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New Year Plans

Hey, whats everyones plans for seeing in the new year?...going to a party? festival? whats your new year resolutions etc etc

Discuss =)

For me, im not actually sure what im doing, might be having some people down, might be going to a big street party in my city. We'll see. All i hope is next year is better, in a lot of ways.
As always, I'll just stay at home and watch TV as I normally do, and once the clock strikes midnight, celebrate a bit, then go to bed Laughing

I gave up on making resolutions as I did before because I always ended breaking them 2 months into the new year.
I don't really go to any parties or anything, just never found the parties that fun. Each year when it reachs 0 i can believe that the last year has gone by so fast. I think some of my parents friends are comming over and stuff and they will bring there kids to hang out with me. Then all the parents get drunk and talk really loud under like 1 in the mornning, then they go home. It should be fun that i get to hang out with there kids that are my age. I never meet them before and it should be fun to make friends with them.
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I'm going to Philly for a friend's New Year's party. Drunkkkk.
im just going to my family party Smile. I think that will be fun.
My resolution is to make more posts on frihost... lol
No plan for 2006 All going same

Go Job Go home - Go Job Go home Very Happy
For new years eve I'm going on the lash in London with my sister.
new years, i will probably go riding around with some friends
just chill for awhile
resolution to be a better guitar player =D
Im going to New York during the new years eve and gonna party there. Cool
Looks like theres going to be a festival at night for New year at manhattan so im going to be there!
Go for count down and watch fireworks on the new year eve. Very Happy
I'll stay at home with my family. Wink
I'd rather go with my friends and my hunny to see the fireworks at cooloomba but.. Im stuck with going to some club with my family and granparents and thier friends. But i think i might persuade my hunny to come with me. Happy New Years to everyone! Lets hope the world doesnt end Razz
going to see deacon blue... outrageos. its going to be freezing though..its outside. then there are a few house parties that i should be going to but i cant decide which one to go to!
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I'm just going to have some family over. Nothing special, really. I'm just happy that I'm off this Monday Very Happy
I am going to a friends for a small get together with hot food, watch Wallace and Gromit, have time for fireworks, have a few glasses of wine, intelligent conversation, relax and chill out. What more can one ask for.
meh just a party at some friends houses, new years resolutions are to learn more about tech (CISCO, A+) and to work on the patience factor. People nowa days just infuriate me, people are seriously getting dumber by the day Neutral
I'd have to seek for a job
as I will gratuade next year
hey guys, happy new year! i wish i could be accepted in a great university in north america to continue my research. this is the biggest wish of mine. also, i wish all members in my family healthy and happy. wish my friends and you guy a big new year!
Im going to my friend's place so we can partay!!!
ill have a party with my older brother and two other guys at my place.
i guess later we'll invite us elsewhere Very Happy

my new year resolutions: stop drinking that much Very Happy
i dont know
i dont know
Some traditional family parties and stuff.. it'll be more interesting if this topic is about people's new year resolution.
edallica wrote:
going to see deacon blue... outrageos. its going to be freezing though..its outside. then there are a few house parties that i should be going to but i cant decide which one to go to!

oooo, george square Smile. I saw them setting up for that yesterday when i was in town. Wish i was going! Sad
All I'm going to do is watch tv until it hits 12 and I see the ball drops and watch some music videos and then when it his 12 I'm going to go outside and chill like I do all of the times.
meh, well all my friends live miles away and i was too lazy to go see em today so i guess i'll sit here and post to you guys lol ... awaiting someone to help me wiv my website.

Wish you all a happy new year!!!

I got no new years resolutions.. apart from to get a girlfriend ^^ lol
i wish i had come plans... but i dont
I am just going to end up staying at home watching TV until the ball drops then ill prolly go to sleep. This year my friends who usually throw a party are sking so i have nothing to do.
For me, I'm going to stay home and watch the ball in time square drop from T.V. new years and Christmas... I love it... we get days off from school. it's going to be hell the next 3 months with only very few days off... Happy New Years Eve.
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