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Sql Error: 1017. Missing all the indexes files of phpbb

Hello, since a couple of days ago Im getting this error message when accesing the forum:

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not query config information


SQL Error : 1017 Can't find file: 'phpbb_config.MYI' (errno: 2)

SELECT * FROM phpbb_config

Line : 215
File : common.php

Ive been trying to find out what happened with phpMyAdmin and Ive checked that if I try to acces to ANY of the tables of phpbb inside my database I get the same error message : #1017 - Can't find file: 'phpbb_TABLE_NAME.MYI' (errno: 2, where TABLE NAME is, as I mentioned, any of the existing tables' names.
Also, then I click on my database in order to obtain the listing of the existing tables, I can see perfectly all corresponding to the CMS Im using, but in the column labeled as "Records" I can see a message saying "In use" next to all the tables of phpbb forum. Both sets of tables (for the forum and for de main portal) are located in the same database.

I would apreciate if you can have a look at the problem or you can advice me what to do. I have no bakup of the database and, thus, I cannot restore any other old copy.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!.
osiashion wrote:
SQL Error : 1017 Can't find file: 'phpbb_config.MYI' (errno: 2)

This means that the main files for your database are missing, which is really not a good thing! Can you think of anything that may have caused this?

I'm really sorry to say this, but there might not be any way to get your data back. Unless someone else knows what to do, your data is gone:( Crying or Very sad
Even if the data is gone, there must be a way to repair the tables in order to acces again to the forum. Fortunately I had just started with the web site and I had almost nothing in the database. What Im really concerned about now is how I am gonna be able to have the forum up and running again without installing it again.

Probably the best solution is to uninstall and install it again, but it is something I would prefer to avoid.

Thank U
Loathing in Fear
Maybe you could try to upload the install files and contrib files again, delete the database, make a new database, upload the old config.php file, and just start the forum installation all over again...

Edit: you won't need to install all the files again, just the contrib, and install files, and then the config.php file...
Finally Ive deleted the tables of phpbb from the database and run again the sql scripts in phpMyAdmin to create them again and fill the DB with the default values. It was the easiest option by far. Ive realized that its a mess to manage the folder's permisions cause once you assign the 777 permit it is not inherited by the subfolders and files contained within the forlder you select.

It seems it worked. I guess I will try to backup more often the information just in case it happens again :S
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