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My school Unofficial site :)

He. I'm trying to make my school Unofficial site,

tell me your oppinion about the design Smile

the site is :

so sorry if you enter it and get an error page, just pm me if you do Smile

Warm Regards

note :
-It's use flash too, make sure you have flash installed in your browser Very Happy
-It's use indonesian, but I put some translation under. (usally in italic letters)
hey thats pretty good. clean layout, lots of content.
Hey i like it, nice idea to make an underground version. I guess you get a lot of response from people of that school
Yap, It's get good greetings from my friends Very Happy
- But I still doesn't know about my teachers oppinion ~ actually I don't care Razz -

anyway, I just update It's header, so I think It would load faster than berfore

About the Translation, I'm still working on it Sad sure much Sad
yes! your web is great, i am vey keen to know how you build the links with flash, that is really amazing. your must spent lots of energy on it, it contains so much functions in, realy, realy beautiful.
Nice layout. It's really easy to browse through the site.
I wanna know how you did the flash menu.
Very nice site. In mambo CMS, clear desing. A lot of content Smile Elements in flash Smile Nice forum confuiguredwith Mambo Very Happy
Pretty simple and easy navigation, the only thing i do not presonaly like is the color layout.

but the idea of having a unofficial school site Very Happy

well keep it up Wink
nice the only ting that iritated the heck out of me whas that loading animation to right hand side of the links button other than that it hade a vary welcomeing feel to it
hey, really looks great
TonkPilz wrote:
nice the only ting that iritated the heck out of me whas that loading animation to right hand side of the links button other than that it hade a vary welcomeing feel to it

Ah.. nice Idea.. maybe I'll put some greetings there... and remove the links, then make a new flash for the links Smile.. Yah.. thanks for that..

About the Flash. I do split it into 2 scene, the first scene is for loading and the second is the main scene.

For the first secen, It's only the loading bar and the text,

For the second scene, there is the background, the main text, er... and you know that

For the links, there is 4 subscene (I call it like that, maybe different for the other people-or the official one)

It's Only a text that have a box behind it which treat as a button, maybe latter I'll write the script.... Smile
Wow cooool

nice, but i wonder how it might look like if the visitor use 56k to load the page Rolling Eyes
I think it won't be a hard problem, since the only thing that hard to load is the flash header, and the other is no more than 2kbites. And after is loaded, It'll saved into the cookies Smile

The thing that I'm still think about it is when the visitor didn't have flash player integrated into his/her browser, There's no links other than that flash Surprised - I just recognize it last day ...

I like your page. You don't need to change anything but the wrong link buttons in the OTHER menu.

Good work!
Wel.. hehe.. I'm sorry, I think I'm too lazy to edit that part when I change the header .. It's not a broken link,.. It's sure a link with "that error page" XD

I'll make it sure that it'll changed next thuesday - I didn't have an Internet connection at home Sad
nice and neat. i dont understand the name (is it just me?) Razz
good idea to imprees gal freinds in your class well forum is not integrated with mambo skin is really good
Ok, here we go new Short Story translation, wish you like it Smile

It's :
Sebelum Aku Gila [Before I'm Crazy]
A short story about "Fana", a girl who can see ghost etc, and treat as a mad girl Rolling Eyes

read the complete story in : "Baca Lebih Lanjut...." bellow the oppening article or just visit this link Smile

So sorry about my crappy grammar,
about the header, so sorry looks like I didn't have enough time to do it Sad I'm already at my last year in my high school Smile
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