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"Forms To Go" create scripts in PHP, ASP and Perl

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You can send online form datas to your email address
by using Forms To Go software from
I tried this one, and its very easy to create form emailer without any programming skills.
And it took only less than 30 minutes to create emailer form!
Only needed to create a web form, and the corresponding emailer template will be created by this software.
Here is the link to download the software:

Basic options are available in the free version.
But You have to purchase the software to use advanced options!
I can rate the software at 9/10..
I created some pages using this software.
You can check them here:

Forms To Go is a very simple and powerful application that creates scripts in PHP, ASP and Perl to process your HTML forms. It also sends all the field values via email, saves them to a text file on your server, inserting them on a MySQL or Microsoft Access database, and much more.

You must know that...

• Forms To Go is not an application to create HTML forms. You need to use your standard web design program to create the forms. These forms will be processed by Forms To Go to create a custom script which will in turn process them.

Forms To Go is shareware. Please try it before you buy it.

• Many features of Forms To Go are only available for registered copies of the software. However, you can test the program and create custom scripts for your HTML forms while it is still unregistered.

Validate the form's values

The script created with Forms To Go can validate any of the field values before they are sent by email, like checking for a minimum number of characters, a valid email address or a valid credit card number. There are many validation options you can use.

No programming skills required

This application has been created for web designers with no programming knowledge. Only basic information about the server configuration where the script will run is needed. This information can be obtained from the system administrator or web hosting provider and it is required to set up the script

I think, its more than enough!!
Tnaks all,
reply me if u gave any doubt.


Rolling Eyes
There is also a (much simpler, much more basic) way to send form data to your email-account, just by creating an HTML-form, putting as action "". In that case, it sends all data to your emailaccount. Of course, in this case no data is stored on a server, but this can be useful for people that host their forms on non-php enabled sites...
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