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Pro's and Con's of Being a Christian

hey, im a Christian, and im just wondering what anyone or everyone thinks the pro's or con's of being a christian is.....

i can think of tonnes of pro's, and qite a few con's but most r to do with selfishness, lol

how many can u find, and what r they? Razz
It would largely depend on your point of view. If you were a Christian then you would see some cons, but they would pale in comparison to the pros. If you were a non-Christian you would see many cons and pretty much no pros. Now, if you were a *clever* atheist you could figure more pros that just obvious ones, but because you were an athiest you would still see more cons. In addition, how much of a pro or con something was would depend also on your point of view.
yea, i was ASKING for your point of view, from ur veiw, what are the pros and cons, to you Razz
Some of the pros are life after death, being able to forgive people, unconditional love, rules, always having someone looking after you, trust, miracles, guidance, someone/thing to talk to, someone/thing to caring your burden, and many others I'll add more when I think of them.

Cons: not being able to go to hell, not having the ability to be forgiven for bad things, and sins you do, being persecuted, being hated, knowing that the apocalypse will happen will everyone else either denies it or doesn't care, and some others I can't think of right now.
Texas Al
Before I can answer, I need to know what you define as Christian. Is it...

* Recognizing that Christ was a wise moral philosopher whose influence continues to be felt throughout the world even to this day?

* Seeing Christ as an inspiration and an example, but one that requires a lot of independent thought and interpretation on the part of each person?

* Believing that Christ died for our sins, and interpreting that statement according to your own conscience?

* Believing that Christ died for our sins, and interpreting that statement the same way as most churches do?

* Attending services at a church that worships Christ?

* Having a Christian upbringing, whether or not you actively have anything to do with Christianity at the present time?
Would would you lot think if I said that I believe in many faiths. That I also believe in Jesus Christ but do not consider myself "Christian" and will not attend any Church services because of the Gospel of Thomas.

(from Wikipedia)

The Gospel of Thomas, completely preserved in a papyrus Coptic manuscript discovered in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, is a list of 114 sayings attributed to Jesus. Some of those sayings resemble those found in the four canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), but other sayings were unknown until its discovery.

Unlike the four canonical gospels, which employ narrative accounts of the life of Jesus, Thomas takes the less structured form of a collection of sayings attributed to Jesus and brief dialogues with Jesus and some of his disciples reported to Didymus Judas Thomas without being embedded in any narrative nor worked into any overt philosophical or rhetorical context.

When the complete text was found, in a Coptic version, it was realized that three separate Greek portions of it had already been discovered in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt in 1898. The manuscripts bearing the Greek fragments of the Gospel of Thomas have been dated to about 200, and the manuscript of the Coptic version to about 340. Although the Coptic version is not quite identical to any of the Greek fragments, it is believed that the Coptic version was translated from a prior Greek version.

Some of the well-known quotes in it are:


the kingdom of god is inside you and all around you, not in mansions made of wood and stone, lift the stone and you will find me.


Jesus said: "Split wood, I am there. Lift up a rock, you will find me there."


"Jesus said: If your leaders say to you 'Look! The Kingdom is in the heavens!" Then the birds will be there before you are. If they say that the Kingdom is in the sea, then the fish will be there before you are. Rather, the Kingdom is within you and it is outside of you."

Because of all this the Vatican described it as heresay. I believe in the Gospels and I believe that the Church took on teh role of Christianity when they didn't have the right too. After all "the kingdom of god is inside you and all around you, not in mansions made of wood and stone, lift the stone and you will find me".

So do you think I'm a Christian, yes or no? I believe in Christ but not the Church. You decide.
Being a Christian means that you have accepted Christ's sacrifice on the cross, and are cleanesed of sin, and through thst sacrifice fit to go to heaven. You've prbably heard John 3:16,

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.

This is the essence of Christianity. It is a personal thing within your mind and heart. So noone else's faith can save you, neither can good works (cause noones perfect) or going to church etc...

(Romans 3:20- Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather through the law we become conscious of sin.

Ephesians 8-9: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not form yourselves, it is the gift of God- Not by works so that no one can boast.)

This is the basics of being a Christian.

As for Pro's and Con's?

Pro's- A purpose in life, having a relationship with God, a solid foundation to live by, and going to heaven to name a few

Con's- being ridiculed for your faith, people assuming things about Christians without bothering to take the time to really understand what they are talking about, having to deal with tough issues in our world like abortion and evolution (But God gives the ability to handle all these situations with dignity)

Yep I'm glad to be a Christian, even when it's tough because I know that I have a purpose in life, and even when I mess up God will always give another chance Very Happy And God has certainly given me a lot to be thankful for Very Happy
coolclay wrote:
Some of the pros are life after death, being able to forgive people, unconditional love, rules, always having someone looking after you, trust, miracles, guidance, someone/thing to talk to, someone/thing to caring your burden, and many others I'll add more when I think of them.

Cons: not being able to go to hell, not having the ability to be forgiven for bad things, and sins you do, being persecuted, being hated, knowing that the apocalypse will happen will everyone else either denies it or doesn't care, and some others I can't think of right now.

Hmmmm.... I don't really know what to make of your response. Most of your pros are things that you can have without being a Christian, so it's not really a PRO of being Christian as opposed to not being Christian, they're more like pros to being a human being. You don't need to be Christian, or religious at all for that matter, to "forgive people", that's silly.

Secondly, I don't think "miracles"... hahaha.. sorry. Nevermind I'll let you have that one.

Why is it a con to not be able to go to hell? Isn't eternal suffering something we all try to stay away from? Maybe if you could rephrase that I could understand better.

Why do you say you can't be forgiven for sins and bad things? I thought that was a pro of being Christian? And why do you say that it's a con to know that an Apocolypse is coming? If you don't like the idea, you could just not believe it! IT'S NOT PROVEN. PEOPLE ARE TELLING YOU THIS. YOU CAN CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE IT. NO ONE WILL PUNISH YOU. Oh right, "God" will. Hmm, God must be really sore at me, and my life is sooo shitty - but not really mate.

I think a major con of being Christian is the susceptibility of becoming completely narrowminded and unable to take in logical information that contradicts with a fantasy story. I use "fantasy" because it's a childish, make-believe story that people live their lives by. I could just as easily live my life by any book that I thought had good principles and ethics, just as righteously as any Christian... but that does NOT make the Author, whether it be George Orwell or God Himself, completely right to any degree that I must adhere to. This makes me sad. Sad
See, it probably the opposite with me. I have nothing good to be thankful for even though I am. I believe in a lot of religions even when they don't believe in each other. You see, I'm quite ill and have been all my life so I've never felt like any other normal person yet I am very proud of this in a way. I am grateful that I have such illnesses as I can see the real side of a person, the good and the bad which has helped me grow up a lot faster than the people around me. This has made me a honest person who is grateful for the little things in life like waking up in the morning yet people just take this for granted.
I am proud that I like to be by myself alot of the time, that I like different things than everybody else even when they try and put me down for this. People rather cast me out of a group because I'm different or they want to welcome me into their group because of the same reason. Most of all I am proud that I am grateful for the air that I breath. That everyday I wake up I am thankful that I am still alive. I believe this is what makes me, me.
Because of all this the Vatican described it as heresay. I believe in the Gospels and I believe that the Church took on teh role of Christianity when they didn't have the right too. After all "the kingdom of god is inside you and all around you, not in mansions made of wood and stone, lift the stone and you will find me".

I agree with you to some extent- The church was established to be a place of fellowship and teaching for Christians- however many churches now seem to have drifted far from this function- they place a lot of emphasis on religion and rules but little on faith. I do not know if the Gospel of Saint Thomas is valid or not, but the quotes you have given do not seem like heresey, but I also think that the context in which they were said is important. To me these quotes sound like they are saying not to pursue materialistic things in search of heaven, but that evidence of God and heaven is within everyone and proclaimed in nature. And the one about birds and fish sounds like it is saying that your leaders are not always right so you should not always put your trust in them, but rather trust in God. (I'm not exactly educated in terms of interpreting religious material though lol) What is your interpretation of them? Also out of curiosity does Thomas claim to have heard these quotes directly or from others who heard them?
I'm not a religious freak. I just know a little about stuff. The quote about look underneath a rock, etc, etc, I take to believet that you do not have to have a place, like a church to be near to god. The fish/sea one i believe means kinda teh same thing but i'm not that good on interpruting these things. I believe that Church said it was heresay because it discredited them, it said that you don;t need the Church.
It is said that it is the closist record of the words of Christ although it is obvious that people will disagree with this (ie. the Vatican).
Texas Al
So now we're talking about the pros and cons of being a Christian but haven't yet even agreed on what definition of Christian we're using. That's illogical.

Because if you mean Christian in the sense of being raised in a Christian culture, admiring Jesus, and seeing him as a source of guidance and inspiration, then I am Christian and would put down one set of pro's and con's.

If you mean Christian in the sense of going to some particular church and believing what they tell you about Christ, then I am not a Christian and would put down a different set of pro's and con's.
To Texas Al, I don't really consider myself Chirstian because the religion is based around the Church, which is what i don;t believe in. I believe in Christ, Adam/Eve, etc, etc, but many people also consider ,me not to be a christian as i don;t believe in teh church. i think there output towards me has made me feel that I'm not a christian. Then again, lots of christians believe in different things, ie. Contreception, Homosexuals, Transexuals, Woman Bishops, etc, etc. so still a little confused.
Texas Al
Well, the original Christians weren't based around a church. They were an underground radical cult that was tremendously varied in its beliefs. Some of them believed in free love. Some believed in reincarnation. Some believed in magic. They spread like wildfire, up into the highest echelons of the Roman Empire.

But with power comes corruption. An empire can't function with spiritual anarchism as its official religion. So they centralized and formalized Christianity. People who weren't Christ and weren't his disciples were put in charge of deciding which documents would be an official part of the Christian canon and which wouldn't. The culmination of this effort (plus a few biased translations here and there) is the modern "Bible".

Most churches today have more in common with the Roman and Hebrew oppressors of Christianity than with the original Christians themselves.
You mean with the Torah? There are many similarities between these but then there's the whole clash with the subject of Mary Magdalene amongst others
In my opinion please don't get mad or anything.

but Christians are the most hypocrite people ever. There are more Felons, Rapist, Drug Addicts, Prostitues, Killers, and the worst sinners in on a 'Christian Church' than any other church.

I know that god forgives your sins and all but why be good after your been bad. just be a good person all your life.

Plus i had a personal experience, when i live in mexico back in the days. we used to go to a christian church and they loved us and we would get a very own personal; parking and they bad 'brother this and sister that' that had us on a silver plater man. Becuase we come from a well incomed family. One x-mas came and they asked for like $500 dollar donation for new floor or some sh*t and my mom couldn't. i mean it was too much money seriously. she said no, and they love just stoped and they looked at us in a bad way and we just weren't welcomed anymore. I mean every week my mom droped $20 dollar in their little basket. But $20 in mexico 7 years ago was still a good amount of money man.

Also i have a aunt who has sexual relation witht the 'pastor or priest' whatever it's called. and she isn't the only one who has done with him. I mean where is the shame in that.

Listen I am no a 'Yoruba' 'Santeria' 'Locumi' whatever you want to call it. And we have a store where we sell all kinds of religious artifact whom images to candles and stuff like that. Beucaseu 'Locumi' is practicly 'Catholic' religon transformed in 'African' anyway there is a priest in from a christian church who comes in regularly to get the 'tarot' read to him and he buy all kinds of things that 'christians' would call balc magic or something like that.

but then again there is all kinds of people in this world. I am sure that there are sinners in other religions but i am not calling them sinners i am calling them hypocrites.
Hey what up? I am a christian too. I have been ridiculed and made fun of by some of my friends for it but I think it is worth it. I mean we are the ones who are going to inherit the kingdom of God. My 2 friends are christians also. One of which happens to be the girl I have a crush on.

Things that christians have to worry about:
1) being ridiculed
2) Being made fun of
3) Professing your religion

1) Will spend eternity with God.
2) Will have eternal life.
3) Will never have any more pain and suffering.
4) Will see loved ones again.
The FreePay Guide
I can think of a ton of cons, and please take these with as a grain of sand because I'm not trying to convert you. I've just spent a long time studying Christianity (I was raised in a strict Christian household where my father was an elder at a church and I had to go to private schools and what not).

- The bible - What I mean by this is that the whole faith is based around a book that is plagued with inconsistencies and errors. How can a faith call something "holy" if it even holds just one error in it? Let alone the fact that it carries thousands upon thousands. It's hard to put your beliefs on a system like that.

- Interpretations - There's hundreds of different forms of Christianity, split up by how a certain preacher interprets the scripts. I've spent time in a handful of different churches, just to get a feel for each one. I can honestly say that if you go to a Methodist church and hear a preacher speak on one scripture, and then go to a Presbyterian church and hear a preach spean on the same scripture... You will hear two different teachings. They could just be slightly different, or they could be completely conflicting. With hundreds of different views on the same words, how do you know what to believe and who's right?

Those are my two main complaints about Christianity, and all that I will throw out to you. I must say though, I have an essay I've been working on for a while now on Christianity complaints... I gave up on it because I knew it'd be fruitless in the end (and I'm not a bitter person that feels the need to expose such things anymore).

My whole view on Christianity is that if you are going to believe in a single God, the one depicted in the Bible... Then you don't need to listen to the rules and regulations of a church. All that a church does is offer their own views on those words. I suggest that you read the Bible on your own time, and make your own decision on what you believe the words mean.

Stigmata, the movie, touched on my views of Christianity with their overall message. The point of the movie is pretty much that you don't need a church in order to have faith.

None-the-less... Sorry for the whole rambling.
I would have to say that the biggest con about being a Christian (by a longshot) is the assumptions people make about you... both other Christians and non-Christians.
People think that because you have accepted Christ's sacrifice, and love Jesus, that you have to be narrowminded, that you have to have certain political views, that you have to listen to a certain kind of music, dress a certain way, only laugh at certain kind of jokes...
They assume that you must be a hypocrite.
To be fair, I think they assume that because so many Christians are like that. I think because they're facussed on being Churchians instead of Christians.
A Christian is simply a follower of Christ. Maybe young, old, conservative, wild, introverted, extroverted... could be anyone. After all, God made us all different, and He did it on purpose!
And, apart from other peoples perceptions (which are all too often affirmed by uptight, political, outspoken pseudo-Christians) I can't think of any cons.
The love of God truly surpasses understanding, and it's all pros, as far as I can tell!
I realize that it is easy to jump to the eternal life and life forecer with God part of being a Christian, but we are living right now prior to this. What are the pros of being a Christian that are not laid away in heaven?
strange... noones mentioned the ultimite pro yet......, but i guess most ppl dnt think its important, i mean spending eternity with God must be good right...., but it kinda would suck if u dnt know him........, like u spend erternity with u on one side of a room and God on the other giving each other nervious glances for ever and ever......., thas gotta suck and as u cant die...... ur pretty much as screwed as if u went to hell, lol.. so a defonet pro is having the chance to build a strong friendship with God. a sortof con i can think of is puting God and others before yourself... which is realy hard to do alot of the time..,
It's not like you can just break it down into pros and cons really.
IT's true, like Nicekiwi said, that it's really about a relationship. You can't really quantify that. Well, I can't.
Ultimately, the pros are what comes from having the all powerful creator of everything who could destroy you in a flash... as your best friend. And He just wants to hang out and love on you. That feels good, and manifests in many different ways, for many different people.
Ultimately, Jesus is about Grace, and love and peace... I don't think I know anyone who doesn't need more of that.
And because we have received these things, we try to give these things to others... grace, love, kindness. And sometimes it feels like a con when we realize that we're not very good at it, but it's pretty small compared to what we receive. Doesn't feel like a con at all most of the time. I think it's a huge blessing to have the opportunity to learn even more about this perfect love, and what it looks like...
No, the benefit of being a Christian isn't something we wait to receive in another life. I'm certain we get a taste of it now.
riv_ wrote:

They assume that you must be a hypocrite.
To be fair, I think they assume that because so many Christians are like that. I think because they're facussed on being Churchians instead of Christians.

Look i've had my fair share of personal experienced with christians; and no. they are NOT ALL Hypocrites but a big percentage of that is. At least that people i've met and heard about.
I completely disagree with what you say about there being more 'felons, rapists, etc.." in the church, Todabeat. That is an entirely ignorant statement.

The Gospel of Thomas has been proven to be fraudulent. See

It is also unfair to say that Christians are hypocrites, when we're all human too. I agree that there are SOME hypocritical Christians, but there are plenty of hypocritical NON-Christians. You just don't see them because they don't claim to be a Christian. No Christian in the world is or ever will be perfect - we've all got flaws, we all sin.

A Christian is someone who accepts that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on the cross so that our sins can be forgiven. There is no other definition.

Here's my view of the Pros and Cons of being a Christian:

- Going to heaven (obviously)
- Recieving physical healing
- Recieving guidance from God
- Recieving massive support and prayer from friends in church when going through trouble
- Not having to worry about finance because you know God is looking after it for you
- Being happy all the time, because you know everything's going to be ok.
- Seeing peoples lives turned around when they come into relationship with God
- Seeing other people physically healed
- Less smokers than most social gatherings

- Knowing the truth about just how many people are choosing to go to Hell
- Having to work harder to not appear to be a hypocrite (ie. avoiding slipping up even in tiny amounts)
- Determining the fine line between being religious (performing the 'standard' actions) and being relational (doing what God wants you personally to do)
- The amount of damage done to the social abilities of children by SOME Christian and Catholic schools.
- Seeing people tell of why they gave up on God
- The sadness you feel when you see people too stubborn to even give God a chance.

That's all I can think of for the moment.
I've scanned through the article that you provided with a link and I could see nowhere where it said that the Gospel of St.Thomas was a fake. Thats like saying teh Bible is fake, after all it is all based on Gospels and Christs decipels. There was a line

for dating all or part of GThom earlier than the consensus date of 140 AD

so to me if a book was going to be written so early it is probable to be truthful, (which is there opinion too) after all all myths are based on fact.
About Christians being hypocrites, that was somebodies opinion so nobody cannot tell them that they are wrong. They said in their life, not your's, so what right has anybody got to tell them otherwise.
Let me just mention is...
Have you ever heard of a Priest, Pastor, Clergyman of the Cloth, being a child sex offender and the Church covering it up?
If not then your probably living on Mars in that little head of yours.
Of course I've heard of those incidents. For example, a couple of years back where I live in Australia, the previous Governer General was sacked for covering up a sex offense back in the 70s or something.

This does NOT mean that a majority of sex offenders, murderers, etc. are members of the local church. What's your point?

Also, saying that "Most Christians are hypocrites" is not an OPINION, it is stating something as a fact.
Texas Al
Hey, what's the point of complaining?

Your religion pretty much runs the world. Not quite to the same extent as in previous centuries, but hey, you were naughty back then, suffered the consequences and more or less learned from your mistakes (except those of you who are trying to push intelligent design onto school curricula... y'all didn't learn). I wouldn't be at all surprised if Christianity was still around in a recognizable form for at least two or three hundred more years, maybe longer.

The stereotype of being narrow-minded reactionary self-righteous hypocrites it just your cross to bear, so to speak. Bear it bravely. At least people don't accuse you of being terrorists like they accuse the Muslims of being. And they don't accuse you of being unpatriotic and amoral like they accuse atheists and agnostics of being.

It's all well and good to draw distinctions between what the churches do and what you do... but realize that many narrow-minded hypocritical Christians I've met say the exact same thing. It's the new hip way for Christian youth to rebel safely. "I'm not beholden to the church, only to Jesus... but by a strange coincidence I happen agree with my minister on ever major issue, and only disagree on a few token minor ones".
i wonder how much longer islam will be around for....., hopfully it'll die out when ppl find out its not telling them the whole story....., so a defonit pro is telling islamic ppl that theres more about Isa (Jesus) and Allah (God) than what the Qur'aan teaches, its realy quite scary how much is left out, Shocked
Hrmm.. Good question.

The bible is seen by some to have literal sense (the occurings actually happened) and seen by others to be examples of what we should do.

Having done a religious project for school on the topic of Christianity, I came to the conclusion the whole religion is bullshit for reasons which i will not go into much detail about (cbf typing much).

However bullshit the religion is, it gives faith to alot of people world wide and unites people from all over the globe. I see this as a fantastic side of christianity.

So i would have to say a Pro for christianity is the unitedness (is that a word?) of people via their beliefs in a certain topic, and the calmness about death (it is not feared as there is a better place if you have been a good Samaritan, so to speak)

A con is the wars created by religion, however, i believe people such as terrorists blame their actions on religion but their motives are completely different. Another con is the Bible contains alot of bullshit, ie the old testimete (how the hell do you spell that?) says cutting your hair is a sin, only bums follow that rule.

Overall, i see Christianities existance as a Pro for the world, as it unites and unifies more people then it discriminates against.


May I add, even though i attend an Anglican school, I hate the religion with a pashion. For those who do not know, the Anglican religion was formed by a King (forget his name) so he could divorce his wife.
pro-a reason to live Neutral (dead serious, this and computers is all l got Neutral)

con-l suddenly feel like l care about what is wrong with random people, where as before l could care less Neutral

pro-good friends (if theya re Christian to)

con-this world Neutral

l'm sure l could think of more, but l am kind of a downer to most, so l am done.
he he he, funny things "religions"....... Laughing , theyr quite pathetic really
Nice mature way to enter the conversation, Kiwi. If you had those sorts of manners around your local bikie gangs you'd have your head smashed in. You don't believe in God? I'll assume you're an Atheist. Guess what? You're part of a religion! You have faith that there is no God at all and that we just appeared here out of an infinitely random chance.

So you're really calling yourself pathetic, because believing in a Creator or Creators is far more logical than believing we just came here by chance. That's just silly. If this were a scale of 'patheticness', Atheism would top the list for that single reason.
-locked- because of flaming.
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