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Does anyone know this???


We all build wesites for one or the other reasons. The two main reasons that I want to build this site for are :

1) Make some money out of it.

2) Dedicate it to some worthwhile cause while doing so.

The first part, I have taken an intiative, but the second part I am not able to come to terms with. Now again coming back Rolling Eyes to the first part how do i do it?.

I have put up lots of advertisements, but how do i optimize them to get maximum return from each and every advertisements that I put on my website.

What are the optimized keywords that I use to get the correct advertisements.

Difficult to answer this. It does depend on the type and nature of your advertising. Generally my opinion is that the content on your site should support the topic of your advertisements. Are you earning money from affiliate schemes via these advertisements, or are they your own products? Which ever you should remember that "Content is King" and the search engines will rate your site according to how good and relevant your content is.

I came across this web site a few days ago which I haven't fully gone through yet but generally it seems quite good and could help you with analyzing your site and optimisation. It gives you research in keywords, optimising pages, checks ranking, search engine optimisation, link popularity analyzer etc. There is a free download that gives you almost all the functions with options to upgrade to the full version at a moderate cost. There is also a ftp client which whilst functional I prefer Terrapin.

The site is:

Hope that helps a little
The website is really helpful. Thanks for the info.
thanks for webceo
haven't go a clue....
THis is my last pooint so don't take it personal if i write something that isn't meaningfulll
have a good newyear and have a good time....
Well, what I think, unless you have a great big website with a great loads of unique visitors, its not that easy making money off adsense and those programs. There is a big cyber world out there that many many people don't know and probably never guess, that there are people, normal people, making 1000's per months easily off their site.

Accepting other people's banners/links will get you more money but it takes some work to stay updated and set up advertisements and stuff.
Adsense and other programs (CPM) take less effort but not very powerful if your site is not big enough...

You could also make your site to become famous and date paris hilton

*ohh that guy who made that blog is my hero*

If you want to maxmimize your advertisement return prophit i would suggest useing google ad-words. Those seem to be the most effective. If your site is fairly popular perhaps you might consider selling merchandice or some sort of autographed thing on ebay. I know if maddox sold a baseball bat that he autographed i would totally bid on that.
This one is hard to figure out as well. I think a lot of people are trying to figure this out
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