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The Year Ahead!

Well, Christmas is here, and the new year is just a few days away. So, I am wondering what the year ahead will bring in terms of innovations, inventions, developments and of course - friendships.

One of the things I am interested in for the coming year is Linux. I first encountered Linux in 1993 (Slackware), but I was forced to leave it for business reasons. Recently I have been playing around with the free Mandriva distro and the Knoppix 4 live CD. They look great!

Since I work in the IT field, naturally all things computer interest me the most - after family of course! I am looking forward to some really great developments in IT Technology in the year ahead.

Of course, I also think about other people, and as a human being I would like to see more peace, justice, love, etc. in the world we live in! But I also know that human nature makes it practically impossible. As the old saying goes - 'charity begins at home' - so I plan to make sure I do the things I would like other people to do for me, and show as much consideration, patience and understanding as I can.

As it happens, I will be working on both, New Year's Eve and New Year's day (a 32 hour weekend for me!). My biggest wish is that most of the world's families will have peace, and an enjoyable time, without violence or tradgedy. Good luck to you all!

Hopefully the year ahead will be a good one for everyone, with old problems resolved and new solutions found!


happy new year

hope u all have a happy time this year~~
Yeah, you sure read his post closely, didn't you Rolling Eyes
Anyway, it's always amazing to see how fast some things can develop (and how slow other things develop Confused )... Just think back to one year ago on new year's eve... What were you expecting, what was going on and how has all that progressed in the past year... Really something to think about.

Other than that I could spill out some clichés that no one wants to here, so: Merry X and Happy NY!
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