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best Xmas present received

OK guys and gals, what was the best present you received this Xmas?

my best was from the wife, a 37inch flat panel TV/monitor, well actually we both paid for it as the main present to us. looks terrific wall mounted, much better picture than expected.

How about you lot?
My best was my new mobile phone, Sony Ericsson K600i Very Happy

I love it Smile

I also got two books, one of them the new Harry Potter book in Norwegian, and a new judo gi in high quality.
I received a MIDI controller and I love it, I'm making some pretty cool electronic music now.
I got a Creative Sleek 20GB and I really like it. Also the next best thing I got were some speakers for my computer.
only 20gb :-p I got 120 gb but i dont know how to install it :-p aw well, my mom got a laptop Sad and all she got me was 4 gift cards how lame.
Cookie Monster, its awesome!
an electromagnet experiment kit
i love it
The best thing I received was not electronic at all. I got this beautiful art desk that has a surface whose angle can be adjusted. Beautiful cherry finish. I was highly pleased. I now have a place to draw without having half of the paper hanging off the table.
Canon Powershot a520 with 1 gig memory card... BRB Very Happy
i got a pocket clock and a Kon (BOSTAFU!!!) Doll! weeee!!!
got an amd athlon 64 x2 dual core pc with 2 gigs of ram and 1TB of hard disk storage and a 21 inch flat panel display and two nvidia sli cards along with Fedora Core 4 linux OS

I love it, esepecially the Fedora Core OS!
Bullets. Lots of bullets. Now if only I had some targets.
i got a pc for x mad once that was the best
I a Pink Panther figure! Very Happy I love it!!!
I will never forget the day i recieved my best christmas present ever.
I was in 7th grade that time. My grandpa got me a Bach Stradivarius Silver plated trumpet so i can do well in my band. I was so happy when i got it I played so much with it. Very Happy
I got a 27 inch flat screen tv and a dvd player.
Got the Athlon AMD64 3500+. But had to returned it and Got myself a HP Intel 4. With all the cool stuffs.
I hoped for an Xbox360 and some games. But I online got some cash Sad
Deathskin wrote:
only 20gb :-p I got 120 gb but i dont know how to install it :-p aw well, my mom got a laptop Sad and all she got me was 4 gift cards how lame.

Creative Sleek 20GB (as in the mp3 player) and I've never seen one over 40GB (which is a lot)
best xmas present is a greeting from my one and only. Other friends didn't really care, they were too busy celebrating with their girls. Laughing
I received a horse's head. From my parents.
I suppose the body will come later.
Got a nice digital camera from Kodak. Finally my parents seem to have figuered out what I really need Wink . No socks or anything stupid like this this year.
hi all,

for my christmas present from my dad i got a penknife with 41 different functions on it!!!

i also got loads of money so i bought myself an R/C car. its a monster truck but it came in kit form so i spent 7 hours builtding it! (well at least i wasn't eating or commiting criminal offences!!)

a good christmas i think!
well it looks like ya all had a good xmas with some great prezzies too Cool
Received just a box of chocolate from my mother and a Chicago dvd from my hubby but he gave it to me like a week before xmas.... so all the loot went to our son =( pretty dissapointing eh?
i got some money that i'm gonna buy a new computer chair with. i got this crappy one right now that has no cushion or back support. and considering i spend 8+ hours on it mon-fri and 12+ hours on weekends, i kinda need it Razz
A Waking Life
I got a canon SD550 digital camera from my wife. I love it
i bought myself an AMD Athlon XP2000 PC three or four years ago. Though it was not a present I got from other people it was still the best Christmas gift for myself and it still works fine. Laughing
50mm F/1.8
Best Christmas Present:
Saitek X52 Flight Control System
Rock climbing shoes.
Pablo Diablo
I received two button-up shirts and forty dollars. That may sound like nothing to some of you, but for my family thats a pretty good haul this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
I would have to say my PSP...I love that thing.
video card
BCP88 wrote:
I hoped for an Xbox360 and some games. But I online got some cash Sad

You ungratful ***** at least you got something there are people out there that don't get anything and your scomplaining that you got money, It's the thought the counts, not what you get.
My favorite christmas present was my Silverstein CD/DVD, it was the only thing I wanted pratically. Razz
My best Christmas gifts this year were my Nintendo DS and the ridiculously awesome socks my grandmother gave me. ^_^ I have a thing for socks, so for me socks = YAY!

And for the first time ever in my life (honestly), I didn't get any books for Christmas. I did get a $20.00 gift card for Coles/Chapters, but no actual books. It was weird.
Pablo Diablo wrote:
I received two button-up shirts and forty dollars. That may sound like nothing to some of you, but for my family thats a pretty good haul this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

I understand. Sometimes the value of a present is quite personal, it may come from a very important person and very special situation...

Sometimes simple is the best! Wink
I didn't even have to think this through, which doesn't mean the answer will not be precise. In fact, the best christmas present was given to me this year by my fianc่ and her kids (which is the main reason for it to be the best christmas present).

I got it a little late, about 4 or maybe 5 days after christmas in a yellow chubby envelope that arrived early in the morning. I swiftly donned my scissors and opened the yellow trinket swiftly to find a lovely manga book (one that I've been looking for years) and -most important- an anniversary and a christmas card.

Both of them were wonderful in their own right. The christmas card was signed by her and the kids, which was a lovely surprise and gave me a smile all through the day (and the card was completely funny). The anniversary card was so lovely, so beautiful and mushy I needed help getting back up on my feet. As I said, the combination of those wonderful cards and the lovely manga made the best christmas present. She thought about me while getting them, and that's all that matters.

PSP, Roomba Discovery, KitchenAid Accolade stand mixer, XMods, and a stamper with my name on it.

Good haul, good haul Smile

Hmm.. I got a pen drive , a MP3 player.................

Happy with that!!
ive recieved the most exciting game i want
no presents.... ...

maybe it's the best present....
windrei wrote:
no presents.... ...

maybe it's the best present....

Ahh bah humbug! I remember getting a cobra jet as a kid... that was probably the best.
When I was little a doll;)
My sister got me a new kitten after the previous summer where I had lost my cat to feline breast cancer.
I do not get or give gifts during Christmas.

What is with reviving such an old topic well before Christmas though?
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