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Memoirs of a Geisha

Has anyone watched the "Memoirs of a Geisha"?
How was it? what would you rate it?
i havent seen it, but sadly the reviews are very bad Sad too bad, I loved the book.
aww, thats too bad. My mom was complainning that she haven't gone to a movie theater in United States yet, so I was thinking about Memoirs of a Geisha since she probably understand the tradition and customs better than the accutally american ones. If it got a lot of bad comments, maybe it's not worth seeing.

My mom is so picky when it comes to movies.
I havent seen it either but it did not seem to make much money at the box office. Unless this is truly a great movie at will soon be on DVD so you won't have to pay $10.00 to go see this garbage.
if you need to watch a movie, watch kingkong. I think it was well made and does justice to the original.
I saw "Memoirs" two days ago and it was really great. I first read the book about five years ago and loved it, so I was worried about how the movie would turn out, but it was fantastic.

Ziyi Zhang did a wonderful job as Chiyo/Sayuri, and Ken Watanabe was excellent. The costumes just blew my mind, they were absolutely stunning.

It was quite true to the book and amazingly done. I give it a 9/10. ^_^

The actress in it wasn't even Japanese. She was chinese and all asian people aren't the same!
The actress in it wasn't even Japanese. She was chinese and all asian people aren't the same!

She still did an absolutely fabulous job; sure, Zhang isn't Japanese, but that doesn't make her a bad actress. She played Chiyo/Sayuri perfectly, which shows her skills, her being a Chinese actress playing a Japanese character and all.

Of course all Asians aren't the same; no one claimed that they are. Just because someone is Chinese doesn't mean they can't do a good job playing a Japanese character. That's like saying Jim Carrey can't play a good American character because he's Canadian, and all North American people aren't the same.
I heard there were japanees and chinees which english is not their best thing, and the accent and all is really funny...

Should I watch it?!
Some of the actors are Chinese (like Ziyi Zhang, who plays Chiyo/Sayuri) and some of them are Japanese (like Ken Watanabe), but they're all really skilled actors, so it really doesn't matter. The movie is in English, so there are accents, but none of them are too strong to understand what is being said.

I definitely recommend seeing the movie, though if you have read the book you'll notice differences between the two.
I recently read a recommendation of the book, so I went to the library to borrow and read it. When it turned out every copy of the book was out, I wondered why, but then I read this topic and realised that a movie was coming out. I'm confused now, with all the recommendations for the movie and the arguments against, but I'll probably pick it up when it comes out on DVD. Oh well, books are usually the better option if there's a movie and a book.
It sounds like a mad story.

The only thing i have to say is that it's really, really, really sad that it wasn't made in japanese.

Ok, so it wasn't a japanese author or anything.
But, it's like SO japanese, you EXPECT to be hearing the intonation and rhythm and reading the text (hehe). But with funny accents the english is jarring and off putting. And if you stopped to think about it... The girl does make a funny looking geisha. I guess.

Anyway, those are my prejudices. I want to see it, but i don't really want to be dissapointed by it. Probably it's made me want to read the book! Very Happy
I read the book and it was awesome. I haven't seen the movie, but I wanted to, and it makes me sad that it got bad reviews. Sad
I'm still going to see it when I have a chance too. I don't trust reviews. Most movies that do really well at the box office just totally suck because people are too conformist I guess. As long as it's got *~*kEwl SPeshUl eFfeCTz*~* and follows the lastest trends, people go and see it. Like all those terrible superhero movies they are making. They are all crap. All of them. Twisted Evil
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