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Network Domain

Hello, I was wondering how you set up a network domain so if i save a setting on this computer it will save on all the other computers as well. Thanks
I can think of a couple of ways to do this...

Using Windows Terminal Services. Any changes to an application will be reflected in all other systems that access that application on the server. That doesn't apply to the Windoze program changes for the most part, though...

If you want to make a change to all of the Windoze desktops that log on to that domain server, then you may be looking for something like "group policy administration" and mandatory group policy.

I would need to know a little more about your server and desktop to give a more definitive answer...
Well I use Windows XP, what other things will you need to know?
Well, a true windoze domain will need to have a windoze server somewhere. If you are just using workgroups then you won't be able to achieve this with windoze.

You can get close by setting up an application on a computer and then letting your users connect using a program like tightVNC. What happens there is that they can access your computer and all see the same desktop, which you control...
oh ok so do i need a server for it to work?
In the windoze world, yes you do need a server to make this work.

In Linux you probably do need a server, but you can set one up for $0 software and hardware is cheap as well...
oh ok you mean a server as in computer or a server program?
a server is a program, not a computer. A server does need a very good computer to run on, for the most part. I am running a windoze 2000 server and windoze terminal services on a 300mhz 256 mg ram system, but it starts very slowly. 5 minute boot at least. After that it runs great!

windows server 2000 would be the best if you can get your hands on one.

reason is, windows 2000 and XP came with a licensce to a access the server without having to buy additional licensces.
oh ok well i dont have a server program and dont they cost alot unless i could download one from somewhere Rolling Eyes
What kind of settings are you talking about trying to save? Might be able to come up with some other solutions if I knew that.
What you are looking to implement are Roaming User Profiles. Any Windows Server 200* will be able to do this for you. But this of course will cost you big bucks. I'll look into finding out a way to do this without Active Directory and Windows Server, but I'm not making any promises =P
ok cool thanks for the help Very Happy
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