while feeding him its better to put on the tv, he do not make a fuss and eats all his food. thats nice i think. even when he is howling loudly the moment the tv is switched on and the ads are on, no matter which channel as long as they are ads, he stops immediately. so you see people in some cases ads are good and have their uses.
I wont say I hate ads but it definitly depends on the kind of ad. Those ads giving any useful information are really welcome, but porno etc ads are a no no
Not only do hate them, half of them are pointless to begin with. Like the The songs are crappy and the songs stays with you ................. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
I would say the same but for Jamba, that's a company who makes irritating sounds for your mobile phone.... Mad And the commercialblocks are aprox. 5minutes minimum on the commercial channels -_-.


Canada goverment helps channels, which is stupid. We pay for cable, so why do they need ads?
I hate most TV ads, they are so boring.

I have seen some good TV ads that actually make me want to see them again but most are terrible.

Super Bowl has good ads but most American ads are boring. Very Happy
I used to watch TV, but I don't anymore. The main reason was I got fed up with being charged a license fee, when I didn't even watch those channels.

In the UK we have to pay a tax (called a license fee) of about £140 per year just to have a television. It subsidizes two channels. Even if you never watch those two channels, you still have to pay the license.

I'd much rather have watched adverts, than pay for the television twice (Sky sub & the TV License).

I pulled the plug on my TV and took the aerial down, and stopped paying the license.

Despite the fact that I was quite within the law, the TV licensing guys couldn't believe that I didn't want to watch TV, and bullied and harrassed me for six months, sending guys round ot my house to shout at me through the door, bang on windows, peer through windows in the evening, and shout threats from the street like (we'll see in you in court, you're breaking the law, we'll get a warrant)

Eventually I won the case, but this experience alone persuaded me that the TV guys do not deserve my custom, based on their behaviour.
I HATE ads sooo much on the TV!! They take up so much time... and are usually boring.. THe only the they are cool is during the super bowl lol =P
This all depends on the ad, and the show im watching.

Ads themselfs I dont mind, they are what keep the shows I love availible for me to watch. Also there are always some good ads that i love. Who will ever forget the old guy dancing for the six flag ads? I know I sure wont.

However at the same time, there are the ads I hate more than anything, such as the $5 foot long for subway.. nothing wants to make me scream more. Now it also depends on what im watching and my mood, if its something i dont care about to to much, then no big deal, but if the show gets cut at a cliff and then i have to watch 3 mins of $5 foot longs, yeah im not going to like them.
Best time for small jobs like toilet, hang the washing, turn the pan, switch channels for a sec and for me sometimes, very quick showers. It can be a bit annoying seeing constant repetitions of some ads and ads that you just hate. But even though i hate them, they share latest trends in new products, i think the apple ads are pretty awesome, i always get the song in the background of the ipod ones. Nevertheless i sit on the fence at 3. Dislike them and Like them.
i have never saw a tv ad, and thought, I will buy that because i saw the ad... i dunno why they make money...
Don't particularly enjoy them...but I see the necessity. I would rather sit through them then pay a ton for my tv.
Yes , I hate the ads on TV
I dispise commercial ads however I think some of them are good. The best ads on TV right now are the Beer commercials. Especially Coors Light and Bud Light. Those commercials make me laugh everytime I watch them. However some commercials just are too long and make it boring to watch.
I rarely watch tv, but when I do, it's because there's a good show on it, and it pisses me off when the show gets to an interesting part and tv ads just pop up.
It depends of the moment but in general, I don't like to watch ads on TV. But some of them are really nice anyway
i dont mind ads but if it ran for a shorter time it would be better so i would have more viewing time for television programs and shows. A lot of the television ads are pretty funny so its alright.
All kinds of posts can be seen here in this forum....
If you pay to watch TV, then no ads can be put up with.
But if you don't, then probably ads are the only means the TV stations can survive....
Advertisement has already become the part of any publishing system. You can see ads on Radio, TV, in roads, in a class room, almost every where.

Some time ads on TV become irritating, as it breaks our mood
Yes usually but I realize that some stations need advertising to sustain themselves.
jsarnold wrote:
I used to watch TV, but I don't anymore. The main reason was I got fed up with being charged a license fee, when I didn't even watch those channels.

In the UK we have to pay a tax (called a license fee) of about £140 per year just to have a television. It subsidizes two channels. Even if you never watch those two channels, you still have to pay the license.

I have not lived in South Africa for a long while, but perhaps this is where they inherited the license fee from. I hated it as much. Worst is to get rid of the license when I emigrated from the country. My aunt died two years ago and I had to sort out all her effects, and we still have not managed to get rid of her TV license in spite of numerous copies of her death certificate being forwarded. I must say it is one part that I definitely not miss leaving behind.
I don't watch TV enough for it to bother me too much. But when I do I find the ad breaks obnoxiously long. Some channels here begin a programme with 5 mins of ads before it, then 5 mins of the actual program. Then another 5 minute ad break. It goes without saying that I don't even bother with those channels.
It depends on the quality of the advertisement itself. Certain ads are informative, certain ads are entertaining, while others are simply a bunch of propaganda or rubbish. When they are informative or entertaining, I wouldn't mind them. In fact, I would be interested to watch them. Unfortunately, most ads are shown with certain ulterior motive, such as trying to convince you to buy their latest products. On top of that, they interrupts the smooth flow of the television programme that you are watching.
Personally I think that this topic is "not smart", I dont know anyone who likes ads...
I hate ads and the worst part is that even paid TV has ads, more than the bloody free ones Very Happy but hey someone has to pay the outrageous wages even if no one wtaches the ads
we need ads. they make retail and other things go round. ad industry provides tons of jobs. thats how we have our sitcoms and how we pay for other things on tv.
Agreed with the BBC/license comment. I never watch these channels, you should be able to unsubscribe from something you don't use.

I don't really mind adverts that much, not at all if it means not paying £140 a year. The only time I really hate adverts is when they interupt films. Sky Movies has it OK, all ads are aired between movies. But other channels just annoy me with the movies.

Also, when I sometimes watch WWE Raw live, the ads air over the show and you miss some of it. Neutral
Some ads are brilliant. But others not so much. I do hate watching a long program on a channel without commercials and finding myself getting very hungry, thirsty or desperately needing to go to the toilet.
Though now I live in Japan, and certain ads are very entertaining (as I don't read any Japanese and understand only a little), and their marketing strategies are much different to western ones, and it's very hilarious.

That being said, I still put my TV in the closet to free up space.
the program and predict what happens next etc. as well as the old traditional toilet-break. And of course, without ads paying for it, there would be no free to air-TV
dont watch tv , simplest solution. at last to me. why just stare at that box, its so boring Confused
Specially when they are during a cricket match.
I definitely hate ads these days as they seem to be going on and on. I watch Fox Series every day, and what irritates most is that the ads stay the same indefinitely for the shows, so you get these repeats to the point where you can recite them.
Woooow I can't stand the ads. Every 10 to 15 minutes.... whats that?!?!? my god I hate them. And they are louder from the show you watch....
sometimes tv commercials are very funny but usually I don't like it.
There are very different commercial time on Tv between my country and north america. In my country, I can watch commercials on Tv among tv programs. but when I was in canada, I had to watch tv commercials every 15 minutes. it's really bad. I couldn't concentrate on tv programs. So I used to go to a dvd rental shop to rent the movie, while I was watching movie on TV because the commercials.
There are funny ads and also annoying ones. I hate political ads, they're just blabbering about this and that which should be naturally part of their responsibilities as leaders of the society. But they continue bragging about their accomplishment and that makes them annoying. What's the matter with them? early campaigning for the 2010 elections? It'll be great if they will stop early campaigning and concentrate on their duties for the country.
I don't hate ads - i just don't watch them Smile There's nothing particularly good on television most of the time, in my opinion, and when there is, I have a habit of doing something else during the ads. They aren't inherently evil, but life is better when they're not there.
50/50 some ads are hilarious and sometimes better than the show.
It is hard for me to vote with the current scale:

In general I enjoy watching TV ads because they are often fun and it is interesting to see how they are going to try to sell you something; but I hate the fact that films (and series) are cut up so that commercials can be aired.
Ads make me boring when i watching tv
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