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Please check out this recent new site.

Guys.. May I please beg you guys for comments for my site at ? Thanks..

Also.. Please do me a favour. Sign up an account at my forums and view my daily collection of comicstrips. Thanks..

Btw.. There are offers still available for newly signed up members. So join now!

Note*: This site is not hosted on frihsost. So no part of frihost's TOS is broken.
Over all good. Some items take a long time to load even for a broadband.
too plain,but its allright for a webpages like that.
It opens a little slow, but otherwise, it is nice.
Please tell me, if you have got a .be domain for free or for money.
I got the domain for free. Check out the chit-chat section for my thread for more info of the .be domain name.

Also.. All it takes was 2.7s for me (512kbps only) to load. Is it really slow lol? Perhaps you guys shld use firefox with the plugin fasterfox.
well nice page...

well if you load this the first time it takes its time to load...
well and using another browser (for these who don't use firefox) and install a plugin isn't a way to solve the problem.. Smile
LA Ridge
Very, very nice little site man! I have some serious pipe over here so no problem loading for me! I could see it being a situation for 56krs/dsl and some of the broadband companies that are seriously ripping people off. I have a friend in Canada who pays more than I do and it takes him 10 minutes to download 5 megs... With the right transfer rate I could download 100 megs in less than a few minutes. They are ripping him blind in my opinion.

Great Site. When I get mine up and running I'll link up to you. Good work!
the pics are funny
Hey your site is really fine . put some ads
Thanks guys for your comments XD.. Well.. I will put up some ads sooner or later Razz..
vignesh_natraj wrote:
Hey your site is really fine . put some ads

Site looks like great without any banners and ads. I think would be much better if you'll keep it clean of ads...
One more thing - like your colours Wink
the menu is very beautiful
Nice website, it loaded in no time here.
I would just center the site in tha browser window... But other than that it's quite wicked.

Another question, you got the .be site for free ?? It's the belgian extension, and i thought it wasn't free at all !! How come you got it ? I'd be very interested by that !
nice site Very Happy and the IPB skin looks nice too Smile
The site looks great, I like the menu and it's easy to navigate, keep it up.
Thanks guys for your comments for teh layout.. Razz.. For your information, I leave the site ads free lol.. I just treat it as a hobby to post the comicstrips.

As for the .be domain name, check out my guide in the chit chat section. Its free.. search for it..

Anyway.. I do hope you guys join my community caz its really still small Sad
Also guys.. Sorry for double posting.. Anyway.. What do you guys suggest to make people join my forums.. lol.. It maintained at 10 but there are still views everyday.
I like your site. Very nice layout. Loaded in no time for me, but I used firefox with the extension fasterfox.

If you want more people on your forum you could invite some friends. Make it into a community first then ask more people to join.
It looks nice and is very well's just that the design doesn't seem to fit the comicstrip theme.
Nice Site... i like the layout and colores. Keep on the work
Hmm.. What I need guys is your suggestion to make more people join my forums.
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