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Diablo II Lord of Destruction---best game

Diablo II Lord of Destruction is the expansion pack to Diablo II. This game is totally the baddest best game ever. And it is major addicting. Basically the story is there are three Prime Evils: Mephisto the Lord of Hatred, Diablo, the Lord of Terror, and Baal the Lord of Destruction.

The expansion pack picks up where the original game left off: In the original game you save the jungle country of Kurast, the desert city of Lut Gholein destroy the evil in the Rogues home in the first part of the game. Then you have to travel to a giant temple city in Kurast and find and kill Mephisto where you find a portal of Hell to go kill Diablo.

In the expansion pack, Baal, the Lord of Destruction is in the northern barbarian lands killing everyone in his path, trying to find something but no one knows what. This is the best and most addicting game I have ever played.

You can play as any of seven character classes: Necromancer, Sorceress, Barabarian, Amazon, Paladin, Druid, or Assassin. The druid and assassin are unique to the expansion pack. Each one has unique skills and items that they can use. The game can be played single player or online with hundreds of thousands of other people.
im on level 30 at us west server.
get bored already. i think we should wait for the third
my diablo II wont werk Sad
It used to be my greatest game of all time. Well, those were the old days of endless hack and slash style of gameplay pioneered by Diablo.

Anyway, I still consider it as one of the most addictive game of all time. Cool
I love this game, and still play it - almost daily, even after almost three years of playing it!

I only play the single player game, and I don't even need a Diablo III, as I'm sure that it will not be as good (at least to me).
i played this game for 2-3 years but stopped playing it this summer
because i had already 3 lvl99 chars and all stuff exist
i sold them on eBay and got 200 for Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

here is a link to the best site for d2 hacks Wink
I'm playing on Europe Closed Softcore Ladder, I have a Paladin 95 and 3 other chars all 88 or 89. Playing online is the best in D2 and only on Closed because there are no cheats. It's fun to play it. Cool
I have to say, diablo one, two, and the expansion were really good games. A lot of work was put into them and it shows. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction multiplayer was definately my favorite aspect of the Diablo series. I would really love if they came out with a new game. I know I would buy it!
I kill diablo one time, but after i kill him my computer turns off:P and it don't save that:]
I kill diablo one time, but after i kill him my computer turns off:P and it don't save that:]
I have a Necromancer very mighty. I have it in level 99.
But... I don't play anymore.
It's possible that, my character, doesn't exist anymore.

used to be my favorite game for like 2 years or so...
i've been playing since the 09 patch...
then my cd key got banned cause i use maphack when 111b came out...
i had 3-5 accounts with 80+ godly sets and items... what a waste...
i just can't understand people gettin addicted to this game.
it's like CS.. a lot of my friends say they're addicted and made me play diablo and CS.... i really got sick of it..
'but i've tried at least for a month.. i got to about level 30 with sorceress and it's not fun at all.... i quit after...
It was my favourite game 3 years ago but then it got boring, so I stopped playing it. Necromancer was my favourite class that time. When I played all the classes they were all boring except the necromancer.
I still have this game and play it alot !
My favourite is the ( Barbarian )
I reached level 107 !!
lol what can I say

I addicted that game
I still have the game, but I have not play it in about a year. Did not have time to sit for hours like I used to. I think I highest is Amazon level 54 (I think). Well I had been think about getting back at playing it again. I will have to start over from scratch. (It's suck, I hate starting over) But you never know. I might just do that. It was fun when I was playing it.
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