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Points limit?

Hi all

Ok I notice that my points are now in the minus stages and was wondering if there is a limit to how low you can go before your account is cancelled and whether anyone will let you know before this happens, if this happens. Also if someone can tell me, how points are awarded per post as I see that certain posts of mine earn alot more than others. Of course I am aware that it is probably written somewhere already so don't bother telling me to read it somewhere else just so that you can earn points. Thanks Wink
Rolling Eyes
You should have realyl read the FAQ's before you even asked this. It says
The Points are used to determine how active you are. You shouldn't worry about them, unless they become negative. The hosting accounts of users with negative Points may be removed. You can't trade or exchange Points.
Every day, 1 Point is deducted from all hosted members. There is also a maximum of 45 Points. Two email warnings are sent at -5 and -10 Points. Your account may get removed after those two warnings if you are still inactive.
Please note that the Points are only an indication of your activeness. Frihost uses it to indicate possible inactive users. No account is removed automatically.
So you get two email warnings telling you that you need to stay active and post. For the points given per post it depends on how long the post is.
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As xorcist said, the FAQ explains that you get two warning emails, and if you still don't post after that, your account may get deleted.

As for how many points you get per post, it depends on the length of the post. You get anywhere between 1 - 2.5 points for each post.
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