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Help, i have a mouse problem (animal mouse)

Should the mouse have a last cheese?
 58%  [ 7 ]
 41%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 12

help, theres a mouse LIVING in my room,

its totaly ignored any traps or poison put out 4 it, and keeps running around making noise and popping oll ova da place....., my mums not very into cats so thats out....

and i dnt realy like killing animals even tho i do have enough weaponary to do so........

what should i do? Question Confused Question

( the poll my make this sound unserious, but its real and running allova my to rooms )
Get hampster food from the store or any kind of food just put it in the middle of the floor and when he comes out BAM kill it. Naw just put a cage or something over it, when my rabbit and other pets get lost around the house they always come to the food so I just put it there and when he come I catch them.
That sounds like a good idea. Just lure and catch it. It may require some patience, the ability to be very still and all that, but at least then you can still decide what to do with it...
just lure it out and chop it ! Evil or Very Mad
make it so the mouse has to run over a thin steel pipe, then butter the pipe and the mouse will then fall into a bucket (which u place uder the pipe).. if this grand scheme works there will be no more mouse problem.. once we had a mouse plague and i used to do this.. it was funny watchin the mice fall of the pipe
o = mouse
d = door
c = cheese

o cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc d

Very Happy

Lure it out with cheese. Then chop it or fry it..or whatever.
Chinese people use little mice soaked with wine to make "mice wine". You can't do that if you use poison! Shocked
hmmmm, I was fourming and i look down... and there it is, but most comman nucense nice are dark brown or grey right?

THIS ONE is LIGHT BROWN an WHITE, so unless theres been some weird pet/comman crossbreading in my attic....,..... scary......, or mayb some1s releasing mice into my house lol....., the only place that there no, jus a guy with a semi-auto airgun lol
sounds like you got a domestic mouse/wild mouse crossbreed interesting. Or maybe it is just a wild mouse that is part albino. Either way if you don't want to kill it just make a little seesaw type trap and put it on the edge of a counter with some bait on the end. Then when he runs out on the end, it tips, and he falls into a bucket and then you take the bucket and release him somewhere far away from your house.
i had this same problem and what i did was "killed it" but thats one thing u wont do and so the traps... but luks like u r playing "tom and jerry" here.

if traps dont work, kill it. no other suggestions.
i guess i could jus move out and leave it to live here....., but i like coolclays idea... i think i'll try that
guud luck with watever it is....

dont get into a mess
You're not alone, as I have mice problems in my room also. My only recommendation for you is to get a cat. I have 2 cats in my room and since last night, both of my cats caught 3 mice (they killed 2 of them, I had to kill the last one by drowning it in the toilet). I am not sure if there are any more, but if they are, they won't live long. My one cat (older cat near 13 years old) caught 2 of the mice and my other cat caught the other. I've given em both plenty of kitten treats for their great work. Very Happy The reason why I think I'm having mice problems is because we just rearranged part of the garage (which is conjoined with the house) and they moved to my room because the cats have food in here that sits out all the time.

This is not the first time that I had mice scuttling around my room. I had it a couple of times before, and my cats killed them. Mice move faster than you think, because it's right across the room in only a few split seconds. Cats are great for killing mice as they are hunters who kill small animals (like mice and other little rodents) plus the fact that they're quick. I found out the first time that I had mice problems in my room is that they were crawling out of the bathtub (up through the drain) but we fixed that problem right away and got it sealed better. My cats scratch and scratch at them with their claws (sometimes biting them) to kill them. They crawl under the cracks of your doors too, they're small enough to do that, so it could be anywhere in your house if it doesn't show for awhile. It might die of starvation if it cannot find any food or water to eat or drink. Borrow a neighbor's cat for a couple of hours and that might work.

- Mike.
Use a mouse trap, but you said you dont want to hurt animals eh

Then its gonna be a bit more pricey, you gotta get some sleeping pills and get the mouse to eat it. THen when he is lying passed out on your floor you gotta throw him outsite. Personally i'd use the mouse trap, because mice breed rediculously fast and killing them is something that they are used to.

ohh, and if you do the poison thing film it...who knows it could be funny
that guy rocks^^^
there are humane traps (excuse spelling)
it dosn't kill the mouse
and.... then you take it far from your house or else it will be right back in your house.......
I believe they have a whole thing set up for these problems. Go to Toys R Us and pick up the game Mouse Trap. Problem solved.
be like crocodyle dundee and catch it with your bare hands and then throw it outside
My room once suffered from a mouse, tried to catch it but it kept escaping.
The best solution was letting the cat from the neighbours in for a foom hours, it just walked around the room trying to find the mouse. At a moment i believed it finally caught the mouse, but the cat killed a spider Confused
The cat never caught the mouse like it was supposed to do, but i have never seen the mouse since then. I think the mouse just fled from the house or something.
S3nd K3ys
izcool wrote:
You're not alone, as I have mice problems in my room also. My only recommendation for you is to get a cat. I have 2 cats in my room and since last night, both of my cats caught 3 mice (they killed 2 of them, I had to kill the last one by drowning it in the toilet)..

What he said. Get a cat. I have three, and live in the country. They catch all kinds of stuff. I often help them when they're chasing them in the house. I've had to catch one myself. The cats were outside. I caught him by the tail and tossed him out the back door, just to give him a fighting chance.
Nice sharing.
I think you should use steel wool to plug holes is a great idea.
It works. If you do get some in the house, just put peanut butter on the trap.
without a cat, maybe you need a snake Twisted Evil
I use another idea for this condition if it's happen on my house..
I bought a Rats Glue, i don't know if that is available on your place.
I just put the glue on a large wood. And make sure it's big enough, so the rats will not can move it around.
Then i put a fried fish in the center of the wood, so when the rats come to take the fish, that rats will stuck in the glue forever (not forever though, lol).
Then, i just throw it away to the water and make sure the rats will not can breathing (and then died).
Um... look at the date of the original post...
If the mouse is still around, it's been there for 7 years. (Do mice even live that long?)
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