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Resident Evil 4 better than F.E.A.R?

Recently Resident Evil 4 edged F.E.A.R to get "spike's tv" game of the year award. I dont own a console, so I wanted to know from people who have played both, whats your take?
I never played Resident Evil 4 but I played F.E.A.R and it was tight the graphics and everything are so good. On lots of websites and tv shows they rate it at least a 9 out of 10. I doubt Resident Evil is better then F.E.A.R but I never played Resident Evil, and F.E.A.R has alot of options and its long and multiplayer.
I've played both FEAR and Resident Evil 4, and I must agree with Spike TV's decision. A lot of really great stuff happens in FEAR, but it is actually harded to get a feeling of horror when your character is just a floating gun.
When you can actually see your character take damage and limp, or see him push his way through a mob of not-zombies, there is quite an emotional effect.
Also, Resident Evil 4 does the best job of locational hit detection of any game I have ever played. It is really exciting decide to shoot people in the legs, thus forcing them to fall over, or to shoot their weapons out of their hands, or to pop them in the head so you can kick them over into their friends.
I remember every single fight in Resident Evil 4, because they were each unique encounters. which I cannot say is true for FEAR.
Fear is still great, and its graphics are most impressive, but they still don't beat out Resident Evil 4's perfect design.
Also... Gamespot also gave Resident Evil 4 game of the year.
i dont think one is better than the other they both have there strong points in my opinion and im not even a fan of resident evils and i still think its a ridiculously great game
Resident E 4 is good but F.E.A.R is better, but fear is too short..Sad
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