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The Gamespot Game of the year resulsts are out!

And the winner is ...

Resident Evil 4

A mere few days into the first month of 2005, we got our chance to play through Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube, which completely and utterly blew us away even in spite of our high hopes for how the long-awaited game would turn out. Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece, representing the pinnacle of quality that video games have ever achieved in virtually every respect. It's a challenging, complex, visually stunning game that keeps you surprised, terrified, and thrilled for hour after memorable hour and then offers plenty of good reasons for you to keep coming back for more. The fact that for the entire remainder of the year scarcely any other 2005 action game even approached its standards just goes to show how far ahead of its time this game really is. And beyond how much outstanding fun this game has to offer, it was also just a breath of fresh air--a reminder that long-running video game series can and should take some risks in order to stay on top and that sequels to games can sometimes greatly surpass their predecessors' standards rather than merely try to live up to them.

To download the video:
1. Enter mms:// as download link in your download manager
2. Enter as refferer in your download manager.
I used Flashget.

Animal wrote:
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w00t! completely agree, such a good game and the graphics are breathtaking.
it looks nice but i dunno they just seem to get old after a while theyll probably end up making resident evil 12 some day just like the tony hawk series after 3 or 4 thats enough of that game
Who has seen this game, it's going to be released on the Nintendo DS on 11th November 2005.

It sounds pritty cool because it conects wirelessly to the internet to let you play with up to 7 other people from around the world. It has over 30 tracks from all the previous mario kart games aswell as new tracks. It includes the main characters from the mario games; Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser, Toad + more.

For more information, screen shots and videos vist nintendo's website the address for this game is below
Weird, Thats game of the year in kerrang as well
RE4 deserved this title.
I really like the game.
And it was such a lift from the older games, that it changed the series totaly.
And wtf, who doesnt like to blow villagers heads with a shotgun?
Resident Evil 4 is good. i hope i can play it soon.
Resident Evil 4 definitely deserves the award. It redefines the survival horror genre. It also has breathtaking graphics and excellent sound effects that could make you wet your pants. hehehehe! Very Happy Cool

Kudos for CapCom for a job well done! Cool
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