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Sound Issues

Hello, On my sisters computer she listens to music and after a while the sound wont work and you have to reset the computer to make the sound work again. Does anyone know how to fix this??. Thanks
This could be caused by a number of problems. It depends on whether your sister had a dedicated sound card in her computer or not.

First thing I'd suggest is to run Windows Update and see if there are any new sound drivers available for your computer (you need to run it in "Custom" mode instead of Automatic/Express mode). If so, try installing these.

The other possibility is if it is a basic sound card, or an on-board sound card, it's likely that it can't cope with a lot of different sound sources. I'd recommend opening the sound properties dialog (usually from the sound icon in the taskbar) and muting the microphone input. If your sound card is trying to play back music and monitor the microphone input, this could cause crashes.

Another possibility may be that there's a software conflict. What kind of music is she trying to listen to? CD / mp3? It may be that the software playing back the sound is crashing - why not try a different media player such as winamp or iTunes.

Finally, it could be a problem with other software running on your computer - run a virus scan and a spyware scan to remove any possible malicious software.

Post back and let us all know how you got on - if you still have problems, we'll try and help further.
by any chance is it a Acer?? If so, they had a lot of hardware problems with their sound, and the best thing to do would be to contact the manufacturer and see if your warranty covers it still. (might want to do this even if it is not an acer, but make sure you have tried everything else such as updating drivers, running spyware scans, running virus scans, repairing your copy of windows, whatever)
if it's not spyware or virus related it's probably drivers. look at your device manager in the control panal and locate the sound card. Go to the manufactures website and download the latest driver.
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