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Dreamweaver or Golive?

Whats best to use, Golive or Dreamweaver?? Any ideas?

I personally believe Golive is better, can anyone convince me the opposite?
Any other apps that you would recommend?

Thanks, Erik
I like Dreamweaver, just for the look of it, but I never really use any of the EXTRAS that come with it, just as a text editor...
I am happy with Dreamweaver!
So I have to choose...
any other software? Sad


dreamweaver is much better but a big price tag
I personally choose Dreamweaver. As of late I have moved to notepad and textpad (i like the markup) but for years I jumped around wysiwyg editors trying to find the most intuitive and richest program.

I have used go-live, dreamweaver, Nvu(free and open-source!), FrontPage and a few others. I must say that dreamweaver offers a lot on many levels. It is a great editor for a novice as well as an advanced web-designer; but as mentioned in a previous post it packs a heck of a price tag.

I cannot personally vouch for Nvu as I only used it shortly before taking up coding but if you want a free editor that will compete in functionality with the big boys you should check it out.. after all it is free so what do you have to loose?
I really like Dreamweaver, but as the poster stated above I'm not sure it's worth the $$$ that I paid for it.

<buttkissing>Which is why I need a free web host like the fantastic FriHost... because Macromedia took all of my web funds</buttkissing> Cool
I have both dreamweaver and GoLive. I've never really used GoLive enough to comment on it, but I have used Dreamweaver a lot. I do really like dreamweaver, but I really only use it as a text editor for coding. I don't even know how to use the extensions and other features. but dream weaver is a pretty powerfull program. I mostly started using for its ftp functions and CVS like checkin /checkout features. checkin/checkout comes in handy when working on a project with a team.
lately I've been opting for a more light weight editor for my php coding. its called "php studio" and I really like it. its not as bulky as dreamweaver, it has syntax highlighting, and it lets you execute your code right in the editor for debugging. if there is an error it will stop on the line with the problem. makes debugging your code really easy. I wish dreamweaver had this. maybe it does. but I haven't found it yet.
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I use Dreamweaver.. have tried Go Live a few times but not enough to make a qualified review. I like the "coder" interface and the ftp utility in Dreamweaver. It's not good for CSS designing (design view in Dreamweaver MX), but I have heard that the newest version of Dreamweaver is far better at this.
when you dont use MS word for "web pages creation" i think it desnt metter if you use Dreamweaver or GoLive
but while adobe acquire macromedia, a think thay will stop support of golive because Dreamweaver is better Smile
I personally use Vim for everything I want Smile)
Dreamweaver - I'm using it for about half year.
Dreamweaver. Its a better program and it works well with a lot of other programs. And because I said so Razz
Are you looking specifically for a wysiwyg editor? Because I've been using the free version of Maguma for a while now. It's a text editor, but it colors in tags and such, and the coolest bit is that it has a built-in FTP client, so you can automatically open and save documents to and from the web.
I'm an user of Dreamweaver since vs.3 and all can I say is that it has become an impressive tool for building websites.
There is few things (if any) that you can not do with this program. The support is excellent, and is quite easy to use.
Furthermore, you may take in consideration Adobe has joined Macromedia, so it's most likely that GoLive will cease its development.
Dreanweaver, has been my standard for years and I doubt I'll be changing any time soon.
None. Only Edit Plus. Text editor, but fast like MS notepad...Smile
I tried several, and Dreamweaver is a clear winner
It's intuitive and easy to figure out. I didn't have to read a helpmanual for hours to start using it.

I don't often use all of those advanced functions, but I think it's important they be there for when I will need them.
dreamweaver hands down. it is way better, ive used both. dreamweaver is more user friendly
EditPlus 2 for me.
I have never used Golive before and I use Dreamweaver all the time. So far I haven't had a problem with it so I am going to stick to using Dreamweaver for now.
First I have to say Dreamweaver is, I think, alot easier to use. But if u use GoLive you have a better intregration with Adobe Photoshop CS (2). When you are a newbie you should use Dreamweaver I guess..
Between those two, Dreamweaver. But my favorite webpage editor of all time is microsoft notepad, and second would be text-pad.
If you want to choose between Dreamweaver and GoLive, I suggest you Dreamweaver

But you have an option for dreamweaver, a free complete Web Authoring System : NVU (=New View).

I personaly use and suggest you to give a try.

You can download from :

Bye and Best of Luck
dreamweaver MX is the best, i like it. I have GoLive but i have used Macromedia products (Flash MX) a lot. With Dreamweaver 8 and Flash Video, it's a snap to place video content on the web. Of course the price is different but you can find a trial version at :
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