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Comuter stopped recognizing my Camera USB

Hi all,

I have this Sony digital camera for a few years (DSC-F707).
lately my USB connection stoppped to recognizing the camera.

in other comuters (windows XP) it works, but on my XP it doesnt.
I tried to install the sony usb driver again (and again and again... Sad
but still.

in the Device Manager Panel, when I connect the camera and turn it on, I see the sony usb port with the sgin "!" next to it.

any help would be so appriciated !!

thanks in adavanced,
edan asher
When you open the device manager window, right-click on your camera (with the ! next to it) and hit Properties. Try pressing "update driver" but if that doesn't work, uninstall the driver then re-connect your camera. Windows should then automatically recognise the camera and install the drivers for you. If it doesn't, re-download the drivers from the Sony support website.
The quote below was sent by PM:

idanasher wrote:
but still, the computer searching for the driver (which I have in CD + I've downloaded from spny support site) and then an error occuring while the instalation in progress ("an error occured...The data is invalid." . after the error, it stopped, and the "!" remains.

thanks for your help !

In that case, right-click the camera in the device manager and hit "Uninstall." Then, try installing the driver before you insert the camera and once you have done so, connect the camera to a different USB port. If that doesn't work, try removing the driver then restarting the computer.

Please use the forums for support - if you send requests by PM, nobody else can find help by searching past posts.
Try uninstall the SONY driver program from the program group or in Control Panel. Then reinstall it with your CD-ROM. I've met this kind of problems many times before. No need to worry about it.
uhhmmm.... maybe it's not the camera software or install that is the problem

maybe the driver for your USB is already corrupted. use your motherboard CD, and try reinstalling the drivers
i wonder if the usb link isnt bad... i know on my mp3 player camera and printer the usb cable i was using went bad on me and it came up with tons of stuff like that my mp3 player was a modem and that my printer was trying to scan images while it was off. dont know what your using in style of usb but typically thats the quick fix to probs like that. also do you have a mem card in the camera? if not you will get errors from that. aka invalid media.
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