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Bush Violates Terrorists' Nuclear Privacy

S3nd K3ys

Mac Johnson wrote:

Posted Dec 26, 2005

Just over a week ago, the New York Times revealed the shocking news that the Bush administration has been spying on the international communications of suspected terrorists, thus setting off a rippling artificial scandal in the Times private reflecting pool, the increasingly stagnant mainstream media.

Not to be outdone, U.S. News and World Report put on its water wings Friday and tried to create a splash of it own, by reporting that the same renegade Bush administration has been monitoring radiation levels in the public air -- without a warrant! Gasp! The power-mad Bushies have done this in a diabolical attempt to get early warning of terrorists preparing to use a nuclear or dirty bomb against an American city. According to the story, this program is fraught with all sorts of subtle privacy issues.

Obviously, such warantless radiation monitoring creates a searing civil rights crisis for the average American, who now must live in fear, knowing that his private high-energy photon emissions, personal beta-particle broadcasts, or even his confidential radionuclide wafting could be subject to detection by the crass and intrusive thugs of the federal government.

He must be stopped!

Great!!! That’s all my agoraphobia needed. Now I’m not sure who to fear more. The make believe terrorist threat that was created by the evil Bush administration to get him reelected, that was an actual threat during 9/11 and several months following when everyone had little American flags on their cars but once the novelty wore off we decided that it was no longer a threat, ever though targets were hit outside of the US but those don’t count because their out side and they are Bushes fault anyway for going after the terrorist rather than “opening dialog” with the North Koreans and continuing to get jerked around by Sadam, or the threat of the government being able to skip the warrant process and listen to honest holy warriors’ international phone call and snooping around in the air for radiation. I mean come on! You can even vent a little radiation without Bush and his oil buddies knowing about it and without a warrant? What do these people think their job is?
Clearly the clamor over the wiretaps is partisan politics at it's worse on the other hand if the law was violated you can't just ignore it because it is convenient to be safe.
Its surprising how much attention has been given to this illegal wiretapping as of lately. Almost like saying Bill Clinton was the only president to ever get his dick sucked in the white house. I personally believe illegal wiretapping is and has been goin on for a very long time. Only now is it getting the limelight. People don't want the Patriot act. Its useless to them and only gives uncle sam a legal authority to spy. Not like he couldn't or wouldn't anyway. So it really don't matter anyway.

Here is my conspiracy theorist prediction for 2k6 - After a few delays the patriot act will be shit canned and eliminated by the democrats with much defiance by the republicans and the president. Not long after an attack on home soil will be staged and later supposedly proven it could have been prevented if the patriot act wasn't stopped. After tons of "I told you so" talk from the pres and the republicans to the press , the patriot act will be reinstated upon us in a permanent and cold fashion and I'll bet with even more enhanced powers. Just a theory folks. Don't get bent out of shape its all speculation.
The Patriot Act does NOT violate any civil rights or give our government unfettered access to citizens' privacy with due cause and proper process. In fact, it only applies the same surveillence abilities that the federal government already has for organized crime...
S3nd K3ys
Superfan wrote:
The Patriot Act does NOT violate any civil rights or give our government unfettered access to citizens' privacy with due cause and proper process. In fact, it only applies the same surveillence abilities that the federal government already has for organized crime...

Correct. And the reason everyone thinks it will completely destroy all our freedom is because of... that's right; the MSM is buying into it! All you hear is about how it will ruin our freedom, but nobody has said exactally how.

I bet not one single person who has actually read the Patriot Act that is bitching about it. They're just taking the LIEberal's word that it's bad.

The leftard kool-aid drinking moonbats are doing everything they can, even at the expense of their own party and their own country, to make Bush look bad.

It's ok, it will all come out in the end... Wink


Here's the Patriot Act if anyone cares/dares to read it.
S3nd K3ys wrote:

He must be stopped!

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