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Does anybody know...

LA Ridge
I am not really educated about those Google ads. What I keep seeing though is that they seem to advertise the very thing that your site is doing i.e. Hosting, or whatever. It seems pretty counter-productive to me to have 5 ads on one of my pages directing people off of my site and on to someone elses site.

Is there some method to that madness? Is there a way to control what type of ads come on your pages, or are you stuck with what you get?

Just curious.
NO, there is no way to control what comes on our website. we are bounded.
LA Ridge
What about this... If everybody thinks Microsoft is such an evil empire, wait until you figure out how much of a stranglehold Google is going to get. And we are all just letting it happen! lol

It's the same thing that Microsoft did. Everybody was diggin' Windows 3.1 and POW! They got us! Google is actually allowed to just go into anyones website they want to and extract information. My name is all over the place and I never asked it to be. I don't really care that much right now, but others might, so be careful what you post about yourself and who's name you use in your post, because it can show up on a Google search. I actually had a stalker who was messing around on my personal email because I was stupid enough to post it on a public forum.
The answer is clear
You have two options !!

1. Just throw the samn google ad out of your site and then live happily for ever

and the second is

2. Just live with the Google ad and don't ever bother it.
It won't harm you!!!
LA Ridge
Well really I don't see much of what you termed... a "Choice?" It's either Google or nothing I guess, right? I smell a monopoly coming on! Shocked

But it seems to me that if someone places an ad on my page for the very same service I offer, then my visitor goes there instead... I think I lost a customer... Am I right? So, I think it's BS that you can't at least control the advertising on your site!

How much do they really pay? Is it worth possibly losing a repeat customer over? I'll have to weigh that out. I remember when I first say those ads I thought they were part of the site I was on and I went with the other service thinking they were the same. They had similiar names. Hmmmm
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