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Delete Please

EDIT: What i said was childish yes, i take it back. Frihost has possibly the best packages i've come across and is an excellent. And to be honest, what do I know about servers? My apologies to Bondings, Keep up the good work and I wish you luck on solving the server problem,

Mark999111 wrote:
Waah Waah, the server went down three times this month
Just kidding Smile. Anyways, get used to servers going down, no matter what host you use. It's not a big deal if your site goes down man, you're not selling anything, therefor, it doesn't affect you at all. Sure, it's inconvenient, but who cares? I've even had professional hosts that go down. No one has a 100% uptime.

By the way, the fact that you posted this thread with the title "Try keeping the servers up for at least 48 hours" is pretty disrespectful. Where the hell do you get off talking like that about Frihost?
Geez, this is a free service! If you read the TOS, it says that FriHost is not liable for any of its services. Anyway, the servers have only been going down recently, and Bondings is working hard to fix it.

However, the uptime is still very very good for a free web host. My site has had a 99.9% uptime for the past month (proof) which you won't see on any other free web host.

If you think that the server going down is annoying, go and buy FriHost some new hardware. No? Well then, stop complaining! I hope you realise that Bondings is paying a fair amount of money to maintain this hosting service.
Mark999111, I completely understand why you are complaining. The second server already crashed 4 times this week. Of course this should not have happened. Last time it crashed, it didn't have anything abnormal, the server load was as low as always and the server apparantly just stopped working.

Whatever caused the server crashes, we will find it and fix it. I don't know how long this will take, but it will happen.

We were able to keep the servers up for several months without a server crash, it's not because something was wrong this week that it will stay this way.

Mark999111, other hosts might have a better uptime than the second server for this week (most likely actually), but this will change. Also, the difference with other free hosts is that we will be here tomorrow, other free hosts on a cheap reseller plan are usually down after 2 months. And please don't advertise them on this forum.
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