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Help me choose a logo, thanks ! [To Lock, pls, Thx]

Which Logo do you prefer
Logo 1
 38%  [ 13 ]
Logo 2
 61%  [ 21 ]
Total Votes : 34


It won't be for my website but for the one of my husband... He is hesitating between these 2 logos :

LOGO 1 :

LOGO 2 :

Thanks for your vote !
Both are good but logo 2 shows a better spectrum of colors so I voted for it.

Both are very good though! Keep up the good work and good luck with your company.
i agree with tribe i voted the same the colors are cool good work
the second logo better..
I like the second one better, but if the color of the text is different, it will be better
i like logo 1 the best. Logo 2 seems boring and dull to me but logo 1 is very cool and fun to look at
I voted two... But after looking at it again I think the first is much more recognizeable and original.
Looks like it's an even split right now. I prefer the first logo, it has a more scientific, precising feel. The second has a bit of a childish feel to it and I don't think that it would be as effective.
Loathing in Fear
I voted for the first logo, i like both of them, but the first is much nicer to look at.
Good luck with your company Smile
I voted for number 2. I don't know why, but it just seems to get my attention more than than the other.
I voted for #1 because it seemed more conected.
i voted 2 because it looked more professional.

(in #1, it wouldve helped if you had made the lines connecting everything a little straighter.)
both are really good tho. but also, i dont really know what application service provider means Smile
I think logo 2 will work best for his company Very Happy It colorfull and it realy gets your atencion. anyway i hope that i helped you in your decisoin..
i think the 1st one is quite weird...
I think even though simple shapes It is more colourful. the other one just doesnt appeal to much to me.
I preferred the first one significantly over the second. The second was eerily reminiscent of the Windows logo. Ick. They are both very well done, I must admit.
Laughing Thanks, but we have to be honest, we didn't draw the logo ourselves, we bought them and customize them a little Wink

Please continue to vote. We will stop the vote when one will have a signficant advance on the other, or at the end of the week. Both way, I will notify it of course and give the result Very Happy

Thanks a lot for your help !
The second one! It's much more visually interesting and balanced.

Hard to see a real tendance up to now ! I will need much more vote to see a clear choice, come on everybody, what do you think ?!

the #1 or #2 ?
i liked the 2nd logo coz it fells more pro and hase a welcomeing feel to it nice work
I would prefer the second logo but maybe u could colour the Pangeesoft blue too..

Anyway, wad is this site about? Mind sharing the url? Very Happy
I like logo2,I think logo2 more business than logo2,and the color is very good!
I agree with most of the ppl. So my vote goes also to #2.
logo2 is better

especially if you're going to use it for some other purpose, like letterheads or something.

it looks great when its big, and it will look great if it's small.

i go for 2.
the bottom one is a million times better, and if you have strong google integration within your site it will flow awesomely. That is something that ive noticed with sitees nowadays, to complex...need more gogle layout sites
The second is the best: the colors and gradients are just cool.
Both are very good. I like the first one better but the second one is more eye catching so i chose 2 because usually eyecatching means more then personal request.
Logo #1 is good in the way that it has an intricate design, which makes it kinda more interesting... but I'll have to go with Logo #2, the colours appeal to me more. Smile
i like number 1 the best number two is boring if you tweak the lines on number one to look more fluid over the sphere it will be very cool i think maybe even some lighting effect on the circle to make it look 3d but yes number 1 wins the vote for me Very Happy
yeah i kind of agree that the second one looks like some part of microsoft logo, but if the company is about supporting windows software then that is a good thing. the first one is very nice but has a bit too much going on in it for me.

both execellent though. well done! i think no matter what one you go with it will be a winner.
I personally think that Logo 1 is the best choise, because (as mentioned before) Logo 2 looks a lot like the Windows logo.

Good luck in your choice of Logo and may the new year bring profitable returns for your husbands website.

Happy new year! Smile
Yeh logo 2 looks like windows XP but the colours on 1 looks slightly too bright for a logo.... if it can be darkened slightly then it will be good
i like the first one better ^^
I voted for #2. #1 doesn't look finished. While 2 definately has the finished edge to it.
Thanks everybody !!!!

And the winner is ...... LOGO 2 !!!! YEAH !!!! Wink

Here the result :

Which Logo do you prefer
Logo 1 : 39% [ 13 ]
Logo 2 : 60% [ 20 ]
Total Votes : 33

It was quite close though.

Thank you everybody for you kind help. I'll keep you posted on when the website will be officially openned Wink

i also voted for second logo, has gr8 color combination and looks more preofessional
second one is better Smile

first one is also good but I think it's not suitable for a website Smile
second one is excellent for a website but it could be much better if you make shadows or light efect Smile
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