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What present you bought for your gf or wife?

These holly days, everyone buy a present for his girlfriend or wife.
Did you buy something or you expecting the new year's eve?

I bought a very nice dress to my gf!
i gave my gf a pendant, a bracelet and a flash animation by myself! Very Happy

and she gave me a pocket clock and a KON (Bostafu!!!) doll! y'know, bleach stuff.. Very Happy
I have been in the process of looking for the perfect gift for my wife. I seem to find little things along the way, typically just in time to avoid tragedy, but I have been looking for the thing that is just right. I have done jewelry, music, concert tickets, opera, dresses, books, and other random experiences. I have just never been satisfied that anything is right. I am always waiting for the "and then some" that keeps paying. We are expecting in the spring. I am wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for this guy who is becoming eye sore.
The FreePay Guide
I am honestly stumped about what I should get my girlfriend. She's in MD right now visiting family for the holiday so I still have like 2 days until I see her. I grabbed her an outfit, but I am not JUST giving her clothing.

As of late, I have been concentrating on the idea of haveing experiences together. The idea of quality time is really not sufficient, it is more about quantity time. Get a pair of tickets. Go on a scavanger hunt through some local places. Take her back to a early date location. or get her something in a little box. Wink
snjripp (what does that name mean, exactly?) - I think you have the right idea. X-ma$ has become just a way that marketers convince people to buy stuff others don't need in an effort to get stuff you don't need in return.

Instead of buying something that you "think" the other person will like, it is better to think of a great experiential gift for them.

Take them to a comedy show or play. See a favorite band together. Buy them ten CDs they might like. Create a small book that holds memories of your time together, and leave a bunch of blank pages for her/him to fill in.

Discover a new restaurant, hike or museum together. Bet on horses if you've never done it before.

The options are endless. Don't look on storeshelves for something that says, "I love you". All those things say are "I love you enough to spend money, but not time on you".
Got my fiance the Black Books box set Wink.
Hey. I gave my bf a mix cd and a kiss.
my best gift. i just broke up.... nothing more to say. how i wish things would have gone the other way round.

things never work out the way it should. atleast on time.
meh, same wiv me dude lol... but still i hang around wiv her..

my ex-gf made me walk around asda wiv some lingeraie dat she had choosen and then made me pay for it!!! lol ... n she wondered off in an attempt to embarras me lol

but i didnt give her anything for christmas cause she finnished me on christmas eve. :'(
never mind Qwertyip, they aren't the only girls... ]

there's always someone somewhere.... Smile ans hope we find that soon.
I got my girlfriend a beautiful pink and blue tie!! It matched several of zir dress shirts, and zie needed it for zir new job at Express for Men!!
Shade of Blue
I got my girlfriend a really pretty silver mesh-type necklace with stars on the metal links and red beads along the edges.

I also got her some really fluffy dog-shaped slippers, because she loves dogs and slippers.

I think she liked the presents. Very Happy
a learn-how-to-cook book cuz she cant do anything lol

nah, i didnt buy anything .... yet (H).
i bought my gf a nintendo ds with all the good games that are out atm and a nightmare before christmas jewelry box and she loved them to bits speciallly the nintendogs and sonic rush but sonic rush is cool gtta admit i got hooked on it too gtta love the j-rock soundtrack too Very Happy
My wife wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer, so thats what she got haha.
A water bottle Laughing some inside joke ^_^
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